Enhance the curb appeal of your property with a tailor-made security barrier

There are a few major points that make palisade fencing the best security barrier for residential and commercial properties, and if you get all of them to work together, you’ll have perimeter security second to none.

What are some of these points?

Can the fence be climbed?

The impact that ever-escalating crime statistics are causing in South Africa, has meant that home and business owners have started paying serious attention to the level of security around properties, and which is best suited for their purposes.

Palisade fencing, when it’s done right, is virtually impossible to climb.  You need to be absolutely sure of the quality of fencing you choose, so that you end up with fencing that would give no criminal any purchase place from which to enter your property.

No foothold means no way in!

Is the fence tamperproof?

If it’s easy to cut the fence or to tamper with it in any other way, you’ve chosen the wrong fencing!

Everything from the nuts and bolts, to the galvanised steel pales (rails) that are connected to vertical steel joists, has to be of the highest quality in order to make the security barrier tamperproof.

A further note about this is that a palisade fence is more than just an excellent crime barrier, it is also one of the best deterrents you could add to your property.

If it’s too much trouble to access your property, anyone with criminal intent is going to move on to a softer target.

Will the fence sag?

If the horizontal section of the palisade fence you’ve chosen is made from inferior materials, you’ll find that before long the fence will begin to sag, which is going to make access to your property easier.

It will also cost you more if it needs to be repaired, and, if the fence needs to be replaced, you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket again to do so.

A high quality barrier fence only costs you the initial layout. If it keeps draining your finances, it would cost you less to start all over again and choose strength, quality and durability.

Will it add curb appeal?

There’s no doubt that any property owner, whether residential or commercial, has invested much into the design of the property and would be loath to add an unattractive security barrier to its perimeter, simply for the sake of security.

The beauty of palisade fencing designed and manufactured by a top company such as Topfence, is that it can be designed to be a stylishly attractive extension of your property, which in no way lessens its strength to protect your loved ones and property.

Will it add to the resale value of your property?

Whether or not you’re planning to sell your home, now or in the future, there’s no doubt that buyers are taking perimeter security as seriously as you do, and palisade fencing is a great selling point today.

A durable, attractive palisade fence ups the value of your property far more than a high wall would. This is borne out by the fact that experts agree, that today a high wall can be scaled by the most determined criminal, whereas fencing won’t give them anywhere to hide from view.

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This is fencing that can withstand all that Mother nature can throw at it, season after season, and still stand tall many years later.  Contact the team today for a quotation if you’re looking for a tailor-made fencing solution that’ll stand the test of time!