Topfence focuses on manufacturing palisade fencing designed to suit individual requirements.

The beauty of the unique palisade fencing system designed by Topfence in Cape Town is that you have creative licence to work with this experienced team to design the perfect palisade fence to suit the aesthetics of your property.

People seldom equate palisade fencing with aesthetics, which is a fallacy completely put to rest by Topfence in their constant drive to make palisade fencing an attractive, high value investment for property owners.

Looking at the portfolio of just a few examples of work completed by Topfence makes it clear that serious security and style can go hand in hand.

Topfence is a full-service fencing contractor in Cape Town, taking customers from design and manufacture to installation of high quality palisade fencing designed to last.

This rare level of professional service is the foundation of success enjoyed by Topfence since 2008, and it’s without compromise that this team works hard to maintain their end-to-end service.

The Topfence approach to the securing your property:

Request a quote:

On receipt of your request for a quotation, a Topfence representative will meet you on site to discuss your fencing options, free of charge.  It’s here that you’d be able to decide about whether you’d like palisade fencing that’ll follow the natural contours of your property, or whether you’d prefer a modular installation.

Free competitively priced quotation:

The Topfence team doesn’t waste a moment of your time in getting back to you with a competitively priced quotation that’ll take your budget into account.  It’s not the size of the job that counts to this team, it’s the quality of perimeter security that matters most. Your security is taken very seriously by Topfence!

Free design assistance:

Your palisade fence will be exactly as you envision it, but to get there, Topfence is only too happy to assist with the design of a stylish fence that’ll give your property the frame it deserves.  And none of this’ll have cost you a penny!

Now to the nitty gritty:


The Topfence manufacturing process starts with the meticulous measurements taken at the first site visit and combined with your chosen design.  From here on in, your palisade fence will take shape, using locally sourced high-quality raw materials to manufacture tough, durable galvanised steel components

These steel components are essential if you’re to have a fence that can withstand the tough coastal weather conditions year after year, without maintenance.


Installation of any Topfence Palisade fence is carried out with the same commitment to quality and service excellence as everything else done by Topfence.  Only certified installers are allowed to install this unique palisade system, ensuring a high level of consistency from start to finish.

Trust Topfence with the security of your family and property:

Palisade fencing designed using the latest technology ensures that your property isn’t viewed as a soft target by criminals.  Topfence has made sure that your palisade fencing can’t be climbed, cut or hidden behind, leaving no room to move for criminal activity.

Let Topfence introduce you to a palisade fencing solution that’ll keep your family, pets and property secure by contacting this friendly team for a quotation today.

As you can see from all the free services offered at Topfence, you’ve got nothing to lose, even if all you’d like is to test your budget against their fantastic prices!