Consider the link between unemployment & high crime rates & then choose the best perimeter security

Perimeter security is all that stands between the pavement of your property and the front door, and it’s this perimeter security that acts as the first line of defence for your family, assets and property.

This level of perimeter security applies to all properties, whether residential or commercial, and it should be an uncompromising decision that backs up just how serious you are about security.

When we speak of overwhelming loss, we aren’t just referring to the valuables you keep in the safe at home or in the office, we are also thinking about violent crime that takes place in broad daylight when someone is at home, whether it’s a child, parent or employee.

When criminals are intent on carrying out their nefarious actions, they really don’t care who gets in their way. As long as the property is an easy target in terms of access, it’ll be considered easy pickings.

There is undoubtedly a direct correlation between unemployment and the growing crime rates in South Africa, which has led to an awareness of how dangerous it is to have perimeter security that isn’t up to scratch as a tamper-proof crime deterrent.

A fence that’s easy to climb or cut won’t help, nor will a high wall.  Once a criminal gains entry over the wall, he has free reign to do as he pleases, without anyone being able to see into the property.

In addition to this, most criminals are clued into private security and police service response times, they make it their business to know!

The more the economy slides down, the more poverty rises, and on its heels, so too do the crime statistics.

While the majority of perpetrators are career criminals, the saddest statistic of all is that of ordinary mothers, fathers and children who turn to criminal activities just to put food on the table!

This is not in any way a justification for any type of crime, it’s simply the way it is, and with little light on the horizon in the near future, it’s only natural that our safety and security becomes our number one priority.

While you are debating about the type of perimeter security you’d choose as quality protection for home and business, here are a few numbers sourced from Stats SA’s quarterly labour force survey that will make you take the security of your property very seriously:

Unemployment in general

9.6 Million South Africans are unemployed, bringing the unemployment rate to almost 28%, the highest it’s been in the last 10 years

Unemployed youth

In the second quarter of 2018, Stats SA reported that 6.1 million of our youth is unemployed, a whopping 38.8%!

Job losses in 2018

90 000! This in just one year?  Worse, it’s the manufacturing industry that’s hardest hit in terms of laying off employees.

Before we go any further it’s important to note that high crime levels and unemployment statistics are not limited to our country alone, both are also worldwide crises.

Is high tech security gadgetry enough on its own?

With crime statistics and unemployment rates being this high, it’s not surprising safety and security has morphed into state of the art high tech crime prevention.

Despite all the high tech security gadgetry available today, it will only be as good, and work as effectively as it should, with the right kind of perimeter security!

A high wall unfortunately still has dark corners out of view of a CCTV camera, which is well known by criminals, who then use these dark corners as cover while gaining entry to your property.

If you want your other security measures such as CCTV to work as effectively as it should, then palisade fencing is the best option.

Palisade fencing allows for a clear view in and out of the property, which in itself is a great crime deterrent!  If gaining access to your property looks like too much hard work, criminals will move on to softer targets.

They want the easy way out of everything, after all!

Give the team at Topfence a call and let them give you the facts you’ll need with which to make an informed decision about what would constitute the toughest perimeter security for your property!

Having been in the industry as market leaders since 2008, there’s no doubt that you’ll find the perfect solution for perimeter security from Topfence.