Contact the market leaders in fencing for end to end service excellence in Cape Town.

There are few different routes to take when deciding to install fencing, but most of them, when done alone, can cause endless frustrations.

The DIY route:

If you decide on a DIY fencing solution, you’ll need to bring in contractors that are unfortunately not always reliable, let alone professional.

This could lead to a bad installation that’ll simply cost you more than it should in the first place, possibly leading to regular replacements or repairs.

The ‘cheaper’ option:

There are many fencing options that may look attractive because of what looks like a really cheap option, however, you can be sure that the end result is going to reflect this.

The security offered by cheap fencing is nullified by the fact that it’ll be easy to cut or climb.  In this case you’ll also be looking at major maintenance costs.

The question of quality:

There’s also the quality of the fencing to take into account.  How much do you really know about the materials that go into the fencing you’ve chosen or are looking at?

Palisade fencing in Cape Town needs closer inspection, the last thing you want is to invest in a fence that’s going to keep costing you in terms of upkeep and maintenance.

The coastal air can be brutal and it permanently sends out waves of salt that will take hold anywhere they can, turning the wrong fence into a rusted, sagging eyesore.

What does end to end service mean when dealing with Topfence?

Just a note here to begin with: Topfence has been keeping families and properties safe since 2008, growing from small concern into the market leader where it comes to fencing solutions in Cape Town.

Step 1:

All it takes is for you to fill in an online quote request, or give the Topfence team a call and they’ll get the ball rolling in short order.

This means you’ll be meeting with a representative at your earliest convenience to take meticulous measurements on site, which will serve as the base for an affordable quote to meet with your budget.

Step 2:

You won’t need to wait long for the team at Topfence to get the quote to you.  They’re professionals that have built a solid reputation on sterling customer service.

Step 3:

Should you sign off on the quotation, Topfence will also assist in drawing up plans, free of charge, to make your palisade fencing an attractive reflection of your individual taste.

Step 4:

This is when manufacturing swings into high gear at Topfence. Each palisade fencing system in Cape Town is manufactured individually to design and site specifications, so you’ll definitely not be getting a DIY product!

To get this quality, Topfence uses state of the art technology in the manufacture of their quality palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing solutions.

Only SABS approved materials are acceptable for use in Topfence products, and the galvanised steel components have been specifically designed for the Cape coastal air!

Step 5:

This is the last step on the road towards having durable, aesthetically appealing palisade fencing gracing your property.

No one other than approved Topfence installers are allowed anywhere near the installation of a fence that’s going to be standing strong and looking great for many years to come!

Choose market leaders:

Security comes first, and unassailable perimeter security is where the expertise offered at Topfence lies.

Speak to the team at Topfence to make sure that your experience in choosing the best fencing option in Cape Town will be one that’s seamless.

Topfence makes end to end service their ethos, so that you’ll have an easier time of making the right decisions, as well as making the whole process stress free.