Beautify your property with aesthetically appealing palisade fencing.

If you check out what Topfence can do to make palisade fencing aesthetically pleasing, all your notions about unattractive fencing that makes your home look incomplete will disappear.

Having perimeter security that matches trims and colours used on your home adds far more value than you might imagine.  Attractive palisade fencing adds even more value to your property than any ordinary fencing could.

You spend a lot of time choosing the paint colours and trims for your home, and if you’ve invested in beautiful landscaping to complete the picture, what a pity it would be to put up a less-than appealing fence.

Kind of self-defeating when you consider the time spent on making your home beautiful, inside and out.

When anyone looks at your home as they pass by, it’s not your beautiful home they see first, it’s the fence. If you’re considering selling in the future, palisade fencing is the best investment you could make in terms of perimeter security.

Buyers are far more interested in buying property in Cape Town that’s surrounded by palisade fencing rather than a high wall.  They have become more aware of the inherent dangers a high wall pose.

A palisade fencing solution doesn’t allow for anyone to hide behind, nor is it anywhere near as easy to climb as a wall is.

No matter how high the wall is around your property, you better believe that there’s a way over it for the most determined criminal.

As the incidence of particularly violent crimes being committed rises, being locked behind high walls isn’t such a great thing at all. Once anyone is on your property, your life is in serious danger if you happen to be there.

Topfence has made it their business to keep families and properties safe, and have been doing so for many years now, going the full distance to make sure that the fencing they install will put any criminal off.

Palisade fencing makes other security measures more effective:

It’s important to note that security companies aren’t allowed to enter a walled property in response to an alarm going off. All they can do is stand by and, if there are perpetrators on the property, hope to be in place when they try to escape.

A high wall renders security measures such as CCTV and alarms useless, whereas palisade fencing allows for emergency services to see into the property, allowing them to take effective action.

Topfence has been around long enough to know exactly how to design and manufacture palisade fencing in Cape Town that’s easy on the eye, but unattractive to anyone with the intent to commit a crime.

Topfence rises to the challenge of combining great looks with durability:

Not for nothing, Topfence has become the #1 fencing contractor in Cape Town, combining stylish, attractive palisade fencing with durability, to offer customers a fencing solution that’ll last long after initial installation!

This is a delicate balance achieved over many years by this team, who looked at the challenges that any fence in Cape Town would be able to withstand, and in answer, they design and manufacture fencing that embodies both strengths.

Why not surround your property with palisade fencing that does justice to the effort you’ve put into the design of your home or commercial property, you deserve quality!

Contact Topfence today to get the ball rolling in the right direction to beautify your property with aesthetically appealing palisade fencing in Cape Town. No one does it better!

4 Reasons to choose Topfence palisade fencing & rigid mesh fencing.

The last thing you want is to have someone install a fence around your property and then disappear, never to be found again when problems arise.

Unfortunately many people have been caught this way, ending up with fencing that needs maintenance on a yearly basis, whether to prop up areas that are sagging or areas severely affected by rust.

What an installer like this leaves you with is a fence that’s going to keep costing you for the foreseeable future, which may even lead to the necessity of having to replace it completely.

Considering the cost of putting perimeter security goes way beyond the budget you set aside, this isn’t a winning solution  You shouldn’t have to pay a price that’s this high for poor quality fencing.

This is a major reason for working with a professional fencing company committed to quality.

It’s also important to take note of how long a fencing company has been in business, in order to evaluate the standard of service you can look forward to during and after installation.

This is not to knock fencing contractors who are above board but to make you aware of the pitfalls that may face you should you choose one that hasn’t got a reputation you can look into.

Another issue about looking for the best fencing contractor in Cape Town is to make sure that the fencing you’re considering is really fit for this coastal region.

Should you make the wrong choice, you are definitely going to end up with high maintenance fencing that won’t be worth the investment you’ve made.

Then why is Topfence the top fencing contractor in Cape Town?

Local is lekker:

Local is definitely lekker in the case of Topfence fencing solutions!  These guys are local and they understand what the conditions around the coast can do to damage palisade fencing.

The experience and professionalism of this friendly team goes back to 2008, when they first began installing palisade fencing in Durbanville, Northern Suburbs.

Today, Topfence secures residential and properties in every suburb in and around Cape Town. This is an indication of just how far this team has come based on their dedication to exceptional standards.

Nothing has changed over the years. This team has simply gone from strength to strength on the local scene, manufacturing a quality of palisade fencing that can thumb its nose at the coastal weather!

Free design service:

The site visit from a Topfence representative to take measurements and provide a quotation is a free service, and then this team takes it to another level by offering a free design service to make sure your palisade fencing is as individual as you are.

Individually manufactured components:

Once your palisade fencing design gets to the manufacturing team, every component of the fence will be manufactured to meet design and site specifications.

This is by no means a DIY fencing solution. It takes the knowledge of approved Topfence installers to ensure that your fence is installed exactly as it should be, to make it the strongest perimeter security available today.

Galvanised steel makes this unique system of palisade fencing a perfect fit for Cape Town.

Competitive pricing:

Budgets are tight, and the team at Topfence knows this well, which is why they offer competitive pricing in order to make quality palisade fencing in Cape Town affordable.

In addition to this, this friendly team is always open to discuss prices before you even request a quotation, so that they can make it easier for you to plan your budget.

Nothing makes it easier to plan great perimeter service than when you’re dealing with a knowledgeable team who’ll take your security as seriously as you do.

Customers will tell you they thoroughly enjoyed working with these guys, so why not find out for yourself what makes them the top fencing contractor in the Western Cape.

Turn your perimeter security into a work of art with fencing solutions from Topfence.

When most of us think about fencing around our properties, the image of rusting steel that sags and looks wholly unattractive springs to mind.

Thankfully, the growth in technology and design has completely changed the look of fencing solutions.

The truth is you can turn palisade fencing into a work of art, provided you work with a team of fencing contractors that really know their stuff.

Attractive palisade fencing isn’t only about adding value to your property by having great perimeter security, it’s also about adding aesthetic appeal.

There’s no doubt about the fact that the first thing you see as you pass by any house is the fence. A lovely home deserves the final touch of curb appeal through the choice of palisade fencing.

Here are two prime examples of the aesthetic appeal Topfence has given to these properties.


Looking at these examples, it’s easy to see the value an aesthetically appealing palisade fence will add to any property.

Topfence is about more than palisade fencing, they are experts in every sense of the word, extending the quality of their fencing to encompass:

Pedestrian swing gates.

Vehicle swing gates.

Sliding gates.

Naturally, you’d want the gates on your property to match the palisade fencing, which is something the team at Topfence can do with their eyes closed!

With the superb reputation earned by this top team of fencing contractors in Cape Town since 2008, you can rely on the fact that you’ll be in very capable, experienced hands as you choose the most attractive palisade fencing available.

Every Topfence Palisade Fence is individually manufactured to suit the specifications of the installation site, giving every customer an array of choices for the design of the palisade fence.

Speaking of design, the team at Topfence will gladly offer assistance with drawing up plans, yet another free service that speaks to the awesome customer service these guys are committed to.

Here are a few of the ingredients that make this unique palisade fencing more than attractive:

  • Galvanised steel components, designed to withstand the extremes of the weather around the coast.
  • Security shear nut fasteners and sandwiched fixers make Topfence completely tamper proof.
  • Super-strength reinforced with a roll formed palisade pale with a stiffened rib.
  • No sagging due to the use of a uniquely designed bended horizontal section.
  • Transparency that makes CCTV far more effective than it would be with a wall.
  • SABS approved materials sourced in the Western Cape to offer customers true state of the art palisade fencing in Cape Town.

Expect quality from Topfence:

Despite the fact that Topfence offers the most affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town, you’ll have invested in a high quality fencing solution that’ll last!

Expect free advice and quotes:

Topfence has a team of experts who’ll always be available to discuss options and prices for palisade fencing and mesh fencing, without hesitation.

In fact, Topfence clients are more than willing to tell you that it’s always been a pleasure dealing with this professional, experienced team.

There’s a great dollop of friendliness thrown into the mix too, making it even easier to ask all the questions you need an expert to answer.

Contact Topfence today to find out more about how to turn perimeter security into a work of art that adds immense value to your property.

Tamperproof palisade fencing in Cape Town, manufactured by Topfence.

‘Tamperproof’ is just a teaser of what to expect when it comes to galvanised steel palisade fencing manufactured in Cape Town by Topfence.

The team of experts at Topfence have worked hard to earn a place as the market leader in palisade fencing in Cape Town since as far back as 2008.

Topfence has branched out through the years to service customers from the Southern to Northern Suburbs, and anywhere in-between.

This position has been reached through a commitment to service excellence, a willingness to listen to customers and the expertise to offer the best fencing solutions to suit individual needs.

Topfence produces unique galvanised steel fencing using the latest technology, making the manufacture of quality and well-priced fencing a reality for residential and commercial property owners.

Mother Nature can throw all she wants at this tough palisade fencing or wire mesh fencing, and still not win the battle!

One of the major reasons Topfence designed and manufactured their brand of galvanised steel fencing was because they fully understood the challenges any fencing system would face in Cape Town.

They made it their mission to protect families and property with nothing less than their best effort, never wavering from their commitment to providing the highest level of perimeter security available.

With fantastic foresight, the team at Topfence knew that by manufacturing their own high-quality fencing, they’d be able to offer customers the best of both worlds: quality and affordability!

Choosing perimeter security that deters criminal activity:

To reiterate what’s been said before: high walls are just not good enough today. Once a criminal has scaled the walls, everything done is hidden from sight.

By choosing palisade or wire mesh fencing as perimeter security, anyone intent on criminal activity is deterred merely by the fact that there’s nowhere to hide, should they even be able to get over the fencing!

Choosing palisade fencing to make CCTV more effective:

There’s always somewhere to hide, inside or outside your property, if there’s a wall, no matter how many security cameras you’ve installed.

When you decide to take the safest route to security via palisade fencing, your CCTV coverage increases dramatically, besides which, you also have a clear view of what’s happening on the outside of the property.

Topfence tamperproof palisade fencing is the answer, every time:

If you’ve decided to get really serious about the security of your family and property, who better to speak to than the team who takes your security just as seriously?

No matter where you are in Cape Town, when you contact Topfence for a free quote, an expert from the team will meet you on site to take meticulous measurements, and to discuss fencing solutions with you.

It’s easy to get an idea of what you’d need to set aside when budgeting for high quality fencing with this team on your side.

They’re only too happy to discuss prices with you to make it easier on you to make an informed decision about great perimeter security.

All you need to do is check out the specs of Topfence galvanised steel fencing solutions designed for Cape Town and you’ll know why they’re #1 in the industry!


Invest in quality palisade fencing for the best ROI in perimeter security.

Let’s face it, any perimeter fencing is costly, but investing in low quality fencing is going to be at an even greater cost in the long term.

If you’re going for the best in perimeter security, you might as well go for the best!

What to consider before investing in fencing:

Weather conditions:

Believe it or not, weather conditions in your region need to be taken into account before settling on the right palisade or wire mesh fencing.

Fencing in Cape Town has to be able to withstand some pretty harsh weather through all seasons, without falling apart after just one battering winter or burning hot summer!

Staying with weather considerations, the saltiness carried on the air on the coast will settle anywhere it can to cause erosion and rust.

Initial outlay as opposed to maintenance costs:

Yes, quality fencing is more expensive than cheaper versions that can be installed by yourself or a contractor, but what are you getting for the initial outlay?

Low quality fencing might be lighter on your budget, but what you may not figure into the equation is the upkeep and maintenance that’ll add costs on a yearly basis.

Any fencing, whether palisade or mesh fencing in a coastal region needs to be manufactured using galvanised steel, which gives it the durability to make it a worthwhile long term investment.

Galvanised steel palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing is maintenance free, making the initial outlay well worth paying a bit extra for to secure your family and property!

Taking all these points into consideration, make sure you look for a fencing company in Cape Town committed to using only SABS approved materials in the manufacture of their fencing!

Choose quality fencing above all!

Although quality fencing will cost you a bit more than other fencing solutions, there are important reasons that make quality fencing important.

Quality fencing should be:

  • Manufactured individually to suit your perimeter security requirements perfectly.
  • Installed by professionals. Choosing a top fencing contractor in Cape Town will offer a great ROI, instead of going the DIY route.
  • Impervious to cutting.
  • Impossible to climb.
  • Impossible to hide behind.
  • Impervious to sagging, and
  • Rust proof.

Who to trust with this big decision:

If you want to know just how much a professional fencing contractor in Cape Town can offer, you’d be best served by starting out with the down to earth team of guys at Topfence!

Having been in the business of protecting customers and properties since 2008, there’s no doubt you’d be starting out at the best place if you’re looking for affordable fencing solutions in Cape Town.

Affordable also means high quality when you deal with this team that’ll take you from the manufacturing to installation of the toughest perimeter fencing available today.

Topfence Palisade Fencing meets all the requirements listed above, and more. This is an assurance that you’ll have a great ROI, at the cost of dealing with an awesome team that knows the true value of quality fencing.

Place that call today to find out more the state of the art palisade fencing designed, manufactured and installed by Topfence, or contact them for a free, no-obligation quote.


Contact the market leaders in fencing for end to end service excellence in Cape Town.

There are few different routes to take when deciding to install fencing, but most of them, when done alone, can cause endless frustrations.

The DIY route:

If you decide on a DIY fencing solution, you’ll need to bring in contractors that are unfortunately not always reliable, let alone professional.

This could lead to a bad installation that’ll simply cost you more than it should in the first place, possibly leading to regular replacements or repairs.

The ‘cheaper’ option:

There are many fencing options that may look attractive because of what looks like a really cheap option, however, you can be sure that the end result is going to reflect this.

The security offered by cheap fencing is nullified by the fact that it’ll be easy to cut or climb.  In this case you’ll also be looking at major maintenance costs.

The question of quality:

There’s also the quality of the fencing to take into account.  How much do you really know about the materials that go into the fencing you’ve chosen or are looking at?

Palisade fencing in Cape Town needs closer inspection, the last thing you want is to invest in a fence that’s going to keep costing you in terms of upkeep and maintenance.

The coastal air can be brutal and it permanently sends out waves of salt that will take hold anywhere they can, turning the wrong fence into a rusted, sagging eyesore.

What does end to end service mean when dealing with Topfence?

Just a note here to begin with: Topfence has been keeping families and properties safe since 2008, growing from small concern into the market leader where it comes to fencing solutions in Cape Town.

Step 1:

All it takes is for you to fill in an online quote request, or give the Topfence team a call and they’ll get the ball rolling in short order.

This means you’ll be meeting with a representative at your earliest convenience to take meticulous measurements on site, which will serve as the base for an affordable quote to meet with your budget.

Step 2:

You won’t need to wait long for the team at Topfence to get the quote to you.  They’re professionals that have built a solid reputation on sterling customer service.

Step 3:

Should you sign off on the quotation, Topfence will also assist in drawing up plans, free of charge, to make your palisade fencing an attractive reflection of your individual taste.

Step 4:

This is when manufacturing swings into high gear at Topfence. Each palisade fencing system in Cape Town is manufactured individually to design and site specifications, so you’ll definitely not be getting a DIY product!

To get this quality, Topfence uses state of the art technology in the manufacture of their quality palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing solutions.

Only SABS approved materials are acceptable for use in Topfence products, and the galvanised steel components have been specifically designed for the Cape coastal air!

Step 5:

This is the last step on the road towards having durable, aesthetically appealing palisade fencing gracing your property.

No one other than approved Topfence installers are allowed anywhere near the installation of a fence that’s going to be standing strong and looking great for many years to come!

Choose market leaders:

Security comes first, and unassailable perimeter security is where the expertise offered at Topfence lies.

Speak to the team at Topfence to make sure that your experience in choosing the best fencing option in Cape Town will be one that’s seamless.

Topfence makes end to end service their ethos, so that you’ll have an easier time of making the right decisions, as well as making the whole process stress free.

Why you need the right fencing in Cape Town to suit the climate!

In a nutshell, the answer to this question is the salty air of our coastal climate.

Add to that what can be sweltering summers and battering winters, fencing that can’t stand up to this extreme weather won’t be standing well for very long!

So, what makes Topfence Palisade Fencing and Rigid Mesh Fencing a must for Cape Town property owners?

  • Topfence fencing is manufactured from high quality galvanised steel, which means that every component, right down to the smallest nuts and bolts, will stand strong in the face of the climate in the Western Cape.
  • Rust is not an option with this tough, locally manufactured fencing!
  • As opposed to fencing manufactured for general weather conditions, sagging and coming apart at the seams will never happen with a Topfence product.
  • Although Cape Town is still considered one of the less crime-riddled cities in South Africa, there can be no doubt that crime has been increasing at an alarming rate, forcing residential, commercial and industrial property owners to tighten up perimeter security.
  • Crime statistics are not going to come down, but choosing the right perimeter security in the form of quality palisade fencing is going to add an important element to property security.
  • Topfence takes the safety of their customers very seriously, which is obvious in the fact that they have grown since 2008 to become the #1 fencing contractor in Cape Town.
  • With this same dedication to maintaining the safety of families and property, Topfence manufactures each fence to specification, which means that your fencing will be as individual as you are, and as you want it to be.
  • Topfence fencing adds resale value to any property, as well as adding the type of aesthetic value one would never expect from palisade fencing.
  • Getting any help from this friendly team of experts doesn’t mean you have to buy, all it means is that you’ll have the best advice about how to work around and within your budget, before you sign on the dotted line!
  • Because of the quality of workmanship applied when Topfence installs palisade fencing, it’s rare that there are any doubts about the quality of the installation. If this does ever happen, these guys will be there to sort it out quickly and efficiently. This is all part of the fact that Topfence stands by its committed warranties against defective workmanship and materials.
  • Affordable fencing in Cape Town has a permanent home at Topfence! With this team able to take every project from manufacture to installation, costs are significantly reduced. This is also possible due to the fact that this quality palisade fencing is manufactured locally, using locally produced materials.
  • No matter what the size of your property is, the level of service and quality remains the same with Topfence!

Why not just save yourself a lot of trouble before you invest in fencing that won’t survive a year and contact Topfence for a free site inspection and quotation?

You’ll be joining many other happy property owners who have trusted Topfence for many years for the best perimeter security in Cape Town!

What do you get when you choose Topfence fencing solutions in Cape Town?

A whole lot more than you’d expect from most, that’s a definite!  But what happens once you’ve decided to start looking around for the right palisade fencing in Cape Town?

Whatever you do, and no matter how many names you’ve got on your list, make sure that you add Topfence before making any final decisions.

Choosing the wrong fencing, especially in a coastal region like the Western Cape will be a costly mistake.

Starting with palisade fencing that’s of an SABS approved standard is essential.

It’s going to save you throwing good money after bad as you spend year after year, season after season, having to repair and replace parts of a fence you thought was a fantastic bargain.

If it’s too good to be true, you better believe that on closer inspection and many questions later, you’ll find that it really is too good to be true!

When you deal with the awesome, friendly team at Topfence, the first thing you can expect is an on-site meeting with an expert, to discuss your requirements and then to take meticulous measurements.

No one will get back to you as quickly as Topfence can with a quotation that’ll be proof that quality palisade fencing can be affordable in Cape Town!

If you aren’t too sure about how to plan the budget for perimeter security, advice on prices and any other aspect of perimeter security is as free as the site inspection and quotation.

Should you decide to take the Topfence route to fencing, they’ll be more than happy to assist with the drawing up of plans, again, free of charge!

These guys have been operating out of their Durbanville base since 2008, and based on this level of service, have had to branch out right across the Western Cape.

No distance is too far for Topfence, you need only look at the full scope of suburbs in and around Cape Town to find the truth in this statement.

Once your individual palisade fencing goes to the Topfence manufacturing plant, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly the installation date comes around.

Quality workmanship is obvious when you stand back and look at the end result of the Topfence palisade fencing installation, there’s nothing Mickey Mouse about what this team does.

This level of quality shows throughout the process, from quotation to manufacture and installation.

There’re no middlemen involved to disrupt anything, Topfence takes charge of everything from beginning to end on every project.

Over and above all of this, the experience and the years this team has proudly maintained a position as the #1 fencing contractor in Cape Town, you’ll have maintenance-free palisade fencing or rigid wire fencing that’ll last a lifetime!

If this all sounds like the kind of service and quality you really want, visit the Topfence website to look at exactly what goes into the manufacture of this unbeatable palisade fencing, and why it’s called ‘unique’.

Before you make any decision you can’t go back on, make sure you’ve given yourself the opportunity to deal with a team that’s a real pleasure to work with!

Contact Topfence today for a free quotation that won’t waste your time or money, and will certainly leave you with high quality yet affordable palisade fencing!


Safeguard your loved ones & property with Topfence Palisade Fencing!

Where does good security begin?

Your first level of security starts at the boundary of your property, whether residential or commercial, and that’s where you need to be absolutely sure you’re choosing the right crime barrier.

Why high walls need to come down:

It’s been said many times, but can’t be stressed enough, especially with the escalating crime rates in Cape Town; high walls just don’t cut it anymore.

In fact, a high wall means that it’s scalable, and we’ve seen how even walls protected by electric fencing have been breached by determined criminals.

Once they get into your property, it’s already dangerous.  They then have carte blanche to do as they please without being noticed, and alarms will already be of very little protective value.

Most criminals are fully aware of response times to alarms, which is why they operate in gangs, and as hard as it is to accept, this is the modern-day reality.

Sophisticated security, sophisticated criminals:

The more sophisticated security becomes, the more sophisticated criminals become.

It’s time to make CCTV and other security measures truly effective, by giving them the room to work as they should, and to give armed response the ability to see what’s happening on your property when an alarm is triggered.

Palisade fencing as the best option:

Add an electric fence to a palisade fencing system and your property becomes a whole lot less attractive to criminals.  Even without an electric fence, palisade fencing that’s well manufactured is the best option to consider as a safeguard for your family and property.

Speak to the experts who monitor what happens on different types of properties and they’ll confirm that it’s time for walls to come down.

We need to start connecting with our communities to make your suburb one that is aware and responsive to strange comings and goings in the area.

Making internal and external security safer:

Neighbourhood watches are very effective, but they’re only as effective as the ability to see any suspicious activity on surrounding properties.

This doesn’t mean you give up all your privacy at all. It does mean that security companies are better equipped to monitor activity on your property.

No security patrol is allowed to climb any wall, but with palisade fencing they are able to see exactly what may have triggered an alarm.

We do want our privacy, naturally, but there are many ways in which to have that privacy in your home, and still have stylish palisade fencing that makes your property less attractive to criminals.

To be able to see out keeps you alert to any strange activity in your street, and there’s nowhere for any criminal to hide even if they’re willing to take on palisade fencing.

Trusting Topfence as the best safeguard for your family and property:

Topfence has been manufacturing, installing and protecting the lives and properties of their customer’s since 2008, proving their commitment to the safety of everyone who joins the Topfence family.

Palisade fencing in Cape Town doesn’t come any better than this stylish, attractive, tamper-proof palisade fencing, and it’s also the most affordable fencing in Cape Town!

Made for the Western Cape coastal climate with SABS approved galvanised steel components from A-Z, if you really want to safeguard everything that’s precious to you with the best first barrier to crime, why not look at what’s made Topfence the best fencing contractor in Cape Town!

Do your research into why palisade fencing is a wiser choice than a high wall, and you’ll know why high quality fencing designed to withstand coastal weather and criminals is the best place to start.

Contact Topfence today for the friendliest advice and the best free quotation you’ll ever have!

4 Reasons Why It’s Crucial To Have Fencing Around Schools

The value of installing large security fences around school grounds has been recognised more in the last few decades. In fact, there are very few schools in South Africa without security fencing and for good reason.

For some people, fencing can be associated with a lack of freedom but the fact is that security fencing is essential for various reasons. Added is the benefit that it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, thus, it offers security without looking like a prison.

Here’s why you need security fencing around your school grounds:

  1. To keep students in school where they belong

More often than not, students don’t like school. This can be due to stress from school work or bullies. It is pretty tempting to wander off during school hours if no security measures are put in place.

During school hours, schools are legally responsible for the children’s safety. Should something happen to students during school hours, the school would be held responsible due to a lack of security fencing and other measures.

  1. To protect the neighbourhood

What do children do when they skip school? They get up to no good! They could be vandalising public property, harassing people walking down the street or even the elderly. Thus, by installing security fencing around your school, you’ll not only protect the students but the community too.

  1. To prevent abductions

Every year there are more and more cases where school children get abducted. Kids are gullible and might believe strangers offering them a ride. This is every parent’s nightmare and the risk of abduction instances will continue to grow without proper security measures such as fencing.

The primary purpose of security fencing is to keep intruders out and kids in. And with the durable materials and innovative design of Topfence fencing, climbing or tampering is out of the question.

  1. To keep students and employees safe

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to schools. A school playground is at risk for kidnappers and school skipping without proper security fencing.

If you need to upgrade your school fencing or you’re building a new school, get in touch with Topfence fencing contractors in Cape Town for a free quote today.