Looking for a full-service company that will offer the best palisade fencing in the Western Cape?

Start with Topfence, and end with Topfence, no one else in between! This is what real end to end, full-service is all about and the team at Topfence have got it all down to a fine art based on many years’ worth of experience in the industry!

Quality security barriers is the focus at Topfence, but delivering palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing at competitive prices is all part of the bargain when dealing with this friendly team that is passionate about keeping their customers, their families and properties safe!

Cape Town is home to Topfence, and their very unique brand of palisade fencing can be seen throughout the Western Cape, from Sea Point to Somerset West, and there is no stopping this team, even though they have been putting up quality palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing since 2008 already!

This team does the measurements free of charge, assists with drawing up plans to suit every individual customer and then moves on to the manufacturing stage, where nothing but the very best in locally sourced materials are used in the manufacture of tailor made palisade fencing; a unique fence to suit the tastes of unique customers!

This is the way that Topfence makes palisade fencing not only highly effective as perimeter security, but also aesthetically pleasing, this has always been the objective at Topfence, to prove that excellent barrier security does not need to be an eyesore – those days are long gone!

Of course, because this palisade fencing is manufactured individually for customers, Topfence palisade fencing is not the type of fencing you can buy and install yourself, it requires the professionalism and expert workmanship of those approved and trained to install only Topfence palisade fencing!

Galvanised components make sure that out of all palisade fencing in Cape Town, theirs is the top system that is tough enough to handle the salty coastal air for many years after installation, and, with their specialised manufacturing processes that use the latest in technology available, rust is not an issue for this tamper-proof palisade fencing!

It is also very tough to beat the competitive prices that Topfence is able to offer as a result of manufacturing their own high quality product, making it a whole lot easier for customers to have the very best security barrier at prices that suit all budgets.

We need to face the fact that high walls are no longer the ideal security barrier and start opening our properties in order to keep the criminal element away, it’s just too much of a hassle to try climbing over a Topfence palisade fence, and since cutting it or hiding behind it is not an option, it’s going to be far easier to move along and find a softer target – in any event, if someone wants over a high wall, they’ll get there!

These are not scare tactics, its reality, unemployment rises in a tough economy and on the back of it, crime statistics continue to get worse, which is really unfortunate but something we must deal with as well as possible to protect home and hearth.

Let Topfence introduce you to attractive palisade fencing that will keep your family and property safe; no matter how big or small your property is, this team will make sure you have the very best security barrier in the Western Cape, without a doubt!