Invest in quality palisade fencing for the best ROI in perimeter security.

Let’s face it, any perimeter fencing is costly, but investing in low quality fencing is going to be at an even greater cost in the long term.

If you’re going for the best in perimeter security, you might as well go for the best!

What to consider before investing in fencing:

Weather conditions:

Believe it or not, weather conditions in your region need to be taken into account before settling on the right palisade or wire mesh fencing.

Fencing in Cape Town has to be able to withstand some pretty harsh weather through all seasons, without falling apart after just one battering winter or burning hot summer!

Staying with weather considerations, the saltiness carried on the air on the coast will settle anywhere it can to cause erosion and rust.

Initial outlay as opposed to maintenance costs:

Yes, quality fencing is more expensive than cheaper versions that can be installed by yourself or a contractor, but what are you getting for the initial outlay?

Low quality fencing might be lighter on your budget, but what you may not figure into the equation is the upkeep and maintenance that’ll add costs on a yearly basis.

Any fencing, whether palisade or mesh fencing in a coastal region needs to be manufactured using galvanised steel, which gives it the durability to make it a worthwhile long term investment.

Galvanised steel palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing is maintenance free, making the initial outlay well worth paying a bit extra for to secure your family and property!

Taking all these points into consideration, make sure you look for a fencing company in Cape Town committed to using only SABS approved materials in the manufacture of their fencing!

Choose quality fencing above all!

Although quality fencing will cost you a bit more than other fencing solutions, there are important reasons that make quality fencing important.

Quality fencing should be:

  • Manufactured individually to suit your perimeter security requirements perfectly.
  • Installed by professionals. Choosing a top fencing contractor in Cape Town will offer a great ROI, instead of going the DIY route.
  • Impervious to cutting.
  • Impossible to climb.
  • Impossible to hide behind.
  • Impervious to sagging, and
  • Rust proof.

Who to trust with this big decision:

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