Speak to the market leaders in fencing in Cape Town about perimeter security.

Tooth pain will send you to the dentist, but, if what’s happening with your teeth is more serious, off you’ll have to go to the orthodontist.  A dentist, though highly qualified, can only go so far, and then it’s up to someone who’s earned a higher degree to take over and administer specialised care.

The same can be said for any important area of our lives, and nothing is as important as securing your family, assets and property with the best in perimeter security.

Topfence are the specialists of palisade fencing in Cape Town, no doubt about it. The history of this company and its success in protecting families and property since 2011 takes them far beyond the average.

Fencing in Cape Town has to be special.  It has to be able to handle severe weather conditions year after year without it costing you more to maintain than it did to install it initially.

There was a time that Cape Town had the lowest crime rate in South Africa, unfortunately this is no longer the case.  Crime rates have soured drastically over the last 10 years.

High unemployment rates coupled with an economy under enormous strain has led to an increase in violent crime as well, forcing Capetonians to erect security barriers that are as effective as possible.

How does Topfence make their palisade fencing so effective?

Unique design:

Topfence palisade fencing is unique in that it’s designed to suit the coastal region of the Western Cape perfectly.  Every component, down to the smallest nut and bolt is manufactured using high quality galvanised steel.

This palisade fencing system has been designed to make it especially hard for criminals to climb, cut or hide behind, which is an awesome way of making your property unattractive to anyone with criminal intent.

High quality galvanised steel:

It’s not just the specifications used in the manufacture of Topfence palisade fencing that makes it the best perimeter security possible for residential and commercial properties; it’s also the fact that only SABS approved materials are used in the manufacturing process.

Tailored attractiveness:

Forget about boring steel palisade fencing.  Topfence palisade fencing is also designed to raise the value of your property, not only for its effective security, but for the aesthetically pleasing aspect that can be incorporated as an extension of your property.


In terms of durability, it would be very hard to find a fencing solution in Cape Town that’s able to withstand winter storms and summer heat to the extent that this unique fencing can, and does.

There are many Topfence customers who will confirm that they’ve been living safely behind Topfence palisade fencing for many years already.

Let Topfence put you in contact with them and you’ll know that it’s with confidence that you can allow this service oriented team to protect all that’s valuable to you.

Contact Topfence for a quote today and let this team work their magic to bring you affordable perimeter security in Cape Town that can’t be beaten!