All the elements to take into account when you’re ready to opt for fencing in Cape Town

Cape Town quality palisade fencing

No matter what you build in the coastal air that dominates in the Cape, erosion is always a threat to be considered, irrespective of material used, which includes the right choice in steel for fencing.

Choosing the right fencing that’ll withstand season after season of battering winds, salt, sand and water, which is in abundance anywhere you live close to the sea, is a decision not to be entered into lightly.

This challenge is made even greater by the fact that fencing in regions that are far inland look good a lot longer than the same fencing installed on the coast, which is when choosing the quality in steel fencing plays a vital role in light of offering a great return on investment.

Your investment won’t count for much if you choose to go with low quality, cheap fencing, since you’ll be digging deep into your pocket to maintain the fence for longer than a year or two at a time, at best.

What happens to materials used on the coast for construction and fencing is a lot like what the same elements do to our skin and the protective measures we take to minimise the effects by wearing sunscreen, for instance.

For the same reason it’s essential to choose fencing with the right protection to keep it looking fresh for close on a lifetime.

Here’s a look into each of the elements your fence will have to face at the coast:


The Cape Doctor, known as the infamous black southeaster in Cape Town, brings every element together with brutal efficiency, resulting in the perfect recipe for corrosion.

The northerly winds that prevail during the winter storms are every bit as damaging in the delivery of all that encourages corrosion anywhere it can settle.

Salt erosion

Simply put, the ions in salt, when carried by the coastal air, come together to produce the chemical reactions that are responsible for rust, leading to corrosion on any metal materials.


Water resistance is a priority for anyone building along the sea shore. This is because aside from the spray that carries a concentrated share of salt, the presence of even more water eats into materials like steel fencing that’s not protected with a layer of zinc.


When sand batters against your fencing day after day you can be absolutely certain that it’ll slowly chip away at the paint on your fencing.

The same wind that carries salt brings its friend sand along for the ride and together have a whale of a time pulling your chain to keep you focused on a tiring cycle of trying to maintain the fence against these prevailing odds.

What is the best fencing solution in Cape Town?

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