Secure Employee Safety With Palisade Fencing For Your Business

It’s no secret that the crime in South Africa is rife and we don’t foresee it getting better any time soon. While there are many motivations for crimes, one of the biggest seems to be the high unemployment rate which is currently sitting at 27.6% This means that nearly a third of this country doesn’t have an income, thus can’t provide for themselves or their family.

Criminals are also getting more angry and vicious and killing someone for a cellphone has become customary. Obviously, our history doesn’t help the case. But, it is up to us as South Africans to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. We need to take every measure possible to protect our homes and businesses from these criminals.

Business robberies amounted to 20 047 in 2018. These are the type of invasions where employees are present and in broad daylight. That’s 55 businesses being robbed a day! Business burglaries were even more – 71 195 reported cases for 2018. That’s nearly 200 business break-ins a day. If these statistics don’t scare you, nothing will!

Reduce the Risk of Falling Victim to Business Robberies and Burglaries by Installing Steel Palisade Fencing

While palisade fencing alone won’t guarantee the safety of your employees, it will deter potential criminals. Making it more difficult for them to enter and exit your property will make them think twice and they’ll possibly find another easier target.

Every step you take towards securing your property is a step closer to saving the lives of your employees.

The first step is to get in touch with a reliable palisade fencing contractor in your area. TopFence has been securing premises since 2008. We offer affordable, durable steel palisade fencing in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Give us a call for a free quote today!