How to get a hassle-free quote for quality fencing in Cape Town

You’ll find that getting a hassle-free quote for quality fencing solutions in Cape Town is a lot easier than you might imagine, especially if the quote is delivered by true professionals who put no pressure on for acceptance, from the word go.

This is in part what has established Topfence as the market leader in flooring solutions in the Western Cape. This team of professionals is dedicated to making a major effort in keeping clients and their families safe, and have been doing so since 2008.

Topfence is all about making perimeter security in the form of palisade fencing and wire mesh fencing the perfect crime deterrent for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

As far as offering palisade fencing that is too tough for criminals to climb, cut or hide behind, Topfence has turned palisade fencing into an attractive, stylish addition to any property.

They have turned the misconception that security barriers need to be ugly and unwieldy on its head with the design and manufacture of their unique palisade fencing system.

Under the attractiveness of this high quality palisade fencing is a very durable, tamper-proof interior, manufactured using galvanised steel to make it the perfect crime barrier in the coastal region around Cape Town.

Contacting Topfence when you’re planning a budget for affordable palisade fencing is a down-to-earth experience with a friendly team that’ll give you as much information about prices and design options as you need, before you’ve even requested a quotation.

This kind of openness is rare in any industry today, which is why the team at Topfence will advise you to do your homework well before signing on the dotted line with any fencing contractor, including them.

Starting out with Topfence will be an awesome start on the way to committing your budget to a contractor. The fact that this unique palisade fencing is self-manufactured, using high quality materials sourced from manufacturers in the Western Cape, puts Topfence in a position of being able to offer affordable fencing solutions with ease.

And now on to the easy steps you’ll take to get a free quotation for palisade fencing in Cape Town:

  1. Contact Topfence via telephone, email or by filling in their online contact form
  2. Once this is done, an experienced Topfence consultant will meet you at a convenient time to suit your schedule, in order to do a full site survey
  3. All measurements will be done meticulously so that there is no room for error should you decide that Topfence is definitely the fencing contractor of choice for you
  4. At this meeting the consultant will discuss options such as whether you would like the palisade fencing designed to follow the natural contours of the site, or whether you like it installed modular
  5. With these measurements in hand, the Topfence team will work hard to get your quote to you without making you wait, after which you’ll be able to make informed decisions about the palisade fencing you’d like to protect your home or business.

If you take your perimeter as seriously as the team at Topfence does, then at the very least you owe it to yourself and your family to chat to this friendly team about the real security that palisade fencing provides.