Topfence Provides Galvanised Fencing For Added Security

Are you looking for ways to secure your property to the highest degree? If so, we recommend you take a look at palisade fencing, especially the cleverly designed, super-durable designs on offer from us at Topfence. We have been in the business of providing and installing quality palisade fencing for homes, commercial buildings, malls and other buildings for some time, and we have many satisfied customers in and around the Cape Town region. With a reputation for excellent customer service, superb products and great prices we are the only name you need to remember.

Why choose our palisade fencing? There are many reasons why we believe we have the best product for the ultimate in security, not least the fact it is specially designed to be resistant to cutting and manufactured to the best possible strength. Furthermore, we have designed it so that it is difficult to hide behind, and the choice of spear designs means it is also hard to climb. Topfence takes great pride in a reputation for enhancing the security of a wide variety of buildings across the Western Cape region, and we believe that we have the best rates in the industry.

You can check out our products on the website where you will find further details of the product and its advantages, and rest assured we also supply custom built gates of various designs, specially created for the specific installation. At Topfence we take the time to work closely with each customer on a bespoke fencing installation, and we like to make sure each job is completed to perfection. There are many ways of increasing your security, but when it comes to fencing only Topfence can offer you a solution that is proven to be a great and effective deterrent, so give us a call now, and let us help you feel safe.

Cape Town quality palisade fencing

Why Palisade Fencing is the Way Forward

Are you looking for ways to enhance the security of your home, commercial property or perhaps a complex? An alarm is, of course, a start, but you need more if you are to ensure the security of your property to the best effect. One method that has been proven to deter potential intruders is that of quality fencing, and Topfence has the best solution of all. With a system of specially designed palisade fencing that is specially installed and designed for security purposes, Topfence is the name to remember for customers in and around Cape Town.

The Topfence is specially created to deter climbing, to resist cutting and to be difficult to hide behind, and makes an excellent choice as it is also an attractive design. With two possible spear designs – each of which is equally effective – it is also proven to do the job, and many satisfied clients in the Western Cape region have already taken advantage of the expertise offered by the Topfence team and increased the security of their properties to a great degree. You can have a look at some of the work on the website, and we’re happy to talk to you in detail.

Topfence has a reputation for excellent solutions and great customer service, and we believe that we also have the best prices in the business when it comes to quality palisade fencing installations. We can install your system to follow the contours of the land, and we also offer custom made gates for both pedestrian and vehicle access with a choice of designs. Fully galvanised, our fencing is suitable for coastal regions and extremely durable, this is the ideal solution in terms of security fencing that looks good, so why not get in touch now and one of our team will talk to you in detail.

Been Burgled? You Need Better Security!

Having your home or commercial property broken into is never a pleasant experience. Even if they only took items of little value it is still disturbing and leaves you unsure of how safe you really are. The simple fact is that no building can ever be truly 100% safe from intrusion, and even the most sophisticated alarm systems are not fool-proof. One way of enhancing security is to install protective fencing, but many of the designs available are distinctly unattractive. If you check out the palisade fencing available at Topfence, a leading name in fencing in the Western Cape region, you will find – at last – serious fencing that is actually attractive.

Topfence has been in the business for some time and has provided its top-quality galvanised fencing for homes, commercial buildings and even complexes to satisfied customers across the region. They offer excellent service and competitive prices, and custom-fit gates for pedestrians and vehicles as you wish. This maximum security solution deters intruders as it is very difficult to cut, and the choice of spear designs on top and the overall design makes it very difficult to climb, so you have all the protection you need.

One problem with some forms of fencing is that they can make it easier for people to hide behind. The Topfence design bears this in mind and is specially constructed to make hiding impossible. Tamper-proof systems built into the design add to the security elements, and careful attention is paid when installing the system on-site. You really can’t beat the attractive palisade fencing from Topfence for both aesthetics and security, so give them a call right now and they’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in detail, and help you on the way to added security that will make you feel a lot safer.

Topfence Is Serious About Your Security

No matter where you live in South Africa, security is always going to be something you need to consider. It’s the same, too, for commercial properties, which can often be targeted by unscrupulous thieves. The problem is that, while an alarm is a great idea on any home or commercial building, it is not going to deter those who have the ability to be in and out very quickly, with whatever they are looking for going with them. For the ultimate protection, you need sensible, effective fencing, and preferably a design that looks attractive too.

That’s why you need to talk to Topfence, a leading supplier and installer of high quality, highly effective and great looking palisade fencing based in the Western Cape region of South Africa. Topfence has a unique and durable design that includes many unique and helpful features, and you have a choice of finish for added protection. Strong and proven as a deterrent, this impressive fencing is used widely on homes, commercial buildings, shopping malls and elsewhere, and is surprisingly affordable. Topfence can also help with gates – both pedestrian and vehicle access – to complete the design.

Galvanised for use in coastal regions and made from specially processed steel for added rigidity and strength, the Topfence system of palisade fencing is the best in the business. And it will bring that added element of ultimate protection to your home or other buildings. You get a choice of two spear types – each equally effective – and the design is specifically aimed at making hiding, cutting and climbing very difficult indeed. For all the information you need, or to get a quote for the best palisade fencing available, you need only talk to Topfence, so get in touch with them right now and set the wheels in motion for the security system you need.

Quality Security Solutions From Topfence

Quality Security Solutions from Topfence

Are you concerned that your security might not be up to scratch? You’re not alone; many homeowners and businesses across South Africa have noticed the rising levels of crime and are looking for ways to enhance security. Fencing is one way of giving your property some extra protection, yet many people do not go down that route as they don’t like the way it looks. With our strong and proven palisade fencing solutions, you can be sure of great looks as well as excellent protection; we’re Topfence, and we’re here to help you protect your property.

The advantages of the Topfence solution are many; our design is the strongest available, with a reinforced pale and stiffened ribs, plus added fasteners and security shear for extra tamper-proof ability. All of our palisade fencing is fully galvanised, so will be perfect if you are near the coast. We also provide various types of gates. We can install pedestrian or vehicle access swing gates or sliding gates, and each gate is made to the specifications of the site so you are guaranteed a great looking gate that is a perfect fit.

With two spear designs – the standard version and a clever devil’s fork – designed specifically to deter climbers you have even more protection, and we have designed the fence so it is not possible to hide behind. You can see examples of our work on the website and get a good idea of how attractive the Topfence palisade fencing can be, so have a look now and see what we can do for you. At Topfence we are dedicated to your security, so why not get in touch with us? You can fill in the online form and we will get back to you very soon to discuss your requirements in detail.


Enhance your Security with Palisade Fencing

Enhance your Security with Palisade Fencing

Security is a big issue for both domestic homeowners and those with commercial property, and it is vital to ensure you have the best solution available. Of course, budget is an issue – especially for owners of larger properties or complexes – and that’s why, at Topfence, we are committed to providing the very best, most secure and most durable palisade fencing at the right price. We deal only in top quality fencing and gates – the latter tailored to your individual location – and with many satisfied clients, you are in good hands with us.

Why should you choose Topfence? We are a local company providing fencing security solutions to addresses in the Western Cape, and all our materials are sourced locally. So, buy from us and you are also supporting businesses in the region. Furthermore, our fencing design is not only the strongest and most durable around, with securing pales at the base for added protection, but it is designed to look good too, so you get enhanced security and attractive design. Have a look at the website for some examples of our recent work, and we are sure you will be impressed.

Topfence is the number one supplier in Cape Town, and as such we have a reputation for quality work at great prices. We will work with you to ensure your fencing follows the natural contours of the land for the best effect, and we are happy to talk to you about any specific requirements you might have. With clients including everything from private homes to full complexes we are sure to be able to help you, so why not fill in the simple online form with your details and send it to us right now, and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

Let Topfence Help With Top Quality Fencing Solutions

Let Topfence Help with Top Quality Fencing Solutions

A fence is an excellent addition to any security protection you may have, and when it comes to the most effective solutions palisade fencing could be the way to go. Attractive, durable and offering excellent protection, palisade not only adds to your security system but also enhances the look of your property, and works well for domestic properties as well as commercial buildings and complexes. At Topfence we have the very best and most protective designs available, and we also believe our prices to be the best you will find.

Topfence is the number one supplier of palisade fencing designs in the Western Cape region, and we not only supply fences but also gates. We can offer various types of gates – pedestrian and vehicle access swing gates and a choice of sliding gates – each of which will be manufactured to fit the specific site, and we also offer you palisades with two different spears so you have a choice of style. Furthermore, we use only the best material from local producers, so you are guaranteed quality at every turn. With fences designed to match the contour, we promise attractive and effective fencing whatever your requirements.

Dedicated to providing the best and most effective fencing, Topfence also takes care to ensure that our prices are sensible. We know that fencing for large areas – shopping malls and hospitals for example – can be extensive, so we keep our rates as low as we can. With many satisfied clients having already added to their security systems by installing our palisade fencing, you can be sure that yours will be effective in deterring intruders. So why not get in touch with us right now, and one of the Topfence team will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Elegant and Effective Palisade Fencing from Topfence

Elegant and Effective Palisade Fencing from Topfence

With crime levels on the rise, it is important to ensure your property is protected. Expensive and sophisticated alarm systems are all very well, but do they keep intruders out? An alarm system will only inform you that an intruder has breached the perimeter of your property, and by then it may be too late! That’s why Topfence offers a choice of high quality, durable and effective palisade fencing systems that not only do the job but look great. With excellent prices and many satisfied clients, we are proud of a reputation for great service.

Why turn to Topfence for your fencing solutions? Quite simply, we are the leading provider of quality fencing in Cape Town, and we use only the very best material. Our fencing is made from materials sourced in the Western Cape so you are helping local providers and it is designed to be strong and resistible to cutting and other damage. Indeed, we believe our design to be the strongest around. We also supply gates, which are designed specifically to each customer’s location and requirements, and which also provide maximum protection.

At Topfence we are dedicated to providing the best and most secure palisade fencing available, and we can work with everyone from domestic houses to complexes, shopping malls and other large buildings. We are happy to talk to you about any specific requirements you might have and believe that we are the best in the business in the Western Cape region. With a choice of two spear types and a design that is shaped to follow natural contours we are the people to come to for attractive, effective fencing solutions, so fill in the online form right now if you are interested, and we will come back to you and discuss your requirements.

Tamperproof Palisade Fencing Is The Best Solution To Protect Your Property

Whether the property you want to protect is residential or commercial, palisade fencing is the answer for you if you’ve had enough of worrying about weaknesses in your perimeter security.

Weaknesses include those that come with high walls and low-quality fencing. With high walls, criminals have the perfect cover for getting on with their business, out of sight of anyone else.

Average everyday fencing is so easy to cut, with screws equally easy to remove, that you may as well leave a welcome mat out for anyone with criminal intent!

What you really need is fencing that removes all these options and offers no attraction for criminals, making it better in their eyes to move on to properties that have easier forms of perimeter security than yours has.

How palisade fencing makes protecting your family and property easier:

Pain is a great deterrent

Really, just how stupid a criminal would have to be to consider trying to climb palisade fencing is barely worth considering!

Those mean looking spikes at the top don’t just look scary, they promise excruciating pain if an attempt to climb fails, and no one needs to be a genius to know this.

And so is electricity!

If you want to up the expectation of pain for anyone considering entry to your property without consent, add more than just a few volts of electricity on top. You can speak to the Topfence team for a recommendation of the best companies that’ll install electric fencing for you.

Having nowhere to hide isn’t fun either

If by some herculean feat a criminal does manage to climb the fence he won’t have anywhere to hide.

Crimes are carried out removed from the line of sight of passers-by, neighbourhood watches and security patrols, which makes palisade fencing a very attractive choice for perimeter security.

Lugging tools along also won’t help criminals

It shouldn’t surprise you that more than a few criminals carry a few handy tools with them on their rounds. A wire cutter or bolt cutter do the trick nicely if the fencing isn’t tough, which is why you need to make sure that the fencing you choose is of such a quality that it can’t be cut or tampered with, which is exactly what Topfence is able to offer with their unique palisade fencing system.

Catch loiterers on CCTV

Loiterers are suspect anywhere, whether they hang around your house or your business. They are obviously up to no good if they aren’t hanging around a busy area, and in a residential suburb, this is, even more, the case.

CCTV is highly effective when used through a palisade fence. It allows you to keep on record any faces that are out of place and to keep track of suspicious movement around your home that you can alert your security company about.

Topfence is the fencing contractor that’ll make this happen! Give this awesome team a call and find out just how easy it’ll be to secure the perimeter of your property with palisade fencing designed for the Western Cape.

Hire The Best Fencing Solutions Company For The Job

Before we get to the reasons you need to put more effort into finding the right fencing Solutions Company in Cape Town than to toss a coin, let’s look at the question of quality and what your options are.

Here are two ways in which you could get your fencing done;

Choosing according to price

If there’s one thing you can rely on when it comes to choosing cheap fencing, which will inevitably come with less than professional workmanship, it’s that you’ll be paying more and more as time goes by.

A higher quality of fencing may cost you more initially, but you won’t be throwing any more money at it year after year as you work to keep it standing.

Cheap will cost you, as with anything else that comes with cheap! Maintenance costs on the wrong type of fencing, especially if you’re living near a coastal region, will simply cost more with each passing year.

It’s really worth looking at what maintenance costs will be before you sign on the dotted line.

DIY Fencing

Naturally, if you’ve decided on the DIY option for fencing you’ll already know something about the quality you should be looking for, as well as knowing what it’ll take to get the fencing installed correctly so that it can be an effective crime barrier.

But, and it’s a pretty big but, you won’t be covered by any warranties for defective workmanship or materials used in the manufacture of the fencing. You’ll be on your own if taking the DIY route.

Another point to bear in mind is that there’ll be little in the way of individuality where it comes to the design of your fence, it’ll be a stock-standard style and won’t fit the contours of your property.

Measure fencing contractors by the Topfence standard

Now we come to doing more than tossing a coin to find the best fencing contractor in Cape Town. There are many that’ll promise you the earth, install the fence in fits and starts, and then melt into the ether when you need them to fix the fence when things start going wrong.

At the opposite end to this is Topfence, market leader since 2008 in the Western Cape.  Not only can you trust this team to deliver service with a smile and quality without effort, they’ll also be around for as long as palisade fencing remains the number one choice for perimeter security, and since crime levels aren’t dropping, that’s even beyond the foreseeable future!

The Topfence standard boils down to these fundamental points – superior quality galvanised steel palisade fencing, manufactured using SABS approved material to offer customers a unique, tamperproof palisade fencing system designed with the Cape weather in mind!

These are just the fundamentals. Over and above these, this friendly team, considered a pleasure to work with, will take you from meticulous site measurements to the drawing board, on to manufacture and installation, without reneging on the agreed-upon time frame for completion of the project.

This is a team of true professionals, committed to keeping families and property safe for over ten years now, as any long term customer will tell you with pleasure, and this is the commitment you’ll get once you toss the coin out of the window and simply request a free quotation going with a call to Topfence!

P.S. – Speak to the team about the rest of the free steps along the way to the best possible palisade fencing to protect and beautify your property.