Why invest in Topfence palisade fencing & wire mesh fencing

There are many reasons that most of the work taken on by Topfence is through third party recommendations, not the least of which is the sheer professionalism clients have come to expect of this team, as well as the exceptional quality of their galvanised steel fencing.

Having started out in Durbanville and Brackenfell in the Western Cape, Topfence has grown to such an extent since 2008 that clients throughout the region are now able to access the very best in palisade fencing of the highest quality.

Reaching the position as market leader in the industry has come about as a result of an unwavering commitment to excellence and value for money in all the fencing solutions on offer from Topfence.

Due to the fact that Topfence manufactures their own unique palisade fencing system, this team is able to offer clients tailor-made fencing solutions that suit site specifications, manufacturing everything from the fencing itself to its nuts and bolts.

Here are a few reasons why customers choose Topfence palisade fencing as a fantastic investment:

  • End to end service

No one does end to end service the way that Topfence can.  There are no middle men to deal with once you accept a quotation from this premier fencing contractor.  When a date is given for the completion of the installation, you can be absolutely sure that this team delivers as promised, without exception.

  • Affordability

There is a middle ground between cheap fencing and over-priced fencing, which is exactly where you’ll find Topfence.  Being able to offer such competitive prices rides on the fact that this company sources as much of its raw material locally, which cuts down on transport prices before the material reaches the manufacturing plant.

  • Manufacturer

This unique palisade fencing and wire mesh fencing is a product that is produced by the Topfence manufacturing plant in Cape Town. This is precisely why every palisade fence is individually manufactured to suit site specifications, as well as to reflect the individual style of each customer.

  • Tamper-proof crime barrier

There’s no doubt that palisade fencing and wire mesh fencing is the top choice when it comes to perimeter security today.  This is especially true of Topfence products, which have been designed to act as a first line crime deterrent.

This palisade fencing system cannot be climbed or cut, acting as such an effective system of perimeter security that criminals will move along to access properties that are seen as softer targets.

  • Freebies:

The team at Topfence are always willing to help customers to plan a budget by discussing prices and options with them, before any quote is requested.  In addition to this, should you request a quotation, you can expect expert, meticulous measurements at the site of the planned installation.

These measurements, along with advice given on site, are a completely free service, as is the free, no-obligation quote you’ll receive quickly and professionally. Free assistance with the drawing up of plans is thrown in for good measure by the team at Topfence!

  • Undeniable quality:

Topfence palisade fencing is manufactured using SABS approved materials, producing durable fencing that is manufactured to suit all weather conditions in the Western Cape coastal region.  Galvanised steel ensures that this fencing will stand strong, without sagging or rusting, long after other fences have given out.

Contact Topfence today to find out more about how to invest in the most affordable fencing in Cape Town.  You can look forward to expert, honest advice from this team passionate about perimeter security in Cape Town.

Why customers choose palisade fencing from Topfence

As the #1 fencing contractor in Cape Town, Topfence has earned a reputation for a consistent approach towards protecting customers with the very best in perimeter security.

Over and above this, the team is an absolute pleasure to work with, bringing to every project an absolute commitment to service excellence that is both friendly and professional.

Having been in the industry since 2008, you would be hard-pressed to find a fencing contractor as dedicated to offering customers the peace of mind they deserve in the face of high crime rates.

If you’re in any doubt about the reputation for excellence earned by this team, just ask for a few recommendations from past customers and you’ll get a good idea about what you’ll be in for when working with these experts in fencing solutions.

Here’s what you can expect from choosing the end to end service offered by Topfence:


Because this unique system of palisade fencing is manufactured to suit the weather conditions in Cape Town, you can look forward to palisade fencing that will outlast any other fencing solution through every season.

The galvanised steel components used in the manufacture of Topfence products is what makes it ideal for handling brutal winter storms and blazing hot summers.

SABS approved quality

Topfence uses local materials wherever possible to produce SABS approved quality. Nothing but the best is used in the manufacture of every component that goes into producing this high quality in fencing.

Competitive pricing

Because Topfence has its own manufacturing plant in Cape Town, prices are highly competitive, which is something any customer looking at a few quotes will find to their benefit.

Structural strength

Topfence palisade fencing is designed in such a way that there is no possibility that the fence will sag or bend after one season. The unique bended horizontal section developed by this team ensures this. In addition to this very important design feature, Topfence manufactures sandwiched fixers, which are attached to their patented roll-formed palisade pale and a stiffened rib, ensuring that the structural integrity of this palisade fencing will remain in excellent condition for many years to come.

Tamper-proof quality

The spaces in palisade fencing manufactured by Topfence are too small for anyone to gain enough of a foothold to climb over, or to find the space to be able to cut the fence.

Criminals are more interested in soft targets in terms of gaining access to any property, which makes palisade fencing of this quality the best option to choose as a crime barrier.


Topfence has made it their mission to prove that perimeter security can be attractive. This is palisade fencing that is designed to add curb appeal and value to any property. Buyers are far more interested in this type of perimeter security than they are in properties with high walls.

High walls can be scaled and used as the perfect hiding place for anyone intent on criminal activities, which is why many walls are coming down in preparation for the security that palisade fencing offers.

There is a lot that Topfence does to make investing in palisade fencing easy, which includes free on-site measurements, no-obligation quotes and assistance with the drawing up of plans.

If this sounds like the type of fencing contractor you would prefer to have on your side, contact the team to get the ball rolling in the right direction for the installation of high quality palisade fencing!

Trust Topfence with the security of your family

Protecting your family and property has become something that more than likely heads your list of security concerns, which is directly as a result of high crime rates that have moved from industrial areas to residential suburbs.

Nothing is sacrosanct to a criminal or crime syndicate intent on gaining access to homes if they think that there is anything of value to be had.  Unfortunately violent crime has crept in as well, especially when residents are at home at the time that criminals enter the property.

There have even been instances in which brazen criminals have simply busted through front doors in order to gain access. This makes a strong case for the need to have excellent perimeter security, of such high quality that’ll make it difficult for them to gain entry to the property in the first place.

Topfence has been dedicated to securing homes and businesses with the highest quality in palisade fencing since 2008, offering nothing less than the best to keep their clients safe at all costs.

Affordable palisade fencing has also helped Topfence to reach a leadership position in the industry, making excellent perimeter security easier for any South African family to gain maximum benefit without breaking the bank.

In-depth research into designing and manufacturing durable palisade fencing, along with a reputation for quality workmanship and attention to detail, has resulted in the best fencing solutions specifically designed to withstand the weather conditions in Cape Town.

Topfence wire mesh fencing and palisade fencing, used to secure residential, industrial and business properties, is an investment that will pay for itself in a short period of time once installed.

Because there will be no need for maintenance or repairs, the investment in a Topfence fencing solution will be once-off, which is one of the best reasons to choose this durable, aesthetically style of palisade fencing.

Speaking about aesthetics, the focus at Topfence is to work with clients from the drawing board right through to manufacture and installation, assuring the client of an aesthetically pleasing fence to complement their property.

The security offered by tamper proof palisade fencing does more than provide you with an effective crime barrier, it also adds to the value of your property from a security and aesthetic point of view.

This palisade fencing, or wire mesh fencing, is only installed by approved Topfence installers, which means that the same quality experienced in the initial contact with Topfence is carried right through to the conclusion of the project.

Services that are offered free include meticulous measurements taken on site by an experienced Topfence representative, a free no-obligation quote and assistance with the drawing up of your plans for fencing that will add great curb appeal to your property.

These guys are also more than willing to assist with prices, so that before you commit your budget to palisade fencing, you’ll have all the information necessary to make an informed decision about having the best perimeter fencing installed.

Please contact Topfence today with any queries, or to get started on a quotation that’ll have your palisade fence up in no time!

Let Topfence introduce you to the best fencing solutions in Cape Town

Fencing in Cape Town has to be galvanised steel in order to ensure that it will not be weakened by rust that prevails around the coast.  Anything less than this will leave you with a fence that is going to cost more than it should in terms of maintenance and general upkeep.

Rust will take hold any way it can, and with the wrong fencing, it’s a guarantee that it will weaken any type of fencing, eventually leading sagging and flaking.

Choosing fencing that is cheap will ultimately cost far more than it should in the long term, which makes it well worth your while to spend a little more for fencing that’ll stand the test of time and still look great!

It’s for this reason that Topfence manufactures their own unique style of palisade fencing, perfectly adaptable to the coastal climate. The addition of latest state of the art technology to their set of tools has made sure that Topfence has gone from strength to strength since its humble beginnings in 2008.

Palisade fencing isn’t all that Topfence produces.  They also manufacture high grade wire mesh fencing, designed to protect mainly industrial and commercial properties.

This wire mesh fencing is also an excellent crime barrier since the spaces in the fence make it impossible to gain a foothold, or to allow enough space in the fence to allow for cutting.

Many industrial and commercial businesses need strict control in place in order to ensure that no unauthorised traffic, whether on foot or by vehicles are able to enter, which makes wire mesh fencing an excellent first line of defence.

This is done with multi-layered perimeter security measures, which includes the presence of a security guard, alarms and CCTV coverage for a start.

Wire mesh fencing is the best solution for the effective protection of schools, public parks, swimming pools, warehouses, shopping malls and more.

Like their palisade fencing, Topfence wire mesh fencing is also manufactured using high grade galvanised components, right from the nuts to the actual fence. This means that fencing solutions from this team are designed to outlast any other type of fence, in all types of weather.

Although Topfence is able to offer affordable prices, there is no compromise when it comes to the quality and the workmanship that goes into any fence installed by this team of experts.

In addition to the rigid mesh fencing and palisade fencing systems manufactured by Topfence, you can also add pedestrian swing gates, vehicle swing gates and sliding gates designed to give your choice of fencing the perfect finishing touch.

It must be noted here that the Topfence range of fences are definitely not DIY products. Every fence is individually manufactured to suit the design chosen by clients as well as to suit site specifications.

Although seldom needed, fencing manufactured by this team carries warranties against the possibility of defective materials and workmanship.

If nothing less than the best will do as the first line of defence for your family and property, please contact Topfence for a free, no obligation quotation.