4 Security Measures That Will Protect Your Home In South Africa

Did you know that last year 250 355 cases of residential robbery and burglary were reported to the SAPD? That’s nearly 700 house break-ins a day! 10% of these happen with the occupants at home.

And since 57 people lose their lives every day in South Africa due to cold-blooded murder, it’s safe to say that these house robberies are one of the ways in which it happens. Every day we hear people say “You aren’t even safe in your own home anymore” and that’s the reality of what’s left of our beautiful country.

Unfortunately, we can’t all pack up and leave. We have to stay and stand our ground. We also have to do everything in our power to protect our homes from these repulsive criminals. These 4 security measures will significantly lower your risk of becoming a victim in your own home.

Automated Garage/Gate

Gate and garage automation isn’t a nice to have. Nearly all reported cases of hijacking happen in the driveway of the victims home. Getting out of your car to open a gate or garage door is a definite no-no.

Security Alarm

No home is safe without a security alarm and no insurance company will pay out without it. And if you link it with reliable armed response, you’re halfway there.

Electric Fencing

What good is a high fence without electric fencing? They’ll find a way over them without any effort. While some even have tricks up their sleeve to bypass electric fencing, it significantly reduces the likelihood of them targeting your home in the first place.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is the preferred enclosure option for South Africans. Mainly because it’s durable but also because it doesn’t offer thieves a place to hide in your yard.

If you had to choose one safety solution, we’d suggest palisade fencing to start with. But to lower the risk of falling victim to a home invasion, you might want to consider all of the above.

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