Let Topfence introduce you to the best fencing solutions in Cape Town

Fencing in Cape Town has to be galvanised steel in order to ensure that it will not be weakened by rust that prevails around the coast.  Anything less than this will leave you with a fence that is going to cost more than it should in terms of maintenance and general upkeep.

Rust will take hold any way it can, and with the wrong fencing, it’s a guarantee that it will weaken any type of fencing, eventually leading sagging and flaking.

Choosing fencing that is cheap will ultimately cost far more than it should in the long term, which makes it well worth your while to spend a little more for fencing that’ll stand the test of time and still look great!

It’s for this reason that Topfence manufactures their own unique style of palisade fencing, perfectly adaptable to the coastal climate. The addition of latest state of the art technology to their set of tools has made sure that Topfence has gone from strength to strength since its humble beginnings in 2008.

Palisade fencing isn’t all that Topfence produces.  They also manufacture high grade wire mesh fencing, designed to protect mainly industrial and commercial properties.

This wire mesh fencing is also an excellent crime barrier since the spaces in the fence make it impossible to gain a foothold, or to allow enough space in the fence to allow for cutting.

Many industrial and commercial businesses need strict control in place in order to ensure that no unauthorised traffic, whether on foot or by vehicles are able to enter, which makes wire mesh fencing an excellent first line of defence.

This is done with multi-layered perimeter security measures, which includes the presence of a security guard, alarms and CCTV coverage for a start.

Wire mesh fencing is the best solution for the effective protection of schools, public parks, swimming pools, warehouses, shopping malls and more.

Like their palisade fencing, Topfence wire mesh fencing is also manufactured using high grade galvanised components, right from the nuts to the actual fence. This means that fencing solutions from this team are designed to outlast any other type of fence, in all types of weather.

Although Topfence is able to offer affordable prices, there is no compromise when it comes to the quality and the workmanship that goes into any fence installed by this team of experts.

In addition to the rigid mesh fencing and palisade fencing systems manufactured by Topfence, you can also add pedestrian swing gates, vehicle swing gates and sliding gates designed to give your choice of fencing the perfect finishing touch.

It must be noted here that the Topfence range of fences are definitely not DIY products. Every fence is individually manufactured to suit the design chosen by clients as well as to suit site specifications.

Although seldom needed, fencing manufactured by this team carries warranties against the possibility of defective materials and workmanship.

If nothing less than the best will do as the first line of defence for your family and property, please contact Topfence for a free, no obligation quotation.