Trust the safety of your family to palisade fencing contractors who really care.

Designing, manufacturing and installing high quality palisade fencing in Cape Town is high on the list of priorities at Topfence, but before all of this, is the fact that this is a team that really cares.

Selling a palisade fencing of such high quality is pretty easy, especially with the excellent reputation earned by Topfence, but taking your security as seriously as you do takes the service of this team to higher level.

The guys at Topfence have been at it since first opening their doors in 2008, and they understand just how important the security around your residential or commercial property is.

It’s with this care and knowledge in mind that Topfence designed a unique palisade fencing solution designed to last in the extreme weather conditions experienced on the coast.

The team at Topfence is always willing to answer any questions you may have concerning the prices and styles of palisade fencing this experienced, friendly team is able to manufacture.

Examples of Topfence palisade fencing and wire mesh fencing can be seen around schools, playgrounds, office blocks, shopping malls, hotels, security complexes and more.

If you’d like to get an idea about the styles and colours of palisade fencing Topfence is able to manufacture, the team will be more than happy to share any information with you that may not be available in their online portfolio yet.

The Topfence experience:

Free measurements & quotation:

Request a quotation or contact the team for the #1 fencing solution in Cape Town to organise a meet with one of the qualified Topfence representatives.

At the site meeting, measurements will be taken and design options discussed with you, all of which is put together to get a competitively priced quotation to you as quickly as possible.

The site meeting and quotation are free services offered with pleasure by Topfence in their determination to protect lives and properties in the Western Cape.

Oh, and by the way, they’ll also assist you with drawing up plans for an aesthetically appealing palisade fence.

Individual manufacture of palisade fencing:

Once you’ve signed off on the design of your palisade fencing, Topfence gears up to individually manufacture every component of the fence, making sure that it’ll meet site specifications perfectly.

There’s also the option of a modular installation, the choice is yours.  The only thing you can’t do is to even think about this as a DIY product! It’s a unique system of palisade fencing that requires the hand of a professional during installation.

Quality installation:

The quality of a Topfence palisade fencing system is every bit as good as the fencing itself.  Superior palisade fencing designed for durability needs expert installation, which is exactly what you get from Topfence!

End to end service the Topfence way:

Now that you know a bit more about the ethos of care driving the team at Topfence, the result of their work makes sense.  Durable, attractive, high quality palisade fencing done the Topfence way is a fantastic investment.

The cherry on top of it all is that Topfence offers and end to end service that means you’ll be dealing with one team throughout the experience. It couldn’t be easier.

Plus, you get to plan your perimeter security with a really great team of guys who are dedicated to service excellence, from start to finish and beyond!

Go on, give them a call.  You can see that you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose by checking it out. Besides which, should you decide that Topfence is the #1 fencing contractor for you, you’ll also be getting really competitive prices thrown into a great bargain all round.