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What you really need when you decide to go with fencing is the best advice in order to make an informed decision based on facts that are honest.

This ensures that that you’ll end up protecting your family and property with quality fencing that’ll go the distance, instead of that which will require so much maintenance that costs just keep escalating over time.

This is especially true in the coastal air around Cape Town. We all know what rust can do once it works its way in anywhere, and just how expensive it is to repair areas in which it’s taken hold.

This means that you need a very special type of fencing in Cape Town and surrounds, the type that can withstand rust, brutal winters and sweltering summers, and the only way to get around this is to choose fencing that’s manufactured using galvanised steel.

This is the way that Topfence has been designing and manufacturing their high quality durable palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing since 2008, protecting the families and properties of customers who don’t hesitate to recommend friendly team of experts who are a pleasure to work with.

Topfence has proven over and over again that the time and research that has gone into the development of this fencing designed specifically for the coast, has paid huge dividends, making this team the #1 fencing solutions company in Cape Town.

So why choose Topfence?

  • Can do attitude

Aside from the fact that customers have found that working with this team of specialists to be a pleasure, they also have an attitude that makes them willing to go above and beyond the expectations of customers in providing them with the best in fencing, without batting an eye.

  • Value for money

The guys at Topfence believe that it should be within the budget of all to have perimeter security that lasts for years, which is why they do all they can to source local materials for use in their self-manufactured palisade fencing.

Sourcing local cuts costs every time, and the use of SABS approved materials is also a guarantee that you’ll be investing in quality that’ll stand the test of time.

Topfence is also more than happy to discuss prices with you while you’re still working on your budget, which is more than most would do! And this is before you might ask for a free on-site visit to take meticulous measurements, on which to base a competitively priced quote…with no strings attached!

  • Tailor-made, aesthetically pleasing fencing

Once you’ve had the free assistance from the team at Topfence in drawing up plans, you will have full confidence in the fact that not only will this palisade fencing do the best job of protecting your property, it’ll also add aesthetic appeal as an extension of your home or business property.

  • Expert workmanship

Aside from the fact that you’ll have end to end service from the team at Topfence, start to installation, you’ll also have warrantees against defective workmanship and materials.

Since this is a stable company that’s been in operation for many years already, you can rely on the fact that the after sales service you can expect will be every bit as good as it was leading up to and including the installation of your fence.

Let Topfence help you make the right choice

There are many more reasons that make Topfence the number one choice for fencing in Cape Town, but if you’d like to find out more about what they can do to provide you with unequalled palisade fencing, please give them a call today!

Palisade Fencing Cape Town

Is your home protected by the best perimeter security in Cape Town

If you want to invite criminals onto your property, build a wall. If you want to keep them out, install palisade fencing!

The fact that building a wall is an open invitation to criminals may seem pretty brutal, however, any wall is scalable to the most determined criminal.

As walls go higher, crime syndicates become more sophisticated, especially if the home behind the wall has been watched closely once they’ve chosen it as a high value target.

They’ll know exactly how much time it’ll take for an alarm to be triggered and they’ll also know exactly what type of response can be expected, as well as how long it’ll take for a response from either a security company or the police.

We’ve all seen what happens in movies when a high value home becomes a target. It’s not farfetched to concede that with the level of technological sophistication available to all today, any property can be infiltrated.

The thing with a wall is that once the perimeter has been breached it’s too late, even if an alarm has been triggered.

Home invasion has become rife in a climate of escalating crime. More often than not these home invasions are violent, designed to create maximum terror for the occupants.

With the home invasion taking place behind a wall, the criminal is in a position to force you to inform your security company that it’s a false alarm, giving them all the time in the world to do exactly what they want to, for as long as they want to.

A wall also gives the criminal a way to lie in wait on your property until someone gets home, to avoid the trouble of breaking in.

So, what’s the best response to escalating crime against homes?

Palisade fencing! But why? Well, there a few good reasons that palisade fencing is one of the very best forms of perimeter security available, which we’ll look at below.

Here we take a look at what the team of professionals at Topfence have put together to protect families and homes with quality palisade fencing in Cape Town, and why theirs makes a great investment in your safety.

  • It’s tamper-proof

Put it this way, any criminal facing your property protected by palisade fencing will immediately think it’s not worth the effort. The fencing cannot be cut, nor can the nuts that hold it together be tampered with.

  • It’s dangerous to climb

A palisade fence of high quality is virtually impossible to climb, with the spikes that bring the element of danger to the forefront. The spaces between the palisade pales give no purchase place to assist a climb.

It’s simply too much trouble for your garden variety criminal. If you want to add another level of security to the fence, secure it with electrified fencing above the spikes.

  • Its durable and maintenance free

Once Topfence has completed installing your palisade fence, you can sit back and enjoy the security it offers for many, many years to come.

One of the things that contribute to this durability is that this palisade fencing has been designed to withstand the corrosion and rust that’s inevitable around the coast.

The most important reason that this is the perfect palisade fencing for Cape Town, is that all the components are manufactured by Topfence using the highest grade of galvanised steel!

Want your perimeter security tailor-made to add aesthetic appeal & resale value of your home?

Nothing can beat the end-to-end service offered by the team at Topfence!

They’ll take you from your first enquiry, or obligation free quote (based on free meticulous measurements) to the drawing board, through manufacture on to the final installation of your brand new palisade fence…without missing a beat!

Contact Topfence today to find out what it’s like to enjoy the benefits of great, professional service!

Cape Town quality palisade fencing

All the elements to take into account when you’re ready to opt for fencing in Cape Town

No matter what you build in the coastal air that dominates in the Cape, erosion is always a threat to be considered, irrespective of material used, which includes the right choice in steel for fencing.

Choosing the right fencing that’ll withstand season after season of battering winds, salt, sand and water, which is in abundance anywhere you live close to the sea, is a decision not to be entered into lightly.

This challenge is made even greater by the fact that fencing in regions that are far inland look good a lot longer than the same fencing installed on the coast, which is when choosing the quality in steel fencing plays a vital role in light of offering a great return on investment.

Your investment won’t count for much if you choose to go with low quality, cheap fencing, since you’ll be digging deep into your pocket to maintain the fence for longer than a year or two at a time, at best.

What happens to materials used on the coast for construction and fencing is a lot like what the same elements do to our skin and the protective measures we take to minimise the effects by wearing sunscreen, for instance.

For the same reason it’s essential to choose fencing with the right protection to keep it looking fresh for close on a lifetime.

Here’s a look into each of the elements your fence will have to face at the coast:


The Cape Doctor, known as the infamous black southeaster in Cape Town, brings every element together with brutal efficiency, resulting in the perfect recipe for corrosion.

The northerly winds that prevail during the winter storms are every bit as damaging in the delivery of all that encourages corrosion anywhere it can settle.

Salt erosion

Simply put, the ions in salt, when carried by the coastal air, come together to produce the chemical reactions that are responsible for rust, leading to corrosion on any metal materials.


Water resistance is a priority for anyone building along the sea shore. This is because aside from the spray that carries a concentrated share of salt, the presence of even more water eats into materials like steel fencing that’s not protected with a layer of zinc.


When sand batters against your fencing day after day you can be absolutely certain that it’ll slowly chip away at the paint on your fencing.

The same wind that carries salt brings its friend sand along for the ride and together have a whale of a time pulling your chain to keep you focused on a tiring cycle of trying to maintain the fence against these prevailing odds.

What is the best fencing solution in Cape Town?

If you want a fence that won’t need cleaning or repainting, then it has to be one that is manufactured using galvanised steel, and nobody does this better than Topfence, the premier fencing solutions company in Cape Town.

Topfence focusses solely on manufacturing palisade fencing and wire mesh fencing for our coastal region, and are committed to providing clients with outstanding quality at affordable prices.

Invest in palisade fencing that will outlast any other form of perimeter security by contacting the team at Topfence, they’re easy to talk to whether you’re still working out your budget and need prices, or are ready to commit to the very best fencing solution in Cape Town.


Why Soaring Crime In South Africa Requires You To Better Your Security Game

What is happening to our beautiful country? Crime rates are increasing by the day. Some people choose to stay oblivious while others do everything in their power to keep their homes and families safe. For those who’d rather get the facts and deal with the reality of the situation, here are some statistics for the crime in South Africa.

In 2018, 20 336 murders were recorded. That’s around 57 a day. Just take a moment to let that sink in. Nearly 60 people die every day in South Africa at the hand of cold-blooded criminals. Additionally, 18 233 cases were opened for attempted murder. That’s a further 49 people per day that survive to tell the story.

As for rape, 110 cases are recorded per day. Since not all rape victims make a statement, the amount can easily be double. More than 300 000 cases of assault were recorded in 2018, 50% of which were with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm. Robberies, where property is forcefully removed from the victim amounts to more than 500 cases per day. Nearly 70% of these happen with aggravating circumstances.

House robberies and burglaries are on the rise. Every day 625 homes are burgled with an added 61 cases per day where the occupants are confronted in their homes. It seems we aren’t even safe in our own homes any more. What can we do to reduce the risk of becoming a victim? We need to up our security game.

Protect Your Home with High-Quality Security Palisade Fencing

TopFence can assist you by installing quality palisade fencing. With more than 10 years of experience in the fencing industry, we have the knowledge and skills to secure your property and keep your family safe. For more information about security fencing Cape Town, speak to the team at TopFence today!


Secure Employee Safety With Palisade Fencing For Your Business

It’s no secret that the crime in South Africa is rife and we don’t foresee it getting better any time soon. While there are many motivations for crimes, one of the biggest seems to be the high unemployment rate which is currently sitting at 27.6% This means that nearly a third of this country doesn’t have an income, thus can’t provide for themselves or their family.

Criminals are also getting more angry and vicious and killing someone for a cellphone has become customary. Obviously, our history doesn’t help the case. But, it is up to us as South Africans to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. We need to take every measure possible to protect our homes and businesses from these criminals.

Business robberies amounted to 20 047 in 2018. These are the type of invasions where employees are present and in broad daylight. That’s 55 businesses being robbed a day! Business burglaries were even more – 71 195 reported cases for 2018. That’s nearly 200 business break-ins a day. If these statistics don’t scare you, nothing will!

Reduce the Risk of Falling Victim to Business Robberies and Burglaries by Installing Steel Palisade Fencing

While palisade fencing alone won’t guarantee the safety of your employees, it will deter potential criminals. Making it more difficult for them to enter and exit your property will make them think twice and they’ll possibly find another easier target.

Every step you take towards securing your property is a step closer to saving the lives of your employees.

The first step is to get in touch with a reliable palisade fencing contractor in your area. TopFence has been securing premises since 2008. We offer affordable, durable steel palisade fencing in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Give us a call for a free quote today!

Make Your Palisade Fencing Last Longer In 3 Easy Steps

Anything that’s worth buying these days isn’t cheap. The same goes for palisade fencing. In fact, if your offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The quality might be poor. And while poor quality isn’t life threatening when it comes to household items or clothing, your palisade fencing should be of the highest quality. Or you’ll risk the safety of your family.

Since you’ll be spending money on installing high-quality palisade fencing, you’ll probably want to make it last as long as you possibly can. You can extend the lifespan of your palisade fencing with regular maintenance. Here’s how:

Step 1: Regular Inspections

Performing regular inspections will reveal any signs of rust. And while we only use galvanised steel at TopFence, the winters in Cape Town can be harsh. Exposure to rain and storms for long periods of time will take its toll on your fence. Keep your eyes open for water accumulation after a storm and regularly check for signs of rust.

Step 2: Address Rust and Flaking Paint

If you come across damage due to rust or flaking paint during your inspection, you’ll want to sort it out right away. If you wait too long, the damage might spread to other parts of the steel fence. You can eliminate water damage by sanding off the flaking paint or rust with a wire brush before applying paint.

Step 3: Limit Plant Growth near Palisade Fence

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – palisade fencing doesn’t mix well with water over long periods of time. This includes plants growing beside your fence. The plant itself isn’t a problem, it’s the accumulation of moisture that can cause damage to your fence.

Maintaining your palisade fencing isn’t complicated and you and your fence can have many happy years together. Just make sure you hire professional fencing contractors in Cape Town for the installation. Topfence will never compromise on quality and you can be sure your fence will keep you safe for many years to come. Give us a call for a free quote today!


4 Security Measures That Will Protect Your Home In South Africa

Did you know that last year 250 355 cases of residential robbery and burglary were reported to the SAPD? That’s nearly 700 house break-ins a day! 10% of these happen with the occupants at home.

And since 57 people lose their lives every day in South Africa due to cold-blooded murder, it’s safe to say that these house robberies are one of the ways in which it happens. Every day we hear people say “You aren’t even safe in your own home anymore” and that’s the reality of what’s left of our beautiful country.

Unfortunately, we can’t all pack up and leave. We have to stay and stand our ground. We also have to do everything in our power to protect our homes from these repulsive criminals. These 4 security measures will significantly lower your risk of becoming a victim in your own home.

Automated Garage/Gate

Gate and garage automation isn’t a nice to have. Nearly all reported cases of hijacking happen in the driveway of the victims home. Getting out of your car to open a gate or garage door is a definite no-no.

Security Alarm

No home is safe without a security alarm and no insurance company will pay out without it. And if you link it with reliable armed response, you’re halfway there.

Electric Fencing

What good is a high fence without electric fencing? They’ll find a way over them without any effort. While some even have tricks up their sleeve to bypass electric fencing, it significantly reduces the likelihood of them targeting your home in the first place.

Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is the preferred enclosure option for South Africans. Mainly because it’s durable but also because it doesn’t offer thieves a place to hide in your yard.

If you had to choose one safety solution, we’d suggest palisade fencing to start with. But to lower the risk of falling victim to a home invasion, you might want to consider all of the above.

Topfence offers reliable and affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town and surrounds. Get in touch for a free quote.

What type of security fencing will protect your business best?

As a business owner there’s no doubt that no matter what you’re protecting, you’re going to look at installing the most effective security barrier to do the job, and to do it well.

It’s going to take more than having a security guard on post day and night to protect your interests. There are just too many areas that can be used as a way to enter your property, especially if the area that he has to cover is quite extensive.

As the technological aspects of security increase, criminals continue to adapt, using sophisticated methods designed to override security systems on private and commercial properties with frightening ease.

Your investment into the production of products that you’re protecting at your premises makes it worth doing a thorough investigation into the most effective security barrier to repel anyone intent on stealing the product of your hard work!

Every business is unique of course. For some it’ll be the protection of materials used to manufacture products, whether in-house or as exports to clients who use the materials in the production of their own products.

Theft of your materials leads to more than just the loss of these materials.

The knock-on effect is that your ability to meet supply and demand will take a downward spiral. This is a situation that will force your customers to look elsewhere for these materials while you seal up the breach in your security barrier.

No matter how loyal your customers are, they cannot hold things up on their end until you’re able to replace materials or components that have been stolen.

Perimeter security in the form of either palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing is an absolute necessity if you need to have strict control over who is allowed onto your property.

For many business owners, especially those involved in research and development of new products, heightened security is a no-brainer!  The secrets that go into this type of research and development leaves a business open to corporate espionage, without the proper access controls in place.

The admission to your property of just one person not meant to be there could lead to losses no one can afford in today’s highly competitive industrial and commercial sphere. In fact, the theft of secrets about manufacturing processes is a very lucrative industry for the unscrupulous.

Let’s look at two fencing options available today from Topfence in Cape Town that’ll mean your business is protected by tough, durable security barriers:

Palisade fencing

Standing tall, with no foot-holds, palisade fencing has earned its place as a top security barrier, particularly for commercial businesses intent on adding elegance and style to the perimeter security around their buildings.

This is also a very popular type of fencing solution for business complexes, especially those that incorporate round-the-clock security guards and entrance barriers, which is an excellent approach to multi-layered forms of protection.

The design of the tops of palisade fencing, along with the variety of colours available for this fencing, means that each can be as unique as is desired.

Topfence has proven over and over again that perimeter security no longer needs to look drab or to resemble a prison!

Rigid mesh fencing

Rigid mesh fencing is a style often chosen to protect industrial premises, schools, parks, hospitals, private homes and more, which can look as attractive as palisade fencing does and be equally effective!

The choice is yours!

Whether you’re looking for a standard type of perimeter fencing solution, or are after something a little more out of the box, the team at Topfence is more than willing to share many years’ worth of experience in the industry as a way to make sure you have the best security barrier in Cape Town!

Contact the professionals at Topfence today for a free, no obligation quote to get you started on protecting all that you hold valuable in your business!

What makes one fencing contractor in Cape Town stand out from the rest?

If you’re looking for a painter, roof specialist, builder or bricklayer, your head will spin when you come face to face with the hundreds out there in the market, which makes it all a real challenge to sift the wheat from the chaff.

The same applies to going on the hunt for a ‘real’ fencing contractor in Cape Town.  Most will promise the moon and stars, but is that what they’ll really deliver?

Well, the answer to that lies in the experience, professionalism and commitment to excellence that marks the fundamental core of any contractor you choose to protect your family, property and assets.

We know that crime rates aren’t going to go down. Unemployment rates in South Africa keep escalating, resulting in even greater desperation to survive.

The sheer violence that has become an overwhelming factor in crime statistics has increased the need for exceptional security barriers that’ll keep families safe and criminals out.

The team at Topfence has, with an unwavering commitment to excellence, earned a reputation as the #1 fencing solutions company, based on the superb quality of workmanship that goes into the manufacture and installation of palisade fencing designed to last.

This is the wholly dedicated role that this awesome team has played in keeping a multitude of properties well-protected since 2008, which adds up to more than enough years’ worth of experience to bring to the table for your security.

No company can stick around this long unless they deliver the best in all they do!

The proof is definitely in the pudding when it comes to choosing Topfence as your fencing contractor in Cape Town!

When you’ve gone to the trouble of getting a quote and accepting it, at the very least you deserve rely on your fencing contractor to keep the lines of communication open, so that service delivery and reliability is the norm rather than the exception.

Then there’s a great list of freebies you can expect from the team at Topfence, before you even sign on the dotted line, and more even after the signing.

To start with, when you contact Topfence for a quotation, you won’t have to wait around twiddling your thumbs for a response!

The response is immediate and planned to coincide with your timing to meet on site, so that meticulous measurements can be taken by a Topfence representative, free of charge.

This will give you your first inkling of what it’ll be like to deal with friendly but consummate professionals.

Once the measurements are done, you’ll once again experience the dedication with which Topfence responds, so that you’ll have your free quotation sooner than you’d expect!

Should you accept the Topfence quotation, you’ll be heading for another freebie, in that the team will assist you in the planning and design stages of your fence.

From there, the measurements and designs are shared with the teams at the Topfence manufacturing plant, so that your unique palisade fence will be manufactured, piece by piece, to perfectly match your expectations.

If working with a full-service fencing contractor is right up your alley, then Topfence is definitely for you!  From drawing board to installation, you’ll have only one awesome team involved in your project, which is more than most can offer!

Save money by choosing high quality fencing that’s maintenance free

If you’re going to go with fencing as the best perimeter security, it’ll be best to make your investment really worthwhile by choosing the fencing very carefully.

The same care needs to be applied to finding a fencing contractor, so that you don’t end up with one that’ll do a sloppy installation and leave you with a fence that starts falling apart far sooner than promised.

If you live in Cape Town you really need to be careful about both the credentials of the contractor and the quality of the fencing produced by the company.

This really matters if you want to invest in a fence that will stand the test of time, without putting you in the position of having to fork out more and more of your hard earned cash on maintenance.

Questions to ask fencing contractors in Cape Town before committing yourself:

  • Ask about the background of the company and how long it’s been in business. This is a sure way of ensuring that you are dealing with a fencing contractor that is anything but a fly-by-night company.
  • Ask for references. Any fencing contractor will be only too happy to share recommendations and references from past clients.
  • Ask questions about prices before you even ask for a quotation. If the contractor is open and easy to approach, you’ll be in the pound seats. They’ll be more than willing to give you an indication of prices, so that you have a basic idea of how to plan your basic budget accordingly.
  • Ask for photos of previous fence installations so that you have a visual of what can be done, especially if you want your barrier fence to be an attractive extension of your property, whether residential or commercial.
  • Ask about the manufacturing process of the fencing and the type of materials used to produce the fencing, especially because it has to be tough enough to repel the rust floating around the coastal area of the Western Cape.

Once you’ve had all your questions answered, you’ll already have a good handle on the professionals you’ll be dealing with, based on their level of honesty and transparency in their dealings with you.

This will give you the confidence you deserve before committing your budget to securing your property with a perimeter barrier that will be of long-lasting quality.

The choice of fence also brings up the question of whether a modular fencing solution will suit your property, or whether you need to look at a more tailored fence to fit the natural contours of your property.

Security fencing in Cape Town has to be manufactured using galvanised materials. Anything less is going to mean that rust will find purchase somewhere on the fence, and where it finds its first home there’s a guarantee that it’s going to spread.

While you’re scouting around to find well-established fencing contractors in Cape Town, a good place to start will be at Topfence, where you’ll find all the answers to your questions.

As the #1 palisade fencing and rigid fence barriers company, Topfence has been protecting families and businesses since 2008, giving this team of friendly professionals all the experience and knowledge necessary to produce nothing but the best in perimeter security.

Tailor-made palisade fencing, rigid mesh fencing, pedestrian and vehicle gates produced by Topfence are of such a high standard that not even the salt-laden air around this coastal region, soaring temperatures in summer and ferociously stormy winters can cause damage.

This means that you’ll be looking at fencing that won’t cost you any more than the initial investment you make, and that you won’t be spending more and more each year on maintenance.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect fencing solution in Cape Town, at affordable prices, start with Topfence, especially if you’d like to work with one contractor, from start to finish!