A fence is not just a fence

Considering that perimeter security is the first line of protection for your home, at the very least you’d want to know that the fencing contractor you choose in Cape Town will make it tough and durable.

A fence is not just a fence, not by a long shot.  The wrong type of fence could easily be cut, or, after one season in the salty air around the coast, start rusting in places you don’t see until those spots have become access points to your property.

Topfence has been keeping customers and their families’ safe since 2008, earning a reputation for service excellence and reliability that has made them market leaders in the industry.

Based on this reputation and the high quality of their fencing solutions, a high percentage of new customers approaching Topfence for the first time do so as a result of recommendations from previous customers.

If anyone can tell you about the strength and durability of palisade fencing designed specifically for the Western Cape is doing after many years, the answer will be among these previous customers.

Low quality fencing may cost you less initially, but in the long run it’s going to cost you a lot more in terms of repairs and maintenance on an ongoing basis, where a high quality fence will only cost the initial investment.

There are more than just a few reasons that the investment in palisade fencing from Topfence will be one that yields high returns over a long time period, but we’ll look at just a few here.

High quality materials

Only high quality materials can make a truly tough crime barrier that lasts. Topfence uses SABS quality materials to manufacture durable galvanised steel components that make up a tamper-proof palisade fence that can stand strong through all seasons.

Meticulous attention to detail

The initial measurements taken on site by a Topfence expert are done meticulously so that there can will no mistakes made during the manufacturing process of the individual components of the fence that may compromise its strength.

Tailor-made design

Topfence palisade fencing is not a DIY fencing system.  This team is completely dedicated to protecting the lives and properties of their customers and will not compromise this by taking any short cuts.

Every fence is manufactured to either follow the natural contours of a property or to be installed modular, but there is absolutely nothing that is pre-manufactured in their range.

The fence installed by this team will be the one you helped to design, to your individual specifications! Topfence will also assist you with drawing up plans for your fence, free of charge.

End to end service

Few other service providers in the fencing industry can offer a full service package of the calibre you can expect from Topfence.  With this team of professionals you will move from design to manufacture and final installation without any other contractors involved.

This is why Topfence is more than happy to offer warranties against defective workmanship and materials. They know the quality of the product and the workmanship that goes into every Topfence palisade fence, which is why the buck stops with them!

If you’d like to find out more about a completely unique, affordable palisade fencing system, the friendly team at Topfence are available to offer you all the assistance you may need to take the next step to tough perimeter security!