Don’t let rust eat at your palisade fencing in Cape Town

Living in Cape Town is awesome, as any died in the wool Capetonian will tell you, with passion, but….rust!

This is the bane of anyone living in the Western Cape.  It gets into the smallest of cracks on cars, chews into metal window frames and anywhere else it can find purchase.

That fresh sea breeze is great for the constitution but brutal for any type of untreated or uncoated steel, which means that any fence that doesn’t have these properties is going to last through one summer, or one winter.

Summer is great for sun, sea and fun, but the heat that beats down on everything during this season is enough to put strain on any fence.

The same amount of strain is put on the fence during the wild winter storms that bring rain and wind that bears down ferociously on the region.

To survive in this type of environment for any length of time demands the use of durable, galvanised steel.

The quality of the galvanising is also essential, so make sure you choose a palisade fencing contractor in Cape Town that manufactures its own galvanised steel fencing.

This is important to keep in mind if you end up with inferior quality galvanised steel. At the very least, the manufacturer will be responsible for any costs incurred in the repair or replacement of the fence.

Dealing with experts who understand the effects of coastal weather conditions on palisade fencing should be the first step in making sure you have a durable fence that’ll stand the test of time.

Topfence offers this level of expertise without compromise. After all, they stake an excellent reputation on every fence they erect.

This reputation among long term clients, means that the workmanship you can expect from this team is as uncompromising as it was the day they first opened their doors in 2008.

No fence designed, manufactured and installed by Topfence will ever let you down. This awesome company takes the security of their clients far too seriously to jeopardise their security!

Since you won’t be spending additional money repairing or repainting your fencing, the only outlay you will make is the initial one, and at the competitive prices on palisade fencing offered by Topfence, you can only come out on top.

Besides manufacturing the highest quality of palisade fencing in Cape Town, Topfence also brings style to the forefront with their attractive fencing.

By the time your fence is installed, you’ll have added a really stylish extension to your home or commercial property. Choosing colours that match feature walls or accents of your home or business will also drive the value of your property right up to great profit levels.

Topfence palisade fencing cannot be cut, tampered with or climbed. It won’t sag and it definitely won’t lose its good looks for a very long time to come, making it an outstanding long term investment.

Buyers are looking for good perimeter security and great curb appeal, and you can give them both by contacting Topfence today for the best advice, and best price for Palisade fencing in Cape Town.