The benefits palisade fencing offers as a formidable crime barrier

Because there are a number of fencing options available on the market today, it can be challenge to make an informed decision about which type would be right for your property. Ultimately, securing your property is the primary goal, whether it’s a residential, commercial or industrial property, which means that galvanised steel palisade fencing should be at the top of your list when considering your choices.

The basics of palisade fencing

Palisade fencing is manufactured using two horizontal steel rails that are attached to vertical joists, which can be manufactured in varying heights, depending on your requirements and site conditions.

Because the vertical joists are manufactured in either a W or D shape, you’ll have an inaccessible barrier which makes it an excellent perimeter security solution, acting as a deterrent to criminals that would rather find an easier target than yours with its palisade fencing.

Real security starts at the perimeter of your property

When it comes to securing your home or business, palisade fencing has become the overwhelming choice for South Africans buckling under rising crime rates.

Believe it or not, palisade fencing isn’t a new concept. The Romans and Greeks used to construct palisade type fencing (wooden) around their fortresses for protection with great effect, which went a long way towards making them conquerors of the then known world.

Today, quality palisade fencing is manufactured using steel, making it durable and virtually impossible to tamper with or hide behind, making it a significant visual deterrent.

Due to the shape of the joints, palisade fencing is all but impossible to climb, and, should an unwise intruder attempt to climb it, the pain caused by added spiked top finishers will make him regret that stupidity, in great pain!

Palisade fencing has also become the number one choice for commercial and industrial sites, such as warehouses, airports, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, public parks and more, providing a stylish low-maintenance solution for perimeter security without rival.

Topfence is a galvanised steel palisade fencing contractor in Cape Town with more than 10 years experience in the industry, 10 years in which this company has earned its position as a market leader when it comes to fencing solutions in the greater Western Cape as well.

Knowing that these professionals use only SABS approved materials and a qualified installation team to take you from start to finish, offers customers peace of mind that this team is serious about helping you to protect your family, home and business!

Don’t risk the safety of your family or employees by investing in a low grade fencing solution when you can get maximum protection with Topfence palisade fencing at affordable prices that make it an investment well worth looking into.

Contact the team today for a free, no obligation quote, and let them introduce you to the toughest fencing solutions around!

2 Essential components needed to provide high quality security fencing

With valuable assets to protect, either your home or at your business property, security fencing should be a non-negotiable choice for the toughest perimeter security available today.

In addition to this, quality security fencing offers a safer environment for your family at home, employees at work or for children at school, which makes choosing the right fencing crucial.

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in fencing as a top crime deterrent, whether palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing, you’ll be on the lookout for a reputable fencing company, and there are several things to consider before you settle on the team you’ll choose to work with.

Find out whether their products and workmanship come with warranties and guarantees, as well as whether their products are up to date with current trends, and finally to find out what they offer in terms of competitive pricing for quality.

A good fencing contractor in Cape town would use only the highest quality in materials and pay close attention to the installation methods they employ in order to provide customers with a lasting, durable fencing solution.

Where it comes to perimeter security, cutting corners isn’t an option, which means you may want to consider avoiding fencing contractors who offer what seems to be a cheap alternative but that will, in the long run, mean that you’ll be spending more and more on maintaining and repairing an inferior quality fence.

If you’re going to make your investment count, it may be wiser to pay a bit more for quality that will give you the results you want and be able to last well into the future.

Two qualities that are essential where it comes to choosing the right fencing contractor should be:

High quality components

While there are various fencing options available on the market today, the best choice you could possibly make for the security of your family and property is fencing manufactured using high quality galvanised steel components. This includes the palisade pales, ribs and even the nuts and bolts that make it tamper-proof, offering maximum security for any application. Topfence more than meets these high standards in every sense, using only SABS approved materials that are designed specifically to withstand the coastal air.

High quality installation

No matter how good the palisade fencing is that you’ve chosen may be, everything good about it becomes useless if the fencing isn’t installed with a commitment to quality workmanship.

It’s important that you make sure the company you use for your fencing is qualified to carry out the installation with the same level of care and quality as the manufacturing process of the product is.

When the team from Topfence does the manufacturing and installation of your fencing with their commitment to excellence, you won’t need to repair or replace your fencing for many years into the future!

Topfence palisade fencing contractors in Cape Town will be happy to guide you through the steps to get you to the point where you finally have the toughest palisade fencing in the Western Cape, and they’ll do it in a way that will more than meet your budget.

Give this friendly team a call today to get the ball rolling towards investing in unique tamper-proof palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing on the market today!

10 Reasons customers choose Topfence for the best fencing solutions in Cape Town

If you look at the list of properties listed below, big and small, which continue to stand strong year after year, looking as good as they did when first installed, it’ll be easy for you to understand why Topfence is the #1 choice for fencing in Cape Town! Just ask the guys at Topfence to share client recommendations with you and you’ll know you’re dealing with the real deal, bottom line!

These are properties protected by either palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing where you’ll find the Topfence sign proudly displayed:

  • Schools
  • Public Parks
  • Clinics
  • Multi-storey parking garages
  • Hospitals
  • Sports Grounds
  • Shopping malls
  • Industrial properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Residential properties
  • Security Complexes…and more

Here are the ten main reasons customers choose Topfence to protect their families, homes and businesses:

Exceptional quality

You would be hard-pressed to find fencing of a higher quality than the galvanised steel palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing manufactured locally by the team of experts at Topfence. From nuts and bolts to palisade pale, every component that goes into these fencing solutions are designed to outlast any fencing by comparison!

Local is always lekker, and, it’s always better!

Long-term experience

When you consider that the team at Topfence has been dedicated to protecting families, residential, commercial and industrial properties since 2008, it should be quite obvious that the experience brought to bear by this team is extensive. This is a team that can be counted on to deliver on time, every time!

Competitive prices

If, like everyone else in a difficult economy, you are looking for true value for money, then Topfence is the fencing contractor you want on your side.

Topfence manages to keep prices low due to the fact that this unique palisade fencing system is manufactured right here in Cape Town, using locally produced materials to keep the Western Cape economy one of the healthiest in the country!

Aesthetic appeal & increased property value

Topfence has proved that the toughest perimeter security around is also the most attractive crime barrier, effective at keeping criminals out, while adding curb appeal through stylish design and increasing property value.

Buyers today are looking for properties that already have palisade fencing installed, especially since statistics have shown that high walls have become a breeding ground for crime. Walls give criminals a place to climb and hide, palisade fencing doesn’t!

Tailor-made individuality

Your palisade fence is not lying in a warehouse somewhere, not with Topfence! This is not a DIY product lining shelves in a store. Each palisade fence is manufacture to site and client specifications.  The Topfence team will assist you, free of charge, at the drawing board, and, once your personal design is signed off, manufacture begins at the Topfence manufacturing plant to deliver your tailor-made fence of the highest quality!

Tough & durable

Because the coastal air in and around Cape Town carries corrosive qualities, if you’re looking for the best investment in fencing in this region, then the durability and toughness of Topfence palisade fencing will offer you the best returns for many years to come.

This is fencing designed and manufactured to last through sweltering summers and stormy winters, year after year, and still stand strong!

Components you can trust

Everything that goes into the manufacture of Topfence Palisade Fencing is made to SABS standards, without compromise!

Tamper-proof security

The whole point of palisade fencing is to send criminals off in another direction rather than to attempt climb, cut or hide behind Topfence Palisade Fencing. The knowledge that you have the toughest tamper-proof crime deterrent protecting the perimeter of your property will give you the peace of mind you deserve in an increasingly violent society in which home invasions have become a commonplace reality.

Structural Integrity

The use of a unique bended horizontal section in the manufacture of Topfence Palisade Fencing is your promise that your fence won’t sag or bend, which is something cheaper forms of fencing are notorious for. In addition to this, Topfence adds security nut fasteners to unique sandwiched fixers with a roll-formed palisade pale and a stiffened rib that assures you that you have invested in toughest palisade fencing in Cape Town!

Contact Topfence today

Any customer who has dealt with Topfence will tell you that you’ll get to work with the friendliest, most helpful experts in the business, making it an absolute pleasure to entrust your perimeter security to this awesome team.

This team is passionate about protecting their customers, and they aren’t shy to do all they can to ensure a good night’s sleep for all.

Call them today for an obligation-free visit from a Topfence representative, and look forward to a great quotation for the best palisade and rigid mesh fencing in the Western Cape!

3 Reasons to consider securing your property with Topfence rigid mesh fencing

If you’re looking for fencing that’s both safe and aesthetically pleasing, you may want to consider rigid mesh fencing designed and manufactured by Topfence to suit your site specifications.

Topfence rigid mesh fencing can be tailor-made to suit individual customers, so that the style and colour can be manufactured to compliment the rest of your property instead of being an eyesore.

Whether you want to secure your business property, home or school, Topfence have the products to suit your requirements, whether it’s their unique palisade fencing system or rigid mesh fencing; the quality and durability remains the same!

Why make the choice for rigid mesh fencing?

Perimeter security at it’s very best

Mesh fencing is great for securing any area, especially where access to property is strictly controlled, such as factories, industrial warehouses, childcare facilities, your home or business. Because of its narrow apertures, mesh fencing allows for no foothold, making it almost impossible to cut, climb or tamper with.

It definitely does the job of keeping unwanted visitors exactly where they belong – outside. Additionally, mesh fencing provides the necessary high level of security to protect children from being abducted from schools as well.

Designed for coastal areas

The fact that Topfence rigid mesh fencing is manufactured using galvanised steel means that it’s tough enough to weather the coastal region in and around Cape Town season after season, and still stand tall! Galvanised steel is essential for the coastal air as it prevents the risk of rust which could ultimately compromise the security of your property.

Topfence not only uses SABS approved materials in the manufacture of their fencing solutions, they also source most of the materials used from local suppliers in the Western Cape, doing their bit to contribute to the health of the Western Cape economy.

Durable affordability

Because Topfence self-manufactures their rigid mesh fencing, which is designed to last well into the future, it is possible for this team to offer a high quality durable fencing solution at affordable prices, which is precisely what cash-strapped South Africans need right now.

Topfence is not shy about the fact that they offer warranties against faulty workmanship and materials, and, the fact that this team has been in business for over ten years already, speaks volumes for the fact that they have an awesome reputation for after-sales service.

If you’re in the market for stylish rigid mesh fencing on your next project, bit or small, then you can’t go wrong by dealing with this down-to-earth team dedicated to honesty and transparency!

Important note: unlike a high wall, rigid mesh fencing, or palisade fencing for that matter, used in conjunction with CCTV makes for excellent security due to its transparency.

For an obligation free quote from Topfence, contact this expert team today to find out why they are considered the number one fencing contractor in Cape Town, and why they’ll offer you nothing but the best service and product that money can buy!

Would you like the top fencing contractor in Cape Town to secure your property?

If long-lasting quality is important to you then you couldn’t d0 better than investing in galvanised steel palisade fencing designed, manufactured and installed by the professionals at Topfence!

This team uses nothing less than the best in SABS materials as the foundation in the manufacture of their unique palisade fencing system, and you’ll be choosing fencing that has been designed to withstand season after season in the coastal air.

The use of galvanised steel components in the manufacture of Topfence palisade fencing is your assurance that the investment you make will be one that will last in the long term, and bring you great returns well into the future.

If you choose the wrong fencing for this climate, you’ll be spending more in the long run, painting, patching and repairing areas that rust every year. It is a far better choice to invest in affordable, high quality palisade fencing specifically designed to fight rust caused by salty air around the coast.

Topfence may have started out by designing, manufacturing and installing fencing in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, however, because of their unwavering commitment to quality and service excellence, this team now secures properties throughout the Western Cape.

Topfence also manufactures matching pedestrian swing gates, vehicle swing gates and sliding gates to suit your fencing to create an aesthetically pleasing crime barrier!

Because Topfence palisade fencing is designed and manufactured according to site specifications, this fencing is fully adaptable to many different site conditions, leaving customers with a crime barrier that’s both tough and stylish.

You may start out simply needing advice on what you’d be looking at in terms of costs, in which case, the team at Topfence is always more than happy to share their experience and knowledge to make it easier for you.

Once you have chatted to Topfence about what you would require from perimeter security and what the options are, you will have a better idea of how to structure your budget to get the most out of it.

You could also meet with a representative on site to discuss your options, at which time he will also take site measurements, free of charge of course!

The service, reliability and support you can look forward to when dealing with Topfence is outstanding, which is as it should be, considering that  Topfence has been in operation since 2008, which also means that they  won’t be doing a disappearing act the moment the job is done!

Topfence will be on hand to help you with drawing up the plans for your fencing once you’ve decided on the style and colour of the fence, which is yet another free offering from this awesome team!

Whatever you do, don’t waste time and money on backyard fencing contractors!  The headaches attached to a choice like this just aren’t worth it!

Speak to the number one fencing contractors in Cape Town instead to make sure your investment counts, and to get started on securing your loved ones and property the right way.

What makes Topfence the go-to fencing contractor in Cape Town?

The only way that any company can grow as well as Topfence has over the years, is to offer high quality value for money along with unbeatable service excellence, which is exactly what this team of experts has achieved since opening their doors in 2008.

This is perimeter security that’s tough, durable, stylish and affordable, manufactured and tailor-made to suit customers and site conditions.

What makes Topfence the go-to fencing contractor in Cape Town?

End to end service offering

Topfence is a full-service fencing contractor. This means you’ll only deal with this team for the duration of your project, and that they’ll always deliver on time.

Free assistance with the design of your palisade fencing comes as part of the full service offering when you choose this number one fencing contractor in Cape Town!

Quality that’s tamper-proof

You can rely on perimeter security that’s tamper-proof and impossible to cut when you choose Topfence, and, the quality you can expect comes with the SABS stamp of approval.

With a crime barrier like this, no one intent on accessing your property will be able to climb the fence, nor will they have anywhere to hide, making it too much trouble to be worth the effort on the part of the criminal!

Tailor-made, individually manufactured components

Once plans have been set in motion, Topfence will manufacture your palisade fencing individually to suit site specifications and style, so that no one fence is the same as the next!

Free advice before you start!

Not many a fencing contractor will talk prices on fencing before you even start talking about quotations and designs, yet another feather in the cap for the team at Topfence who will definitely talk prices in an effort to assist you with your budget.

Free on-site measurements & quotation

These guys don’t want to sucker you into making ill-informed decisions about your perimeter security. They want the best for you and will take their time to take meticulous site measurements while they discuss fencing options with you on the way to a free quotation.

It’s this attention to detail that makes the whole experience of dealing with these professionals an absolute pleasure, as many customers will tell you!

Competitive prices

Topfence is able to offer superb, durable quality at highly competitive prices due to the fact that they manufacture the fencing locally, and that they use state of the art technology in the manufacturing process too, to cut down on costs for the customer.

Contact Topfence today

Topfence palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing is the  best you can do for perimeter security in the coastal region around the Western Cape, so, make your investment into quality perimeter security count by contacting Topfence today, to find out more about what makes their locally manufactured fencing solutions the best in Cape Town!

It won’t take you long to find out why it’s such a pleasure to do business with this honest, open and friendly team of experts, and why they’re the go-to fencing contractors in Cape Town!

In just the blink of an eye a criminal can scale high walls around your property

Any criminal will choose a home that looks like a soft target over one that is more difficult to enter, and, believe it or not, we make it easier for them to gain access to our properties by putting up high walls. 

It really doesn’t matter how high the walls are around your perimeter, if a criminal believes that there are goods of high value on your property, he’ll find a way over!

Once over the wall, no one can see the intruder and he will have unobserved access to your home or business property for the duration of his criminal activities. 

Unfortunately, intruders are on the up and up when it comes to knowing exactly how long it takes for armed security or the police to react to an alarm going off, giving them enough time to clear the scene before the first responder arrives at the scene.

As far as home invasions go, a favourite ploy for criminals is to hide behind the walls of your property until you pull into your driveway and close the gates, using your arrival to gain easy access to your home.

This is a type of insurance they use to avoid alarms sounding. They get you to deactivate the alarm, which gives them the time to carry out a robbery without detection, until they are done.

Home invasions and break-ins have become increasingly violent in the Western Cape, which means we’ve had to become deadly serious about perimeter security, especially in an economy that’s on a continued downward spiral.

High unemployment rates have exploded with the arrival of COVID-19 , which has only served to increase the amount of thefts and break-ins occurring at residential properties and commercial properties. 

Schools are ensuring the safety of our children by choosing tamper-proof palisade fencing as perimeter security that is unassailable and impossible to hide behind.

All property owners, private or commercial, have joined the move towards the choice of palisade fencing instead of high walls, hoping to achieve maximum perimeter security that works perfectly in tandem with other forms of security devices available on the market today and CCTV.

It cannot be stressed enough that by the time an alarm goes off it’s already too late! It doesn’t matter how on the ball your security company is, they cannot by law, climb a wall to find out what may be happening on your property.

The finest option for perimeter security today is high quality galvanised steel palisade fencing, which makes it easier for security patrols to pick up on any suspicious activity on your property and stop criminals in their tracks.

It’s also important to choose palisade fencing that’s designed to your specifications that is able to handle the weather conditions around the Western Cape coastal region, fencing that’ll last for years to come and that won’t need maintenance to remain standing strong!

Let the team at Topfence give you an introduction to their unique, affordable palisade fencing manufactured right here in Cape Town by giving this team of professionals a call today for a free quotation.

They’ll make sure you’ll have the toughest, most aesthetically pleasing perimeter security in Cape Town, start to finish!

Get quotes for the most affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town right here!

Calling the team at Topfence will be one of the best moves you could possibly make if you want the best fencing contractor in Cape Town on your side, not only to secure your property, but to add value to the property, financially and aesthetically!

Topfence palisade fencing is unique!

Having been around for many years now, keeping families and properties protected from criminals since 2008 is the bottom line for the team at Topfence. This extensive experience and commitment to the safety of their customers is one of the main reasons customers have come to rely on this team to provide perimeter security like no other.

The success stories from Topfence customers who have lived in safety behind palisade fencing in Cape Town for many years already are the lynchpin in the phenomenal growth these fencing contractors have experienced over the years.

As a benchmark of quality that assures any new customer of nothing but the best in service, this reputation has contributed to a steady stream of new customers joining the Topfence family over the years, based solely on recommendations from satisfied customers!

This unique palisade fencing designed to handle the challenges presented by the coastal air in the Western Cape is manufactured locally, which contributes to the fact that Topfence is able to offer highly competitive pricing on their fencing.

Because we live with permanently salty coastal air, the best bet for anyone who’d like a fence that doesn’t rust or start falling apart after one season, is to choose fencing manufactured by a company like Topfence using galvanised steel components.

Topfence palisade fencing used as your perimeter security makes sure that your family and property is kept safe behind tamper-proof fencing that criminals cannot climb. This is fencing that can’t be cut and that gives criminals nowhere to hide behind this great-looking fencing.

Galvanised security shear nut fasteners with unique sandwiched fixers make this a tamper-proof barrier against crime – criminals can bring all the tools they can carry, and still not get through this palisade fencing.

Topfence palisade fencing is a DIY solution! Each fence is unique, manufactured according to the requirements and specifications of each customer.

As a result of the fact that Topfence manufactures their own palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing locally, you can rely on investing in the most affordable fencing solutions in Cape Town. They’ll make sure you’re safe, no matter what your budget is!

Arranging a free quotation that comes with no strings attached is as easy as giving the team a call, meeting an expert on site to take meticulous measurements and to chat to him about making sure you get the best deal possible for the toughest fencing around!

Don’t settle for fencing that’s cost you an arm and a leg in terms of constant maintenance! Choose this high quality fencing at affordable prices that’ll last for many years to come, maintenance free!

Contact the friendly, down-to-earth team at Topfence today for more information. They’ll welcome you with the kind of service excellence you really deserve, especially when it comes to perimeter security for commercial properties, industrial properties and residential properties, big and small!