Rising unemployment statistics & soaring crime make perimeter security a priority like never before

Standing at 29% for 2019 thus far, unemployment statistics are set to soar overnight as COVID-19 cripples the already embattled South African economy.

With businesses forced to close their doors, it is expected that growth will contract by around 1.5% during the first three months as the virus looms over our country.

It’s a stark reality that we’ve woken up to, but the ramifications are being felt immediately, and not only in the tragedy facing our population of 57 million people and the potential loss of life.

If China, who is the biggest importer of iron, manganese and chromium ores has had to announce a 1% decline in their growth, our mining sector will be severely impacted as it comes to a paralysing standstill.

Tourism, our second main source of income, has disappeared overnight, and, in the wake of just these two sectors collapsing, unemployment will be in figures never before experienced in this country, or worldwide.

Aside from the fact that there are just downright criminal minds and types in our world, we’ve also all known for a long time, that high unemployment rates account for a large percentage of crime, and, as things stand now, protecting our families and properties is going to be of the highest priority in South Africa.

The worst of this is that crime has become even more violent than ever before in terms of home invasions, so, it’s time to make sure that our lives and homes are protected by the right kind of security measures.

The perimeter security you choose is all that protects your property from the pavement in, making it essential that you make decisions based on solid information and guidance before you settle on your crime barrier.

The point is:

If you’re going to choose well, you need to weigh what criminologists say about the fact that high walls don’t keep crime out, but rather give criminals free range once they’ve scaled the wall, with no one any the wiser.

A fence that can be cut won’t do either, nor will one that can easily be climbed, so…

What you need is:

A fence that’s tamperproof, that can’t be climbed or cut. It needs to give a criminal no room to shelter from security patrols or from passers-by, who could alert the police to any suspicious activity timeously.

Only a palisade fence can meet these standards, and it needs to be of the highest quality to present the strongest possible defence against crime.

Bear in mind too that criminals also watch and study your movements, and they make sure they know what kind of response times they’re up against with police.

They also keep fully updated with the latest security systems, which means that they’re sophisticated enough to get around them. CCTV is highly effective with a palisade fence, as there is a clear line of site inside and outside the property, leaving no corners criminals can use to get into a property.

Where you’ll find the strongest palisade fencing in Cape Town:

After protecting families and properties since 2008, Topfence, as the market leader in fencing solutions, designs and manufactures palisade fencing that ticks all the boxes you need checked.

This unique fencing system is tamperproof, can’t be cut or climbed, and is manufactured to last from season to season and year to year without losing any of its strength, or its attractiveness.

If you’re planning to secure your family as soon as the national lockdown ends, invest in the best there is and contact the team at Topfence.

Despite closures, there will still be someone available to answer any of your questions honestly and professionally.

Please keep safe.



Take your security seriously, starting at the perimeter of your property

Really good security at your home or business starts from the outside in, because once someone gets onto your property, there are ways for the most determined and organised criminal to gain access to the actual building.

No matter how sophisticated security systems get, criminals go to great lengths to keep up with the latest developments, so that they are not denied their booty.

If they’re able to ambush you from inside your property, either as you come home or leave, they’ll use the opportunity to get you to turn off alarms and to lead them to what they want, which is why the perimeter security you have around the property has to be the best!

Having watched crime statistics soar in the Western Cape since they opened their doors in 2008, the team at Topfence has put considerable knowledge and experience together to develop a completely unique palisade fencing system that serves as first level security of unbeatable strength.

While a high wall may look imposing enough to keep criminals out, it’s simply an invitation to anyone determined and organised enough to scale, and then to go about their business without being observed.

A security patrol can’t climb the wall if an alarm is sounded, and most alarms switch off after a limited amount of time anyway, time in which security personnel stand outside, uncertain whether the alarm is triggered by something other than an intruder or not, and the intruder simply goes about his business, only to emerge once the patrol is gone.

We’ve become so used to alarms going off that they’re hardly noticed. Everyone that may be a bit inconvenienced by the noise simply waits it out until it cuts off on its own, which defeats the purpose.

Start with quality palisade fencing as a crime barrier, and you’ll soon find that criminals will start looking elsewhere for property easier to gain entry to, without putting themselves in danger of bodily harm.

Having worked hard to become market leaders in the fencing industry in the Western Cape, Topfence continues to dominate with a unique fencing system that’s designed specifically with the Cape Town coastal air.

Topfence palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing is designed to last, and to do so in style. Starting from the inside out, only the best in raw materials are used in the manufacture of this tough galvanised steel fencing, hence the SABS stamp of approval attached to Topfence products.

Next up is the fact the system is held together by security shear nut fasteners and uniquely designed sandwiched fixers, to make the palisade fencing completely tamperproof.

You won’t be faced with a fence that sags after one brutal Cape winter, because this team has designed a special bended horizontal section that will keep your fence standing tall, year after year.

A roll formed palisade pale designed to scare off the most intrepid intruder has an especially stiffened rib thrown into the bargain, to make sure you have the peace of mind that yours is the strongest palisade fence in Cape Town!

So, if they can’t climb it, can’t tamper with it and can’t hide behind it, you have to know that once Topfence has installed your brand new crime barrier, no one will consider it worth the effort to get onto your property.

If this sounds like the kind of crime barrier you want as the first level of security on your property, contact the friendly team at Topfence. They make it really easy for you to plan your budget around their competitive prices, which serves to make theirs the most affordable fencing solutions in Cape Town!

Topfence – making quality palisade fencing affordable for Cape Town

Any which way you look at it, good palisade fencing isn’t cheap, and the awesome team at Topfence understand fully that it’s not a decision you can take lightly, especially not in the current very tough economic climate.

This is why they go all out to ensure that their clients not only end up with the strongest, most durable fencing around, they also go the distance to manufacture fencing that, despite being high quality, is accessible for the average family.

This is, to a large extent, because this team goes to bat to source the best quality in raw materials from suppliers in the Western Cape, cutting down on transport costs, while at the same time doing their bit to stimulate the local economy.

Topfence goes a long way towards assisting customers to plan their budget, once they’ve decided that palisade fencing is the number one crime barrier today, which it is, according to criminologists.

In the first place, you are always welcome to speak to these friendly experts about the costs involved before you go any further, and then, there’s the fact that they make it easy for you to get an obligation-free quote completely hassle-free.

This quote comes about as a result of a free on-site inspection by a Topfence representative, who will take precise measurements and advise you on what would best suit your purposes, property and purse.

Topfence believes that by breaking down walls and opening up properties, communities are better equipped to work together to protect families and homes, with the back-up of attractive looking but tough palisade fencing.

Affordability doesn’t stop at the materials used in the manufacture of this unique barrier fencing at all.  There’s the fact that you won’t be shelling out more money, year after year, on a fence that continues to beg for expensive maintenance after every broiling summer and brutal winter.

Topfence palisade fencing is designed to last, so that years after the installation, your fence will look as good as it did the day it was installed!

No doubt you can find cheaper fencing in terms of what it’ll cost you initially, but that same cheap fencing will demand more and more money in maintenance, whereas your initial outlay for Topfence palisade fencing may be higher, but that’s where it ends, and you’ll have invested in a product that will keep paying dividends well into the future.

The nuts and bolts, palisade pales and stiffened rib are all unique to the Topfence design, and, because each fence is manufactured to site specifications, your fence will be tailored and manufactured according to your individual design at the drawing board.

Bottom line, when you invest in palisade fencing manufactured by Topfence, you’re investing in your safety and that of your family, as well as adding excellent resale value and aesthetic appeal to your property, so it’s about more than the strongest crime barrier around!

Contact Topfence today to turn the perimeter security protecting your home and business into an attractive investment that can’t be beaten for quality or style!


Turn your home into a hard target for criminals with Topfence

As market leaders in the fencing industry, the team at Topfence have invested over ten years into retaining this position, by designing and manufacturing palisade fencing in Cape Town, ensuring that their fencing is able to withstand the coastal air in the region.

Although this team started out by protecting homes and commercial properties in Durbanville, Northern Suburbs, they have grown to such an extent that their customers are spread right across the Western Cape today.

Despite growing exponentially over the years, Topfence has never wavered in its commitment to excellence, whether in their products, workmanship or customer service.

The name Topfence is synonymous with durability and style, with this unique palisade fencing coming in as the strongest fencing on the market in the region.

Here’s what this go-to fencing contractor in Cape Town has to offer for real perimeter security:

Super strong, durable and stylish

Topfence is the one palisade fencing company that can rightly boast that their palisade fencing is a unique combination of sheer strength, durability and stylishness to boot.

They’ve made a name for themselves by introducing customers to fencing that is tailor made to their specifications, which includes assisting customers to draw up plans for the palisade fencing that will be made individually according to these specs.

Your fencing can become an attractive extension of your home, picking up details of the exterior of your home and carrying it through to the fence, as in the 2 examples below.





Why choose Topfence quality palisade fencing?

It’s tamperproof!

Even the nuts and bolts are unique and can’t be tampered with, nor can this fencing be cut.

It can’t be climbed

You get to decide on how painful the spikes on the fence will be to anyone even attempting to climb this palisade fencing, and the idea is to make it look so intimidating and painful, that criminals will look elsewhere to carry out their nefarious activities!

It can’t be hidden behind

Walls give criminals room to move without being observed, palisade fencing doesn’t, even if the one in a million actually makes it over the nasty top!

It won’t sag

Topfence has manufactured this tough palisade fencing using galvanised steel, making it ideal fencing for the coastal region, and, to make sure it won’t sag, they’ve designed a unique bended horizontal section to keep it standing straight well into the future.

It’s the strongest fencing system around

How? This team put their thinking caps on and designed a roll formed palisade pale that has a stiffened rib which makes customers, and the Topfence guys, confident that theirs is the strongest palisade fencing system around!

Add electric fencing for good measure

Electric fencing on top of your palisade fencing is the ultimate in perimeter security, and it’s worth chatting to the guys from Topfence to make sure yours will be of the very best quality.

Contact Topfence for a quote today!

You may not be in the market right now to invest in palisade fencing, but, it won’t hurt to call this expert and very friendly team to find out more about prices, in readiness for the time you need a fencing solutions company you can rely on to turn your home into a hard target for criminals.