Good perimeter security starts with an unobstructed view from the inside & outside of your property

Topfence Palisade Fencing isn’t manufactured using just any ole steel that’ll start rusting before it gets through one season in the corrosive Cape coastal air!

A lot of dedication and serious work has gone into producing a unique palisade fencing system for the Western Cape, specifically designed to combat everything that any season can throw at it, and still emerge as strong as the day it was installed!

We know that crime won’t stop, that all it does is keep getting worse, and all we can do is take the best preventative measures possible to avoid becoming victims. If you’re looking for one of the best crime deterrents, whether for residential or commercial property, then your best bet is to install a palisade fence, which offers an unobstructed view from the inside and outside of your property.

It does mean that if you like cavorting around the garden in your birthday suit you’ll be doing it in full view of passers-by, but it also means that no criminal will be able to hide on your property either! And, if it’s TopFence palisade fencing it’ll just be too much trouble to even try to climb it!

Just about 12 years ago, the team at Topfence took the bull by the horn, put their heads together to design and manufacture a palisade fencing system that would be elegant and stylish, without losing any of its effectiveness as a formidable form of security for families and properties in Cape Town, and they’ve most certainly accomplished it!

The results of this commitment to excellence is visible wherever you see a Topfence palisade fencing system protecting homes, schools, hospitals, security complexes, shopping malls and more. Each fence is a reflection of the dedication that goes into every project tackled by the Topfence team, past and present.

Because Topfence is a fencing solutions company that offers customers tailor-made fences, this team has their own manufacturing plant in Cape Town, where the design and manufacture of each fence is carried out according to client specifications.

In their drive to maintain the unwavering standard of excellence that has marked the growth of Topfence over the years, only certified Topfence installers are allowed anywhere near the erection of this high quality fencing!

Every component, inside out, that goes into the manufacture of a fence produced by this team is of the most durable quality possible, from the roll formed palisade pale with a stiffened rib that’ll keep your fence from sagging, to the tamper proof security shear nut fasteners and sandwiched fixers that keep it all together.

There’s no doubt that you can rely on and have complete confidence in the ability of this team of professionals to leave you with nothing less than the toughest fencing in Cape Town.

Why not start now? You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling in an expert Topfence consultant to conduct a free site inspection to take meticulous measurements.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with their down-to-earth attitude and definitely be pleasantly surprised when you receive a quotation too good to turn down for the best fencing in the Western Cape!



Make sure the fencing you invest in is from Topfence in Cape Town

Whether you go with palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing to boost the security around your home or business premises, either will more than adequately do the job, but, is one better than the other?

The main answer would lie in which is more aesthetically pleasing to you, whether it’s to protect your family and home, or to keep your business premises secure.

Both of these products are of the highest quality, whether palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing, and both are designed and manufactured by Topfence in Cape Town, producing the highest quality possible to protect their customers.

This is fencing designed especially to stave off the effects of the weather in this coastal region, and, with a reputation for superb customer service that hasn’t wavered since 2008, Topfence has flourished to become a market leader in the industry in the Western Cape.

Topfence palisade fencing is manufactured using only the best in materials, such as SABS approved materials and galvanised components, with each fence custom designed and manufactured to suit individual site specifications.

Palisade fencing is more often than not chosen as the more aesthetically pleasing solution for residential properties, giving customers highly effective, imposing crime deterrent, while at the same time blending in with and complementing the contours and style of your home.

Many large industrial parks, warehouses and factories also find this tough palisade fencing a superb crime barrier, which gives criminals no in through climbing, cutting or hiding behind this transparent perimeter security. CCTV cameras are also far more effective when used in conjunction with palisade fencing, due to its unobstructed view.

Using the same high quality materials, Topfence manufactures yet another attractive alternative to palisade fencing, which is their mesh fencing solution.  Mesh fencing from Topfence is as comprehensive a security barrier as palisade fencing is, making it just as difficult to breach without prolonged and dedicated force as palisade fencing is!

Rigid mesh fencing is more often than not used to secure commercial premises in more public surroundings, such as parks, industrial complexes and sports grounds, for instance, while also being a popular choice for schools.

You need to know that what makes this team of professionals tick is that Topfence takes your security as seriously as you do, no matter which fence you go with. Though their main objective is near-infallible security, this team has also proven that tough perimeter security and modern design that is aesthetically pleasing can work hand in glove.

Whatever your choice of security fencing is, make sure you tackle a project this important with Topfence and its team of specialists. These are down to earth guys that’ll do all they can to provide you with the best possible fencing solution for your property, designed to suit your site and design specifications perfectly…and your budget!


Topfence brings you the strongest palisade fencing in the Western Cape

So, what has earned Topfence their place as the #1 palisade fencing company in Cape Town? The answer is far more than can fit into this space, however, using state of the art technology and SABS approved materials, combined with the use of galvanised steel components in their unique palisade fencing system is a pretty good start.

This is a team that’s all about service excellence and delivering tailor-made palisade fencing design to be a serious crime deterrent yet still exude style long after an installation.

It’s only natural that Topfence has enjoyed exponential growth since first opening its doors in 2008, which is directly as a result of the drive by this team to offer a full package to the many satisfied customers they’ve kept safe since then. There simply is no palisade fencing system that can match the durability, toughness and security that a Topfence solution can offer, with their tailor made palisade fencing.

Topfence offers customers a free, no obligation quote, so, there’s no pressure put on you from day one! This attitude of offering awesome service starts with a visit from a Topfence representative to take meticulous measurements on site, making it easy for you to find out more about what you expect of this durable palisade fencing straight from the expert at your first meeting.

You’ll know that you’re dealing with guys who know their business, they’re the real deal, and their understanding of the security concerns of their customers is their top priority from day one.

At this first meeting you’ll also find that Topfence palisade fencing can be designed to follow natural contours of your property, or it can be installed in a modular form. Everything this team touches throughout the project is don’t to suit individual client specifications and requirements, hence its tailor-made label!

There is no compromising on the quality of Topfence palisade fencing, their commitment is to provide you with perimeter security that’ll stand as formidable crime barrier and still be attractive enough to add great aesthetic value to your property, not to mention than anyone purchasing a property right now will choose palisade fencing over a high wall anytime!

How has Topfence made their fencing tamper-proof?  It’s as a result of their use of security shear nut fasteners and unique sandwiched fixers in the manufacturing process that makes it tamper-proof. If that’s not enough, the use of a unique bended horizontal section eliminates the possibility of sagging, which is often one of the first things to happen to low quality fences.

With its roll-formed palisade pale and unique stiffened rib, Topfence has earned its place as the strongest palisade fencing in Cape Town!

This is one fencing solution that won’t cost you a packet in maintenance every season, which gives you every reason to call this friendly team to find out more about how they can give you the strongest palisade fencing system in Cape Town at highly competitive prices!


Is the first level of access to your property enough of a crime deterrent?

Property security no longer starts at your front door, rather, the emphasis is now placed on stopping the bad guys at the perimeter, before they can set foot on your property to commit a crime. This should be where a quality perimeter fence steps in as the best solution, giving you a clear line of sight around your property, from the inside out, and outside in!

Even having cameras installed at the gates of high walls surrounding your property isn’t sufficient warning or protection anymore. As security measures become more sophisticated, criminals become just as sophisticated, enough that before you know it, they’ve found another ruse or another way that’ll allow them to gain access to your property.

The only type of perimeter security that will allow you as clear a line of sight as possible, and work more effectively with CCTV surveillance will be tamper-proof, well designed palisade fencing that cannot be climbed or cut, and that gives criminals nowhere to hide.

The idea is that all your property security measures work well together, however, being able to see who is coming and going ranks high on the list for excellent perimeter security.

Topfence has designed and manufactured a quality of palisade fencing that has become the #1 crime barrier in Cape Town for almost 12 years now, bringing to this coastal region palisade fencing that can withstand all the corrosive elements of the blackest South Easter and still look stylish!

Not a detail has been skipped in the production of Topfence palisade fencing! From the galvanised steel components used in the manufacture of this unique palisade fencing system right through to the exceptional standard of workmanship, which is evident at any Topfence installation.

Topfence proves over and over again with each installation, that security can be aesthetically pleasing, and that it need not make your property look like a prison. In fact, because each fence is individually manufactured, this team will help you to design a palisade fence that’ll enhance the visual aspect of your property and still serve as a powerful deterrent to criminals!

Any Topfence client who has already lived with this durable, effective and affordable palisade fencing will be more than happy to recommend this team, which is the kind of security that helps when you’re not sure about which fencing contractor you’ll trust with your property security!

Let this reputation for exceptional quality and service excellence earned by the team at Topfence make it easy for you to contact them to get serious about perimeter security, sooner rather than later!


Protect your home & business property with high quality affordable palisade fencing

Before you take the decision to erect a high wall around your property for security, make sure you investigate the superior benefits looking at palisade fencing as a greater alternative, one that is far less attractive to would-be criminals!  It really doesn’t matter how high a wall is, criminals can and will find a way over it, and once inside, have free reign to do whatever they like, without being observed.

This means you can’t see them coming, nor can anyone else from the street view of your property.

Palisade fencing of the quality designed and manufactured by Topfence offers the transparency you need that will give nowhere to climb or hide without being observed by passing traffic, security patrols or by anyone within your own property. Ultimately this leaves them in plain sight on all sides, which isn’t a comfortable feeling for them!

There isn’t a property that can afford to be without some form of perimeter security, especially not in a climate in which crime is on a continual spiral upward in South Africa. If you want perimeter security that is seriously effective, security that not only protects your family, your home or your business, but that also makes an aesthetically pleasing addition to your property, then Topfence has the answer for you.

As the top fencing Solutions Company in Cape Town, Topfence has designed a totally unique, tamper-proof solution, offering a tamperproof, durable and affordable palisade fencing solution that’s hard to beat.

Every Topfence palisade fence is unique, designed and manufactured according to client and site specifications. They use nothing but the best for their clients, including the use of quality SABS approved materials. Thrown into this as well, is their use of galvanised steel components that have been designed to withstand the eroding elements of salty coastal conditions in and around Cape Town.

The team at Topfence will take you from a meeting on site to do meticulous measurements to your quotation free of charge, and on acceptance of their quote, also offer free assistance at the drawing board to create your tailor-made fence.

From there, your plans are passed on to the Topfence manufacturing plant, where it will manufacture your custom made palisade fencing to suit your individual requirements perfectly. Topfence is a full service company in every sense of it, taking you from start to finish without wasting your time or your budget!

You can also rest assured that only certified Topfence installers are allowed to install this affordable, unique fencing system.

Having been in the fencing industry since 2008, you can have full confidence in the ability of this friendly team to make securing your property with the best in palisade fencing, or rigid mesh fencing, an easy experience.

Why not contact this friendly team today to find out just how seriously Topfence takes your security!



Topfence adds lasting value & security to your residential or commercial property

If you’ve chosen to live in beautiful Cape Town, you know that when you think about buying anything, from a car to metal window frames for your home, rust prevention is going to be at the top of your list of worries! Buying anything that can succumb easily to rust in this coastal air is tantamount to taking a match to your cash!

If its untreated steel, it’s going to rust! This is why, when it comes to a major investment like fencing as perimeter security, you’re going to want to be sure that you’re not going to have to spend a fortune in repairing and re-painting it every time a rust spot appears or the fence begins to sag!

Topfence offers you their unique palisade fencing that is specifically designed and manufactured to withstand all the eroding elements found in coastal air, the type of fencing tough enough not to be falling apart and caving in after just a season or two in Cape Town.

Once Topfence has installed your palisade fencing, you can relax into the fact that you’ll have perimeter security that never has to be replaced or repainted, taking giant-sized bites out of your budget every year.

This, along with highly competitive prices, makes absolute economic sense in a depressing economy, leaving you with an investment that will stand the test of time and look great for years to come!

Topfence is the market leader in palisade fencing in Cape Town, a reputation they’ve worked hard to maintain by offering outstanding professional service excellence throughout their years in the fencing industry, securing homes, commercial properties, shopping malls and schools, to name but a few, with palisade fencing that’s superior to the rest, on every level.

The use of galvanised steel components ensures every Topfence client of a tough, durable palisade fence that’ll make anyone intent on crime on think twice when they see the pointlessness of trying to get through a fence that cannot be tampered with, cut or climbed!

By today’s standards and the continuing increase in crime, especially that of violent crime, adding a quality perimeter fence of lasting value and durability to your residential or commercial property makes the most sense in terms of being a crime deterrent.

Contact the friendly team at Topfence to find out more about how they can take you through the process of designing, manufacturing and installing palisade fencing of unrivalled quality, effortlessly!


Housebreaking is the #1 crime in SA – have you considered palisade fencing yet?

If the security of your home or business property is your primary objective, then palisade fencing is an option highly recommended by South African criminologists as a deterrent to crime.

It is a lot more difficult to commit a crime on property that is in full view of the street, as opposed to giving a criminal the shelter and protection of a high boundary wall behind which they can carry out their activities without being observed.

According to a report in The South African, Stats SA confirmed that housebreaking is the number one crime in South Africa! They released numbers that are horrifying for home owners, with 5.8% of households having been broken into, which, according to them, translates to 1.3 million homes broken into in the 2018/19 period!

Knowing these statistics makes it natural that securing our homes has become a top priority for South African families who specifically looking for perimeter security that’ll save them from becoming victims and make their property as unattractive to criminals as possible.

For most homeowners it’s become a battle to protect their families and properties from criminals, adding security measures such as CCTV, motion sensor, burglar bars and alarms, and, more and more people are now choosing palisade fencing as the answer to having the best perimeter security possible.

Since 2008, Topfence has proven beyond a doubt that they take the security of their customers very seriously, designing and manufacturing their unique brand of durable palisade fencing to add a first level of perimeter security that is hard to beat.

This is palisade fencing that has been developed, designed and manufactured because of the first-hand experience the team at Topfence has had over the years in terms of rising crime statistics and the impact it has had on their customers.

Securing any property, whether it be a home, a mall or a major industrial complex, is what these guys are all about, as any of their customers will tell you, and it’s a commitment that hasn’t wavered as this company has grown to become the market leader in palisade fencing in Cape Town and surrounds.

There are a lot of things you can be sure of when you choose a Topfence product, and the fact that this palisade fencing is not a DIY product is your guarantee of a quality, tailor-made fence, installed by only the best!

Every palisade fence is designed and manufactured to suit the aesthetic style of individual customers and their properties, using the very latest technology available in order to produce high quality palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing that cannot be climbed or tampered with!

And, they do it at highly competitive prices too!

Contact the friendly team at Topfence today to find out more about palisade fencing that will be easy on the eye, save you a fortune in maintenance costs yet still be the toughest crime deterrent in the Western Cape!


Meet the team passionate about protecting families & properties with the best in perimeter security in Cape Town

Topfence is, and always will be, a full service company offering the most durable yet affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town. This team takes you from free on-site measurements to free assistance at the design board, right through to manufacture and installation of a unique, tamper-proof system of palisade fencing that cannot be found anywhere else.

When you choose Topfence palisade fencing, you choose perimeter security that is hard to climb, cut or hide behind. This makes it the perfect crime deterrent for the 21st century, available at affordable price, as well as being better by far than a high wall that can be climbed and then used as the perfect hiding place for criminals.

Only SABS approved materials are good enough for this team of professionals in the manufacture of their unique Topfence palisade fencing. This is an absolute assurance of the highest standard in quality available to you today. In addition to this, Topfence also uses galvanised components which make it perfect for the coastal air around Cape Town.

With a Topfence palisade fence installed as your perimeter security, you won’t have to worry about rust eating its way into the galvanised steel, causing it to become easy to break or sag.

This unique system of palisade fencing designed and manufactured by Topfence is produced in such a way that it will not sag, and that you won’t have to paint or reinforce it every other year! This is most assuredly not a DIY product! Each fence is individually manufactured to site specifications and according to the design requirements of individual clients.

This elegant but practical system of palisade fencing is used to enhance and safeguard security complexes, hospitals, private homes, shopping malls, schools and so much more. Each of these installations carry Topfence warranties against defective workmanship and materials. On this you can depend!

Topfence goes beyond palisade fencing to design and install pedestrian swing gates, vehicle swing gates and sliding gates. Each of these gates is perfectly designed to complement the palisade fencing installation, manufactured according to site specifications, in order to make it adaptable to varying site conditions.

Contact Topfence today for the most affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town, produced by a friendly team of experts who are passionate about protecting the lives and properties of all their clients.

Why settle for anything less than the best when you can have Topfence Palisade Fencing!

This is an especially important question when you take into account that with Topfence you’ll be investing in a quality product that’ll last many years, at affordable prices!

These qualities, among others, are what have made Topfence the number one manufacturer of a unique palisade fencing system designed for Cape Town. Add to this list the fact that this team of experts make a serious commitment to protecting the lives and properties of their clients.

Right from your first contact with this team to the day your Topfence palisade fence is complete, these friendly professionals will make securing your property attractively an absolute pleasure!

When you choose Topfence to design and manufacture your tailor made palisade fencing, you’ll find yourself working with a team that brings many years’ worth of experience and expert workmanship into the bargain.

They’ll make sure you understand everything you need to in order to equip you with the type of information you need to make an informed decision about your perimeter security!

Little restricts the ability for a criminal to gain access to your property like Topfence Palisade fencing will. It gives criminals no place to hide, climb or cut, which ultimately makes it look like too much trouble for them, sending them in search of a softer target.

In addition to this, other security measures used on your property, such as CCTV surveillance, become far more effective when paired with palisade fencing for perimeter security.

Topfence Palisade Fencing becomes an effective partner with your security company, allowing security patrols to check the grounds of your property from the road, which is essential for them as they are not permitted to climb any walls, even if the alarm has been activated.

Only SABS approved materials are used in the manufacture of this tough fencing, using galvanised steel components as protection against the weather in the Western Cape coastal region, you can be assured of looking forward to many years’ worth of top quality, attractive perimeter security that adds value to your property.

Palisade fencing is one of the most cost effective solutions for perimeter security, and, considering the affordable prices offered by Topfence, it’s not surprising that they have earned their position as market leaders in the industry.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to maintain a consistently high standard of quality products and service excellence, as these guys have done, and these are ingredients that still remain in perfect balance with the Topfence team, since 2008!

Give this team a call today to choose the best for less with Topfence Palisade Fencing!

Invest in palisade fencing specifically designed for Cape Town for the best in durable security from Topfence.

Since installing its first high quality palisade fencing in Durbanville, Cape Town, in 2008, the team at Topfence Palisade fencing has continued to apply extensive experience to birth and nurture a fencing solutions company in Cape Town that has enjoyed consistent growth, by taking an uncompromising stance when it comes to the quality of their unique palisade fencing system.

Topfence fencing solutions are to be found protecting residential properties, security estates, schools and many commercial or industrial properties in Cape Town, proudly displaying a product that has been designed, manufactured and installed by the team at Topfence.

With a total commitment to an unwavering quality in their products and customer service, Topfence has more than earned its well-deserved #1 position in the fencing solutions industry in the Western Cape.

With the team that has been brought together and trained under the auspices of Topfence, you can expect a standard of workmanship that unbeatable, along with a commitment to delivering every project on time, every time!

These are just some of the qualities that have allowed Topfence to produce affordable yet high quality palisade fencing in Cape Town, designed to offer an exceptional level of perimeter security, while still being an attractive and durable addition to your property.

With its commitment to the region, Topfence definitely puts its money where its mouth is when it comes to using as many suppliers in the Western Cape as is possible in their product.  It is through the use of these local suppliers that Topfence is able to offer highly competitive prices for the most durable, stylish and affordable palisade fencing possible in the region.

The result of high quality galvanised materials used in the manufacture of Topfence palisade fencing make this unique palisade fencing the perfect crime deterrent for Cape Town.

Once you’ve contacted Topfence for a free inspection and measurement of your site by a Topfence expert, you’ll find a totally professional and friendly team more than willing to give you free expert guidance and assistance with the drawing up of plans for your attractive new palisade fence. Topfence palisade fencing is definitely not a DIY product! Each palisade fence is tailor made to suit the specifications of the individual, turning the toughest perimeter security into an attractive extension of your property.

If you’re looking for a company you can rely on to offer a highly professional, one stop service, from design and manufacturing, to the installation of your new palisade fence, the team at Topfence should be your first call. Their infectious can-do attitude will make it a pleasure to lay the groundwork for the best in perimeter security.