Break down walls that serve as havens for criminals and use palisade fencing to expose them!

Soaring crime rates over the last years have seen homeowners resorting to trying to fortify their properties with high walls, yet these walls have had the opposite effect, instead of keeping criminals out, these walls have become the biggest threat to residents themselves.

Sadly, brazen home invasions and serious crimes have continued unabated despite the high walls, giving criminals the opportunity and time to act unseen behind these walls, which is when the most serious crimes occur, out of sight of anyone else.

With the changing climate of safety and security, many people see little point to breaking down these walls, despite the fact that studies by experts in the safety and security industry agree that high walls have become counter-productive as crime deterrents.  Many homeowners who have done their own research into which form of perimeter security offers the greatest degree of protection have discovered that the increased visibility offered by palisade fencing is a far more viable alternative to solid barriers.

While the importance of security technology such as beams, passives or CCTV in optimising security cannot be ignored, an emphasis on natural surveillance from within the home and outside looking in, especially helpful to security patrols and neighbourhood watches, has become a vital way of changing how we view our perimeter safety.

Topfence has been protecting customers in and around Cape Town since 2008 with their affordable, durable palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing barriers for residential and business properties, designing and manufacturing a standard of palisade fencing of such a high quality that it stands the test of time over and over again in this coastal region.

It is important to note that it is the use of galvanised components in the manufacture of Topfence palisade fencing and mesh fencing that makes it specifically suited to the damaging effects of the coastal air.  State of the art technology and the use of only SABS approved materials rounds off what can only be considered as the highest quality of palisade fencing in Cape Town!

Tear down the walls that keep criminals safe and meet the friendly, helpful Topfence team who will introduce you to palisade fencing that will look attractive to you but very unattractive to criminals!

Topfence palisade fencing is the most affordable and attractive crime deterrent in Cape Town.

Topfence takes the security of their clients very seriously and have been manufacturing a unique, tamper-proof palisade fencing system specifically designed for the coastal regions around Cape Town since 2008, proving throughout the years that the quality of their palisade fencing has never wavered through the consistent growth this team of experts have enjoyed, a team who have a combined twenty years worth of experience to draw on in order to keep families safe in Cape Town.

Topfence palisade fencing is not just any old fencing, it has been designed to be tamper-proof, hard for criminals to climb, cut or hide behind, and what makes Topfence palisade fencing tamper proof is their use of security shear nut fasteners and unique sandwiched fixers. In addition, Topfence palisade fencing has a unique bended horizontal section which protects it from sagging along with a roll formed palisade pale that boasts a stiffened rib, ensuring that no other palisade fencing can measure up to the strength and durability of Topfence palisade fencing in Cape Town.

Once you have palisade fencing as your perimeter security, you make it so much easier for security patrols, passersby and neighbourhood watches to see into your property in order to sound the alert should they see any suspicious activity, palisade fencing also makes CCTV surveillance far more effective.  Putting up high walls will never be as effective as palisade fencing; any criminal determined enough will climb any wall and once inside the property will be well hidden, able to go about their business without the risk of being observed.

A point often stressed by Topfence is that security need not be unsightly to be effective and to prove this they have attractively secured many properties in Cape Town, including the Northern Suburbs of Durbanville, where they are based, and Brackenfell.  Properties secured by Topfence palisade fencing vary from residential to large commercial properties, all of whom have enjoyed the effectiveness of Topfence palisade fencing for many years already.

Let Topfence meet you on site to do free measurements and provide you with a no-obligation quote, you will find that this is the most affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town, durable enough to withstand all weather conditions in this coastal region for many years to come!

Topfence offers value for money with their durable palisade fencing that brings style to security.

Value for money and a top quality product is what has made Topfence the best palisade fencing company in Cape Town, specifically designed and manufactured for everything Mother Nature can throw at it in this coastal region.  Palisade fencing of this quality is the only answer to avoid spending a fortune on palisade fencing that will start rusting quickly and then begin to break off bit by bit as the coastal air eats into it.

With the offer of a free, no-obligation quote it is the easiest thing to do to find out what the unique system of palisade fencing designed and manufactured by Topfence has to offer you in terms of affordable, stylish and durable palisade fencing.  A Topfence expert consultant will meet with you on site to do a survey of the perimeter you would like secured and take meticulous measurements in order to put together a quote that will suit your budget perfectly.

The response time from Topfence is impressive, and with a combined twenty years worth of experience in the industry, Topfence has grown from strength to strength on the back of a reputation for high quality products and service excellence that is hard to beat, with every intention of continuing the unwavering commitment to quality in all they do that has seen them grow exponentially since 2008.

Topfence is very proud of the fact that a majority of the new clients approaching them are as a result of impressive recommendations from satisfied clients who have experienced the friendly, can-do attitude of the Topfence team where it comes to the tailor made palisade fencing that now graces their perimeter.

Using only SABS approved materials and galvanised components, Topfence palisade fencing is the very best in affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town, make them the first team to call if what you want is a value for money investment that will yield great returns in every aspect!

The Topfence team is passionate about protecting the lives and properties of their clients.

Topfence is a full service company offering the most durable and affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town, taking you from design to manufacture and installation of a unique, tamper-proof system of palisade fencing that cannot be found anywhere else.  When you choose Topfence palisade fencing, you choose perimeter security that is hard to climb, cut or hide behind, acting as the perfect crime deterrent available at affordable prices, better by far than a high wall which can be climbed and then used as the perfect hiding place for criminals.

Only SABS approved materials are good enough for use in the manufacture of Topfence palisade fencing, assuring you of the highest standard in quality available, in addition to which, Topfence also uses galvanised components which make it perfect for the coastal air around Cape Town.  With Topfence palisade fencing installed as your perimeter security you will not have to worry about rust eating away at it, causing it to become easy to break or sag, the unique system of palisade fencing designed and manufactured by Topfence is designed in such a way that it will not sag, nor will you have to paint or reinforce it year after year.

The Topfence system of palisade fencing is most definitely not a DIY product as it is individually manufactured to site specifications and according to the design requirements of each client.  This elegant but practical system of palisade fencing is used to enhance and safeguard security complexes, hospitals, private homes, shopping malls, schools and so much more, carrying with it Topfence warranties against defective workmanship and materials.

Topfence is not limited to palisade fencing, they also design and install pedestrian swing gates, vehicle swing gates and sliding gates, all of which are designed to complement their fencing system perfectly, manufactured according to site specifications in order to make it adaptable to varying site conditions.

Contact Topfence today for the most affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town, offered by a friendly team of experts who are passionate about protecting the lives and properties of all their clients.