Tamperproof palisade fencing in Cape Town, manufactured by Topfence.

‘Tamperproof’ is just a teaser of what to expect when it comes to galvanised steel palisade fencing manufactured in Cape Town by Topfence.

The team of experts at Topfence have worked hard to earn a place as the market leader in palisade fencing in Cape Town since as far back as 2008.

Topfence has branched out through the years to service customers from the Southern to Northern Suburbs, and anywhere in-between.

This position has been reached through a commitment to service excellence, a willingness to listen to customers and the expertise to offer the best fencing solutions to suit individual needs.

Topfence produces unique galvanised steel fencing using the latest technology, making the manufacture of quality and well-priced fencing a reality for residential and commercial property owners.

Mother Nature can throw all she wants at this tough palisade fencing or wire mesh fencing, and still not win the battle!

One of the major reasons Topfence designed and manufactured their brand of galvanised steel fencing was because they fully understood the challenges any fencing system would face in Cape Town.

They made it their mission to protect families and property with nothing less than their best effort, never wavering from their commitment to providing the highest level of perimeter security available.

With fantastic foresight, the team at Topfence knew that by manufacturing their own high-quality fencing, they’d be able to offer customers the best of both worlds: quality and affordability!

Choosing perimeter security that deters criminal activity:

To reiterate what’s been said before: high walls are just not good enough today. Once a criminal has scaled the walls, everything done is hidden from sight.

By choosing palisade or wire mesh fencing as perimeter security, anyone intent on criminal activity is deterred merely by the fact that there’s nowhere to hide, should they even be able to get over the fencing!

Choosing palisade fencing to make CCTV more effective:

There’s always somewhere to hide, inside or outside your property, if there’s a wall, no matter how many security cameras you’ve installed.

When you decide to take the safest route to security via palisade fencing, your CCTV coverage increases dramatically, besides which, you also have a clear view of what’s happening on the outside of the property.

Topfence tamperproof palisade fencing is the answer, every time:

If you’ve decided to get really serious about the security of your family and property, who better to speak to than the team who takes your security just as seriously?

No matter where you are in Cape Town, when you contact Topfence for a free quote, an expert from the team will meet you on site to take meticulous measurements, and to discuss fencing solutions with you.

It’s easy to get an idea of what you’d need to set aside when budgeting for high quality fencing with this team on your side.

They’re only too happy to discuss prices with you to make it easier on you to make an informed decision about great perimeter security.

All you need to do is check out the specs of Topfence galvanised steel fencing solutions designed for Cape Town and you’ll know why they’re #1 in the industry!