Beautify your property with aesthetically appealing palisade fencing.

If you check out what Topfence can do to make palisade fencing aesthetically pleasing, all your notions about unattractive fencing that makes your home look incomplete will disappear.

Having perimeter security that matches trims and colours used on your home adds far more value than you might imagine.  Attractive palisade fencing adds even more value to your property than any ordinary fencing could.

You spend a lot of time choosing the paint colours and trims for your home, and if you’ve invested in beautiful landscaping to complete the picture, what a pity it would be to put up a less-than appealing fence.

Kind of self-defeating when you consider the time spent on making your home beautiful, inside and out.

When anyone looks at your home as they pass by, it’s not your beautiful home they see first, it’s the fence. If you’re considering selling in the future, palisade fencing is the best investment you could make in terms of perimeter security.

Buyers are far more interested in buying property in Cape Town that’s surrounded by palisade fencing rather than a high wall.  They have become more aware of the inherent dangers a high wall pose.

A palisade fencing solution doesn’t allow for anyone to hide behind, nor is it anywhere near as easy to climb as a wall is.

No matter how high the wall is around your property, you better believe that there’s a way over it for the most determined criminal.

As the incidence of particularly violent crimes being committed rises, being locked behind high walls isn’t such a great thing at all. Once anyone is on your property, your life is in serious danger if you happen to be there.

Topfence has made it their business to keep families and properties safe, and have been doing so for many years now, going the full distance to make sure that the fencing they install will put any criminal off.

Palisade fencing makes other security measures more effective:

It’s important to note that security companies aren’t allowed to enter a walled property in response to an alarm going off. All they can do is stand by and, if there are perpetrators on the property, hope to be in place when they try to escape.

A high wall renders security measures such as CCTV and alarms useless, whereas palisade fencing allows for emergency services to see into the property, allowing them to take effective action.

Topfence has been around long enough to know exactly how to design and manufacture palisade fencing in Cape Town that’s easy on the eye, but unattractive to anyone with the intent to commit a crime.

Topfence rises to the challenge of combining great looks with durability:

Not for nothing, Topfence has become the #1 fencing contractor in Cape Town, combining stylish, attractive palisade fencing with durability, to offer customers a fencing solution that’ll last long after initial installation!

This is a delicate balance achieved over many years by this team, who looked at the challenges that any fence in Cape Town would be able to withstand, and in answer, they design and manufacture fencing that embodies both strengths.

Why not surround your property with palisade fencing that does justice to the effort you’ve put into the design of your home or commercial property, you deserve quality!

Contact Topfence today to get the ball rolling in the right direction to beautify your property with aesthetically appealing palisade fencing in Cape Town. No one does it better!