Is your home protected by the best perimeter security in Cape Town

Palisade Fencing Cape Town

If you want to invite criminals onto your property, build a wall. If you want to keep them out, install palisade fencing!

The fact that building a wall is an open invitation to criminals may seem pretty brutal, however, any wall is scalable to the most determined criminal.

As walls go higher, crime syndicates become more sophisticated, especially if the home behind the wall has been watched closely once they’ve chosen it as a high value target.

They’ll know exactly how much time it’ll take for an alarm to be triggered and they’ll also know exactly what type of response can be expected, as well as how long it’ll take for a response from either a security company or the police.

We’ve all seen what happens in movies when a high value home becomes a target. It’s not farfetched to concede that with the level of technological sophistication available to all today, any property can be infiltrated.

The thing with a wall is that once the perimeter has been breached it’s too late, even if an alarm has been triggered.

Home invasion has become rife in a climate of escalating crime. More often than not these home invasions are violent, designed to create maximum terror for the occupants.

With the home invasion taking place behind a wall, the criminal is in a position to force you to inform your security company that it’s a false alarm, giving them all the time in the world to do exactly what they want to, for as long as they want to.

A wall also gives the criminal a way to lie in wait on your property until someone gets home, to avoid the trouble of breaking in.

So, what’s the best response to escalating crime against homes?

Palisade fencing! But why? Well, there a few good reasons that palisade fencing is one of the very best forms of perimeter security available, which we’ll look at below.

Here we take a look at what the team of professionals at Topfence have put together to protect families and homes with quality palisade fencing in Cape Town, and why theirs makes a great investment in your safety.

  • It’s tamper-proof

Put it this way, any criminal facing your property protected by palisade fencing will immediately think it’s not worth the effort. The fencing cannot be cut, nor can the nuts that hold it together be tampered with.

  • It’s dangerous to climb

A palisade fence of high quality is virtually impossible to climb, with the spikes that bring the element of danger to the forefront. The spaces between the palisade pales give no purchase place to assist a climb.

It’s simply too much trouble for your garden variety criminal. If you want to add another level of security to the fence, secure it with electrified fencing above the spikes.

  • Its durable and maintenance free

Once Topfence has completed installing your palisade fence, you can sit back and enjoy the security it offers for many, many years to come.

One of the things that contribute to this durability is that this palisade fencing has been designed to withstand the corrosion and rust that’s inevitable around the coast.

The most important reason that this is the perfect palisade fencing for Cape Town, is that all the components are manufactured by Topfence using the highest grade of galvanised steel!

Want your perimeter security tailor-made to add aesthetic appeal & resale value of your home?

Nothing can beat the end-to-end service offered by the team at Topfence!

They’ll take you from your first enquiry, or obligation free quote (based on free meticulous measurements) to the drawing board, through manufacture on to the final installation of your brand new palisade fence…without missing a beat!

Contact Topfence today to find out what it’s like to enjoy the benefits of great, professional service!