Turn your perimeter security into a work of art with fencing solutions from Topfence.

When most of us think about fencing around our properties, the image of rusting steel that sags and looks wholly unattractive springs to mind.

Thankfully, the growth in technology and design has completely changed the look of fencing solutions.

The truth is you can turn palisade fencing into a work of art, provided you work with a team of fencing contractors that really know their stuff.

Attractive palisade fencing isn’t only about adding value to your property by having great perimeter security, it’s also about adding aesthetic appeal.

There’s no doubt about the fact that the first thing you see as you pass by any house is the fence. A lovely home deserves the final touch of curb appeal through the choice of palisade fencing.

Here are two prime examples of the aesthetic appeal Topfence has given to these properties.


Looking at these examples, it’s easy to see the value an aesthetically appealing palisade fence will add to any property.

Topfence is about more than palisade fencing, they are experts in every sense of the word, extending the quality of their fencing to encompass:

Pedestrian swing gates.

Vehicle swing gates.

Sliding gates.

Naturally, you’d want the gates on your property to match the palisade fencing, which is something the team at Topfence can do with their eyes closed!

With the superb reputation earned by this top team of fencing contractors in Cape Town since 2008, you can rely on the fact that you’ll be in very capable, experienced hands as you choose the most attractive palisade fencing available.

Every Topfence Palisade Fence is individually manufactured to suit the specifications of the installation site, giving every customer an array of choices for the design of the palisade fence.

Speaking of design, the team at Topfence will gladly offer assistance with drawing up plans, yet another free service that speaks to the awesome customer service these guys are committed to.

Here are a few of the ingredients that make this unique palisade fencing more than attractive:

  • Galvanised steel components, designed to withstand the extremes of the weather around the coast.
  • Security shear nut fasteners and sandwiched fixers make Topfence completely tamper proof.
  • Super-strength reinforced with a roll formed palisade pale with a stiffened rib.
  • No sagging due to the use of a uniquely designed bended horizontal section.
  • Transparency that makes CCTV far more effective than it would be with a wall.
  • SABS approved materials sourced in the Western Cape to offer customers true state of the art palisade fencing in Cape Town.

Expect quality from Topfence:

Despite the fact that Topfence offers the most affordable palisade fencing in Cape Town, you’ll have invested in a high quality fencing solution that’ll last!

Expect free advice and quotes:

Topfence has a team of experts who’ll always be available to discuss options and prices for palisade fencing and mesh fencing, without hesitation.

In fact, Topfence clients are more than willing to tell you that it’s always been a pleasure dealing with this professional, experienced team.

There’s a great dollop of friendliness thrown into the mix too, making it even easier to ask all the questions you need an expert to answer.

Contact Topfence today to find out more about how to turn perimeter security into a work of art that adds immense value to your property.