Don’t settle for anything less than the very best in palisade fencing

Investing in palisade fencing isn’t something one does on the spur of the moment, it takes more than just a bit of juggling on the financial side of things for a start.

The fact is, however, that it’s worth juggling those numbers if you’re serious about the safety and security of your family.

The current generation will never know what it’s like to be allowed to play outside until the street lights come on, instead, they’re growing up in a pervasive atmosphere of fear as a result of high crime rates.

Our children and pets are now relegated to playing behind fences or walls, with stern warnings from parents not to talk to strangers or let anyone onto the property ringing in their ears from an early age.

Ours is the age of palisade fences, gated communities and security complexes, an age in which people are finally realising that we need to break down walls and work as a community to protect our families and homes as a whole.

Why is palisade fencing manufactured by Topfence considered the best in the industry?

Here’s just a taste of what it takes to supply the best in palisade fencing designed for Cape Town, by Capetonians:

SABS Approved materials

The bulk of materials used in the manufacture of Topfence products is sourced locally, and it has the SABS stamp of approval, which is the only quality this team is willing to pass on to their customers.

Galvanised steel components

Galvanised steel components are essential for any fence to survive blistering Cape summers and brutal winter storms year after year, without rusting or sagging.

Aside from the fact that the galvanised steel palisade pale has a stiffened rib, and a unique bended horizontal section that prevents sagging, even the sandwiched fixers and security shear nut fasteners are manufactured from high quality galvanised steel, making it completely tamper-proof.

Durable style

When the team at Topfence share their experience with you during the drawing-board phase of the journey to quality fencing, you’ll not only be looking forward to palisade fencing that offers durability that lasts for many years, you’ll also be drawing up plans for a fence that will become an attractive, stylish addition to your property…and keep you safe!

Individual manufacture

If it’s a DIY fencing system you’re looking for, you won’t find it at Topfence!  Every fence is individually manufactured according to site specifications and design style, with a choice between a modular installation and one that follows the natural contours of your property.

Maintenance-free fencing

An investment in Topfence Palisade fencing is a once-off investment! You won’t have to call the team back year after year to repair your fence.

Many people settle for what seems like a cheaper option, only to discover that repairs to the fence makes it costlier than paying for a competitively priced but high quality fence in the first place.

No strings attached

Topfence doesn’t make anyone jump through hoops or pass any tests in order to get great service from day one!

The meticulous measurements taken by a Topfence expert, and the quote you can expect promptly afterwards, based on these measurements, is hassle-free and won’t liberate a cent out of your wallet!

Bring your ideas for your palisade fence to Topfence, along with your budget, and watch these guys perform their special brand of magic! It’ll leave you with a stylish addition to your property that offers tamper-proof security and increased resale value!