You can rely on Topfence Palisade Fencing to protect your family & property effectively

We live in a day and age where we cannot afford to have no perimeter security protecting our properties, in fact, security fencing, whether palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing, heads the list of top choices for keeping families and properties protected effectively.

Criminals have taken to simply busting down front doors in home invasions, and, when they’re this brazen, you can be absolutely certain that to them nothing is sacred, human life included. It’s about getting what they want without getting caught, and, if anyone tries to stand in their way, life hangs by a thin thread.

Home invasions and crime in general has taken on a violent aspect such as never before, and, with unemployment figures plunging lower than ever before in our history due to the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, the only thing left to do is to secure your home as best as you can to keep your family safe.

The same applies for commercial properties. With the police services overstretched and undermanned, commercial theft has risen exponentially as well, with criminals taking the same approach to the value of human life as they do with home invasions.

Your first line of defence on your property has to be enough of a deterrent to send anyone with criminal intentions elsewhere, which is where Topfence comes in.

The team at Topfence have been keeping families and properties safe since 2008, and, with an unwavering commitment to producing unique tamper-proof palisade fencing, have succeeded in being about to offer clients the safety they need in terms of security fencing.

Topfence is committed to making palisade fencing affordable in Cape Town, keeping it in reach of ordinary South Africans, so that all can benefit from the toughest palisade fencing around.

The fencing solutions on offer from Topfence have been thoroughly researched based on local coastal conditions, resulting in the design and manufacture of durable palisade fencing that can withstand the pressure Mother Nature brings to bear in the Western Cape.

The high quality of Topfence Palisade Fencing and Rigid Mesh Fencing makes it an investment that pays for itself within a short period and, you won’t need to spend money on repairing the fence after every bad season!

Choosing Topfence Palisade Fencing not only gives you the toughest crime barrier around, which automatically adds value to your property, it’s also the most stylish palisade fencing on the market, adding further value to your property in terms of aesthetics.

Your palisade fence will be tailor-made to suit your personal taste and to be the perfect extension of your home by this team. They’ll assist you at the drawing board with design, and from there your palisade fence will be individually manufactured using the latest technology available.

This will result in a tamper-proof palisade fence that cannot be cut or climbed, giving you the assurance that you have the best crime barrier possible in terms of perimeter security.

Palisade fencing works well with CCTV, giving you a clear line of site to the outside of your property, and, if you want to go one further, speak to the team about electric fencing to top it off with. They’ll make sure you end up with the right supplier!

Even if you’re not quite ready to commit, it’s worth chatting to these guys about prices and other information that may make it easier for you to work out your requirements to match your budget.

If you are ready to make an investment in palisade fencing, contact the friendly team at Topfence today to get moving on your free, no-obligation quote, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their competitive prices and can-do attitude to all they do!

Topfence introduces the toughest fencing solutions in Cape Town

Due to the coastal air and the rust it inevitably brings, it’s essential that you choose the right security fencing if you want it to last, without having to spend a fortune every year on repairs and maintenance.

A sagging fence that begins to flake will be the perfect place for rust to begin its destruction, which is why choosing cheap fencing of the wrong quality is going to cost you far more in the long run than you’d spend on an initial investment in quality palisade fencing.

The team at Topfence know that this is a major financial decision to make, which is exactly why they offer highly competitive prices on palisade fencing designed to go the distance, without costing you an extra penny in maintenance.

Your Topfence Palisade Fencing will more than stand the test of time and weather around the coast, standing tall and looking as good as it did the day it was installed!

Using state of the art technology to produce the finest palisade fencing and high grade wire mesh fencing has propelled Topfence from strength to strength since this team did it’s first installation back in 2008.

This is the kind of company stability you want to be on the lookout for when settling on security fencing of either type produced by Topfence, whether you’re securing a residential, commercial or industrial property.

While palisade fencing is, on the whole, the choice of crime barrier for homeowners, security complexes, whether residential or commercial, Topfence rigid mesh fencing is the perfect solution for industrial or commercial properties that demand strict control to their premises.

Rigid mesh fencing makes for a highly effective crime barrier because there is no place to gain a foothold in the fencing, and, due to the high quality of this fencing manufactured by Topfence, it is also virtually impossible to cut.

Rigid mesh fencing is often used to protect schools, public parks, warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals, clinics and shopping malls, and it does so very effectively over a very long term without falling apart in after one rough Cape winter.

Topfence also manufactures pedestrian swing gates, vehicle swing gates and sliding gates to suit your palisade fence design and colour, giving your property a complete look that increases its aesthetic appeal.

The quality of workmanship you can expect from the Topfence team is superb, especially when you factor in that your fence is individually manufactured according to site specifications and your own design choices!

This workmanship is backed up by warranties against defective materials and workmanship; however, as many Topfence clients will be happy to tell you, you won’t need to call this team out on this point because of their uncompromising approach to consistent quality!

Contact the team at Topfence today for a free, no-obligation quote that’ll lead you to the most affordable fencing solutions in Cape Town!

Here’s why customers choose palisade fencing from Topfence in Cape Town

Topfence has been in the fencing industry since 2008, and, through the years of service excellence, this team has risen to become the #1 fencing contractor in Cape Town based on their consistent approach to providing customers with the best in perimeter fencing on the market.

Aside from this, Topfence customers will tell you that this is a team that, aside from their professionalism and expertise, is an absolute pleasure to work with, especially when it comes to having peace of mind knowing that a good, long term investment has been made.

Here’s why customers choose palisade fencing from Topfence:

Structural integrity in design

Topfence palisade fencing will not sag at any point, no matter how many seasons go by! This is due to the unique bended horizontal section designed by this team of experts to give this fencing extra strength.

Sandwiched fixers attached to roll-formed palisade pales along with a stiffened rib results in the kind of structural integrity you can expect from this palisade fencing that will last far into the future, giving you an excellent return on investment.

Tough durability

The unique palisade fencing system manufactured by Topfence is designed to withstand the coastal weather, year after year, without sagging or rusting, this is fencing designed to last in the Cape.

Galvanised steel components ensure that when you choose Topfence Palisade Fencing as your crime barrier, you’ll have fencing that’ll see you through brutal winters and blazing hot summers!

Tamper-proof toughness

You want the toughest palisade fencing in Cape Town? Well, then this is it! Topfence palisade fencing cannot be climbed or cut, even the nuts and bolts have been designed in such a way that they are impossible to tamper with.

Your property will most certainly not be considered a soft target with Topfence Palisade Fencing protecting it!

Local SABS approved materials

Topfence is committed to using SABS-approved materials that they source locally, so that every component of that goes into the manufacture of this fencing is of the highest quality, designed to last!

Stylish & attractive perimeter fencing

Palisade fencing manufactured by Topfence isn’t just the toughest perimeter fencing you can invest in, it’s also by far the most stylish and attractive addition to your property.

The behaviour of buyers today has shifted from high walls to palisade fencing, which has become their first choice when considering investing in a property, and, by investing in stylish palisade fencing adds the curb appeal that ups the ante where it comes to the value of your property.

Competitive pricing for affordable palisade fencing

Topfence is a one-stop company for fencing solutions in Cape Town, and, because they manufacture their unique palisade fencing locally, using local materials, they are able to offer customers highly competitive prices that results in affordable palisade fencing for all!

The proof in the pudding will be in the quotation your receive from Topfence if, as most of us do, you get 3 quotations to use for comparison before committing your budget, and even then, this is the team to speak to about making it possible for you to invest in the toughest perimeter fencing on the market!

The team at Topfence is proud of their reputation for being a fencing contractor willing and able to offer free on-site measurements, a free no-obligation quotation and free help at the drawing board, on the journey to getting your tailor-made palisade fencing ready for manufacture!

Contact this down-to-earth team today to find out more about how they can assist you with the very best in perimeter fencing solutions!

Why choose palisade fencing as a highly effective crime deterrent

In an economic climate that has seen the crime statistics rise higher than ever before, and, because crime syndicates are sophisticated and watch the movements of home and business property owners, along other crime gangs that are bent of violence, once they enter any property, palisade fencing has become the number one crime deterrent in terms of perimeter security in Cape Town.

Criminals put a lot more research into the crimes the plan today, given that security measures being used have become very sophisticated in terms of technology, and they make sure they learn about this technology in order to defeat its purposes and make way for their nefarious purposes.

A study is made of high value targets by these syndicates. They know what is inside a home or business that’s worth targeting, and, as professionals, they get to work to make sure they are also one step ahead of technology, or at the very best, that they know exactly how to defeat it’s purposes in protecting you.

If you have no real perimeter security around your home, you should be aware that nothing is too brazen for criminals today, and that they’ll go as far as to batter down your front door without hesitation, just to get inside and do what they came to do, and nothing can stop them.

Combining crime deterrents is an excellent way of protecting your family and property, and this should start right at the perimeter of your home, working its way in to burglar bars, alarms, motion sensor lights and CCTV for a comprehensive, proactive route to take to protect life and property.

7 Reasons that make choosing to secure your property with the right quality palisade fencing in Cape Town:

Stylish yet tough security

When you choose Topfence as the team to help you with designing a tailor-made palisade fencing system, you can look forward to your palisade fence being the perfect crime deterrent that sends criminals off to softer targets. And, though unattractive to criminals, this fencing will give your property great curb appeal due to its’ stylish and attractive design.

Nothing compares to palisade fencing as protection for your loved ones!

We want our children to be as safe as possible in a world that doesn’t make it easy, and, despite the hard work you’ve put in to accumulate valuables and what they mean to you, it’s always going to be your family that comes out tops in terms of protection.

If you’re out in the world all day, the peace of mind you deserve is to know that your family will be protected and can play safely outdoors behind an exceptionally well made, unique palisade fencing system as designed by Topfence.

Long lasting, trusted durability

The reason the unique Topfence Palisade Fencing System is considered the toughest fencing around and the most durable, is that they make sure to use only galvanised steel components throughout, and that they use only SABS approved materials in the manufacture of this durable palisade fencing that lasts well into the future.

Affordable palisade fencing for the Western Cape

One of the main reasons Topfence is able to manufacture this affordable palisade fencing system, and keep their prices highly competitive, is that a majority of the material they use is sourced in the Western Cape, which keeps it local and benefits everybody.

Completely tamperproof palisade fencing

A lot of work went into designing this tamperproof palisade fencing system when Topfence started out in 2008, which has resulted in a tamperproof fence, made so through the use of security nut fasteners that can’t be fiddled with and that also cannot be cut.

Works superbly in tandem with CCTV

Because palisade fencing gives one direct visual access to what’s going on outside and inside your property, it’s the perfect form of perimeter security to work in conjunction with CCTV.

Nowhere to gain a foothold

How nasty you choose to make the spiked toppings of your palisade fence is your choice and we’d suggest you get real mean about it, giving no criminal a foothold to climb and therefore access your property. It should be made as painful a thought as possible for any criminal even thinking about gaining access to your property!

Gain the greatest ROI when you choose Topfence Palisade Fencing!

There’s no doubt that Topfence Palisade Fencing considered an investment that gives you a fantastic return on investment as it endures year after year of the Cape weather. This is fencing you won’t have to spend a fortune on to maintain it year after year.

It stands proud, stylish and tough for many years well into the future, and it’s also the best investment you could possibly make into having a crime deterrent like this as your first line of defence against criminals.

Let the friendly team of experts at Topfence introduce you to the unique system of palisade fencing they’ve developed and manufactured since 2008 before you make any decisions about fencing in Cape Town.

When you meet this team you’ll find out first hand why their customers will tell you they are a down to earth crew that are a pleasure to work with and rely on for the best in fencing solutions in Cape Town.

Choose Topfence end-to-end service for the toughest fencing solutions in the Western Cape!

Way back in 2008, the Topfence team tackled their first installation of their unique palisade fencing system in Cape Town, in the Northern suburbs of Durbanville and Brackenfell, and they’ve never looked back!

Today these fencing contractors look after the security of customers’ right across the Western Cape, from Sea Point to Somerset West and beyond!

With this background of success it’s easy to understand why most of the new projects tackled by this team come about through word of mouth, recommendations that come from their many satisfied clients who know well the quality that they invested in.

The quality comes from the fact that this team uses only the highest quality in materials to manufacture their galvanised steel palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing, and it’s a quality that is long lasting!

This team believes in value for money, without a doubt, and with it comes their commitment to service excellence that has propelled them to their current position as a market leader in the fencing industry in Cape Town.

Here are just a few reasons customers choose Topfence for the best in fencing solutions:

Free services from day one!

The team at Topfence doesn’t skimp when it comes to making it as easy as possible for customers to get to the point where they have all the goods they need to make an informed decision about choosing this unique palisade fencing system to protect their families and properties.

This means the team offers free services that include on-site measurements, quotation and assistance at the drawing board should you give them the nod to go ahead!

You’re also more than welcome to chat to the guys about prices before you even request a quote, this is one company that doesn’t put pressure on just because you have a few questions to ask!

Real end-to-end service with one fencing contractor

This is a real bonus with Topfence! You’ll be taken right from measurement to manufacture and final installation by this one team, with no other contractors involved to muddy the waters!

When Topfence gives you the date of your installation you can rely on it 100%, and they deliver the project on time, every time!

Affordable quality fencing solutions

There is definitely a middle ground to be found between cheap fencing that won’t last a season and over-priced fencing that may even do the same, and in that middle ground is where the excellence offered by Topfence is to be found.

Local manufacture, using SABS-approved materials and galvanised steel components allows Topfence the freedom to keep their prices for fencing extremely competitive, giving customers a real edge when it comes to making a great investment.

Individual manufacture of tailor-made palisade fencing

Every palisade fence that is produced by Topfence at their manufacturing plant in Cape Town is individually manufactured for each customer. This means that you get superior fencing that is manufactured to meet with site specifications and your own personal design.

Topfence Palisade Fencing gives you a tamper-proof crime barrier

The unique palisade fencing system manufactured by Topfence gives you a tamper-proof crime barrier that cannot be climbed or cut, which is exactly what you need in terms of having the perfect perimeter fencing in place as your first line crime deterrent.

Unbeaten quality

As a self-manufactured product, Topfence Palisade Fencing is the toughest fencing designed for the Cape. Every component is made up of SABS-approved materials and galvanised steel designed to withstand the coastal weather.

This is a fence you can rely on not to sag, rust or start falling apart after one tough Cape winter!

If you’d like honest, expert advice about securing your property with durable, attractive palisade fencing, then the team at Topfence will be more than happy to assist, all it takes is one call to get the ball rolling towards quality perimeter fencing!

Don’t let rust destroy your palisade fencing in Cape Town, choose Topfence quality!

We love Cape Town, who wouldn’t, with the beaches, sun and sea on your doorstep, and, living anywhere in the Western Cape will get you close to a beach even if you have to drive a bit further than your doorstep, but, with all this joy comes the bane of our existence when it comes to that lovely salt-laden sea air that brings with it the not-so-joyful rust!

This corrosive air will squeeze in anywhere it can gain purchase and start eating away at the wrong kind of metal window frames, gates and fences, which starts you on a rollercoaster ride of yearly, expensive repairs!

Untreated metal can’t stand up to the sea breeze for long, so, while its great for our constitution, it’s not at all good for uncoated metal or steel.

One hot summer or fierce Cape Town winter, with the wild wind and rain it brings is enough to cower anything not designed to withstand this power of mother nature, which means that if you plan to buy or build, if metal or steel is involved, make sure it’s galvanised!

The best investment you can make for your property when it comes to security fencing is to choose a local manufacturer, one that knows this climate well and has a track record of success that is gained over many years in the industry.

If you want your investment in palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing to last, nothing less than the highest quality in galvanised steel will do for the Western Cape, giving you a durable crime barrier that can definitely stand the test of time in this region.

Topfence Palisade Fencing & Rigid Mesh Fencing

Having taken an uncompromising stand where it comes to quality and workmanship since day one in 2008, Topfence is able to offer you locally manufactured, galvanised steel fencing that will meet all the criteria that makes your investment worthwhile.

They stake their reputation on every fence they erect, and, with this level of commitment to excellence, they naturally have long term clients that will recommend this team, not only for the quality they bring, but also for the can-do attitude they bring to every project.

You won’t find any sagging fence coming apart at the seams with the name of Topfence attached to it, this team takes the long-term security of their clients too seriously to offer anything less than the best in perimeter fencing in Cape Town.

Topfence also offers affordable palisade fencing at highly competitive prices, and, best of, your initial outlay will be all you have to spend. You won’t be spending extra money every year repairing your fence, which is exactly what does happen with lesser quality fencing that may seem cheaper budget-wise.

Aside from the fact that this team manufactures the toughest palisade fencing around, they also produce some of the most attractive palisade fencing in the Western Cape, adding both monetary and aesthetic value to your property.

This is palisade fencing you can rely on to be tamper-proof and to be an outstanding long term investment. Topfence Palisade Fencing cannot be cut or climbed, nor will it sag or rust.

If you’re looking for the best in fencing solutions in Cape Town, give the friendly team at Topfence a call today, to find out more about how they can assist you to secure your residential or commercial property with the toughest perimeter security on the market.

Choose Topfence Palisade Fencing for the toughest crime barrier

It’s unfortunate but true, that there simply isn’t a crime barrier that can guarantee 100% protection against escalating crime rates in South Africa, however, there are excellent ways in which you can make sure that your property is as unappealing as possible to a criminal looking for easy pickings.

The crime rate and rate of unemployment was bad enough towards the end of 2019, however, no one could foresee the havoc caused to lives and the economy that the COVID-19 pandemic brought by early 2020.

This is our new reality, and, in this new reality, even people who would never have resorted to crime have been forced to do what’s necessary simply to put food on the table in the face of mass unemployment and a climate of fear and insecurity.

There is some good news though, if you want to make sure that your property, whether residential or commercial, is as secure as possible and as inaccessible as possible too.

This good news is that palisade fencing has become the number one choice for property owners’ intent on protecting lives and property, in addition to other security measures that work really well in tandem with palisade fencing, such the addition of electric fencing to round off your palisade fence and CCTV.

In 2021 people are breaking down high walls to replace them with palisade fencing, in the main because crime experts have indicated that high walls don’t keep determined criminals out, especially from what they consider to be high-value targets.

Once they’ve gained entry to your property, no matter how high the wall is, they lie in wait for driveway gates to open and to pounce, and, once they have you and your family behind that wall that was supposed to keep you safe, they are free to do whatever they please without being disturbed.

Palisade fencing makes your property less attractive to criminals because gaining a foothold is a tough nut to crack, as is risking the spikes that line the top of your palisade fence, and, when you deal with Topfence, you’ll find that you can make those spikes as vicious as you like, just to make life even more dangerous for criminals!

If it’s real perimeter security you’re looking for, you cannot do better than durable, attractive Topfence Palisade Fencing!

The basics of palisade fencing & its makeup

Palisade fencing is made up of cold-rolled steel rails, which are commonly known as palisade pales, which are then attached to horizontal rails and connect to vertical steel joists.

The height is of the fence is also an important factor to consider, although a well-designed palisade fence doesn’t have to be too high just to make it more difficult to gain access to your property.

If your fence has been designed to keep criminals out, as long as they aren’t long jump champions, you can discuss the height with the team at Topfence for maximum protection.

While these may be the fundamental basics of palisade fencing, it’s very important that you know what type of material is used in the manufacture of your fencing, especially in Cape Town, with its corrosive coastal air.

Essentially, Topfence Palisade Fencing is, and always has been, a cut above the rest, especially because they manufacture fencing designed for the Western Cape using absolutely necessary galvanised steel components.

Not only is this the toughest fencing around, Topfence also manufactures tailor-made fencing designed to suit your design and site specifications, leaving you with a fence that not only acts as a top crime deterrent, but that also becomes a stylish addition or extension to your property.

The topping on your palisade fence

The team at Topfence will go through designs with you to find the most effective topping for your palisade fence. You have a choice of toppings such as a notch finish, single or triple point and a rounded finish, but it is here that you get to make it as unattractive to criminals as possible.

Imagine them trying to climb your fence and getting caught on the topping and you’ll get the idea of how much damage it can cause a criminal!

Topfence takes your security seriously!

Topfence has not reached its place as market leader in the fencing industry in Cape Town for nothing. They’ve simply proven, without compromise, that they’re the team you can trust with the safety and security of your family and property after being in the industry since 2008!

The main benefits of Topfence Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is a definite visual deterrent to criminals. If it’s too threatening or too much trouble, the criminal heads for easier pickings, especially when they see that there simply is nowhere to gain a foothold in your fence.

This is tamper-proof fencing at its best! It can’t be cut or climbed, and unique security sheer nut fasteners ensure this, along with sandwiched fixers that can’t be interfered with.

You won’t have to spend a fortune on maintenance every year, and, your CCTV cameras will work very effectively with a clear line of sight outside your property. As mentioned, top off your palisade fence with electric fencing and you’ve pretty much shored up your security to the greatest extent possible!

Make the choice today to protect your family and property with the toughest crime barrier and most attractive perimeter fencing in Cape Town, by contacting the friendly team at Topfence for a free, no-obligation quote.

Tough perimeter fencing doesn’t have to be an eyesore

If anyone has debunked the myth about security fencing being a prison-like eyesore, the team at Topfence has more than done so, by designing fencing solutions that are tough and stylish since 2008!

Despite the fact that this team has designed attractive palisade fencing, they’ve also made sure that their unique palisade fencing system is designed to be durable against all weather conditions around the Western Cape coastal region, which is essential for durability.

Before installing their first palisade fence in Cape Town, the team at Topfence took an in-depth look at what it would take to design and manufacture palisade fencing that would be nothing less than a statement in excellence on all fronts.

Bearing this in mind, the mission focus for this team has always been to provide clients with the toughest perimeter fencing possible, to ensure that residential, commercial and industrial properties would enjoy maximum protection with their palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing.

This enduring commitment to excellence and quality has seen these fencing contractors in Cape Town take the route of sourcing only the best in SABS-approved locally raw materials to produce a unique palisade fencing system manufactured from the highest quality galvanised steel.

Topfence is also unique in that this fencing company offers clients a one-stop solution, taking them from on-site measurements to quote, from design to manufacture and then to installation, without wasting time! This is a team known to deliver on time, every time!

Once you’ve chosen to accept the free, no-obligation quote offered by Topfence, this team will assist you at the drawing board, free of charge, to design a tailor-made fence that will also mean choosing the perfect colour to enhance the attractiveness of your property and its value.

This friendly team is always on hand to assist you with expert advice on design issues about how to best achieve maximum perimeter security through the choice of palisade fencing, and from there, your design is sent off to the Topfence manufacturing plant in Cape Town for individual manufacture.

This is by no means a DIY fencing system, what you get is original, tailor-made quality that is hard to beat, especially when it comes to fencing manufactured specifically for the coastal region.

In terms of workmanship when it comes to installation of your brand new fence, you’ll find that the same uncompromising approach to excellence is evident in the experts who do the final installation.

The fact that Topfence also offers after-sales service second to none is a real bonus in a world where fly-by-night companies will take your money and run, never to be seen again. You can have absolute peace of mind that this stable company will always be around should you have cause to contact them again.

You may decide to add a pedestrian swing gate, vehicle swing gate or sliding gate once your fence is up, in which case, you know where to turn for excellent, durable quality!

As far as installing your stylish fence is concerned, you can rest assured that Topfence doesn’t allow any jack-of-all trades to install your fence. Only a Topfence installer is qualified and permitted to do the installation.

This is so that the workmanship that has come to be expected of Topfence is carried through, from beginning to end, with no compromise.

Contact the friendly team at Topfence today to invest in the most attractive security fencing in Cape Town, whether in the form of palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing! This is an awesome team to work with, and, they don’t mind you picking their brains for information about how to get your property secured the right way!


Everything you need to know about choosing the right palisade fencing contractor in Cape Town

Because the weather around the coast in Cape Town isn’t dry and carries a lot of salty air inland, it’s essential to take this into account when settling on the palisade fencing you want installed.

Palisade Fencing in the Western Cape has to be tough enough to withstand very hot, dry summers, very wet and windy winters, along with the addition of the all-pervasive salt air that causes havoc due to its corrosive effects and the rust it causes.

If the fencing you choose can’t meet these criteria, you’ll be fixing and maintaining it over and over again with each year that passes.

This is a case of quality fencing really being cheaper in the long run

If there’s one fencing contractor in Cape Town that has this down to a fine art, it’s the team at Topfence! They use only the finest in SABS approved materials in the manufacture of their unique palisade fencing system, designed for the coast!

This palisade fencing is designed using galvanised steel components, which ultimately leaves you with palisade fencing that won’t need maintenance every time we survive a brutal Cape winter!

Palisade fencing isn’t cheap, however, considering that it’ll be long term investment that won’t need maintenance, you’ll only be paying the initial layout, and your fence will look as good ten years from now as it does on the day it’s installed!

Because of the unique design of this tamperproof fencing, you can look forward to many years of great perimeter security fencing that won’t sag or pop bolts!

Invest in the wrong, cheap palisade fencing, and it’ll end up being far more expensive year on year, just to keep it from falling apart.

Because of our coastal air, it’s not a good idea to fall for what may look like a cheaper option, because this will cost you an arm and a leg in terms of maintenance, possibly even after the first rough coastal weather! It’s just not worth it if you want perimeter fencing that you can rely on to be a first class crime deterrent.

Everything you need to know about choosing the right palisade fencing contractor in Cape Town:

How long has the company existed, successfully!

The most you could do for yourself is to find out exactly how long a fencing contractor has been in the industry.  If they’ve been around

Make sure the contractor you choose has been in business for many years. This is a sure indication that you’ll be dealing with experienced professionals who’ll take your security as seriously as you do. You should also request recommendations from previous clients, and, if it’s Topfence you choose, that should seal the deal!

Choose a full-service fencing contractor for continuity & reliability

Ideally, you’d be better served by dealing with a fencing contractor in Cape Town that’ll take you from first contact and measurements right through to final installation, with no middlemen involved to cause delays or to muddy the waters where it comes to service delivery.

If you’ve chosen to work with fencing contractors at Topfence that are an absolute pleasure to deal with, you’ll be able to rely on the fact that service excellence is a given.  Your fence will be designed, manufactured and installed in exactly the time frame given; you won’t have to chase these guys up to finish the job. Not only that, you can also rely on after sales service from this team that’s hard to find these days!

Start with the team from Topfence in Cape Town!

Everything you need to know about palisade fencing in Cape Town is a mere phone call away. Contact the professionals at Topfence today to ensure you make the best possible investment in palisade fencing that’ll stand the test of time and the coastal weather, without a doubt!

This is affordable palisade fencing the hassle-free way!

Shouldn’t you be able to see what’s going on outside your property for safety’s sake?

Unfortunately, the days of erecting high walls as a crime barrier are on the wane, especially as the crime rate climbs on the heels of mass unemployment on a grand scale, brought about by the addition of the COVID-19 to an already embattled South African economy.

The fact is that if your property is considered a high-value target by criminals, they will go to any lengths to scale a wall and to bypass other security measures, just to get inside your property.

Once on your property, they are free to go about their business without any outside interference, and, the risk of violence is obviously increased if anyone is home at the time.

Criminals also use high walls to lie in wait to attack you as you enter your property, putting them in a position to force you to silence an alarm and give them access to all your valuables, and no one outside your property is any the wiser about what is happening to you.

This is the major reason that property owners are turning to palisade fencing as the safest option for an effective crime barrier and perimeter security measure.

Homeowners and business owners have wised up to the fact that palisade fencing in Cape Town turns their property into a hard target, giving criminals nowhere to scale the fence, cut it or hide behind it.

Since 2008, the team at Topfence has more than earned their position as market leader in fencing in Cape Town, having protected hundreds of families and businesses in the years since they first designed their unique palisade fencing system!

Naturally, it takes a combination of the latest in technology and a commitment to excellence, to produce the high quality galvanised steel palisade fencing that comes out of the Topfence manufacturing plant.

Every component of this fencing is galvanised, from nuts and bolts to palisade pales, which makes it the ideal perimeter fencing for the climate in Cape Town.

When you are able to see what’s going on outside your property, and, if you use CCTV, you gain an advantage over anyone loitering outside, and, it also gives you time to call your security patrol or the police, should it look as if there is an imminent threat to your safety.

Topfence Palisade Fencing is tamper-proof, it can’t be climbed or cut, which means that you’ll have the type of perimeter security around your property that will make your property look attractive to you, but most unattractive to criminals, who then unfortunately move on to softer targets!

Contact the friendly team at Topfence today to find out more about how they can provide you with the toughest crime barrier around! They are fantastic to work with, and, even if all you want is to find out more about palisade fencing prices, these guys will be more than happy to assist, no pressure!