Style & security come together when Topfence protects your property with stylish palisade fencing.

The words style and security only come together when you choose Topfence Palisade Fencing as your perimeter security.  This team of fencing contractors have taken fencing and turned it into an art form, designing and manufacturing a unique palisade fencing system designed for the coastal region around Cape Town specifically.

Why for Cape Town specifically?

Every component used in the manufacture of this unique system of palisade fencing is designed to withstand the damage salty coastal air can cause steel.  This is why Topfence produces palisade fencing that is made up entirely from galvanised steel, from the nuts and bolts to the palisade pale and the unique sandwiched fixtures holding the fence together.

Tailor made or modular design?

Topfence palisade fencing can be designed to follow the contours of any site, or can be installed as a modular system, giving you the option of choosing the design that best suits your site, whether residential or commercial.

Who uses Topfence palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing?

In terms of rigid mesh fencing, also manufactured using galvanised steel components, factories, schools, industrial parks, recreational parks, parking garages, hospitals and shopping centres are among the major types of properties that choose to use rigid mesh fencing as a crime deterrent.

Palisade fencing is a very elegant and stylish yet durable addition to any home, security complex or security town house, in fact, wherever anyone chooses palisade fencing instead of wire mesh, the same level of security and attractiveness will be on display.

Resale value added along with curb appeal

The first thing anyone sees when pulling up or passing your home is its exterior. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the inside is, if you want the inside to reflect on the outside, then you can do no better than to add attractive curb appeal with palisade fencing.

There is also the point that today people are more interested in buying a home that has palisade fencing as its security instead of a high wall.

This is because research has revealed that high walls provide more protection for criminals once they gain access, where with palisade fencing they are unable to climb or hide behind as they’ll be in full view of passers-by and security patrols.

Site specifications determine design

Topfence uses the latest in technology to produce palisade fencing that is manufactured individually according to meticulous measurements, which are taken during an on-site survey right at the beginning of the process of investing in fencing provided by this expert team.

These site specifications will determine the design of the fence, but with the free assistance of the team you’ll be able to determine the style and look you’d like to achieve for your property, right from the drawing board.

Add pedestrian and vehicle gates

Topfence does not stop at fencing alone, they also offer the same unique quality that is their signature where it comes to pedestrian and vehicle gates.

Rounding off the perimeter of your property with swing gates, sliding gates and vehicle swing gates manufactured by Topfence is the perfect finishing touch for any property sporting new fencing.

As the first barrier for crime prevention, you cannot get better than what Topfence produces in and around Cape Town.  Find out more by contacting this team to gain a clearer insight about the best form of perimeter security for your property.