What makes one fencing contractor in Cape Town stand out from the rest?

If you’re looking for a painter, roof specialist, builder or bricklayer, your head will spin when you come face to face with the hundreds out there in the market, which makes it all a real challenge to sift the wheat from the chaff.

The same applies to going on the hunt for a ‘real’ fencing contractor in Cape Town.  Most will promise the moon and stars, but is that what they’ll really deliver?

Well, the answer to that lies in the experience, professionalism and commitment to excellence that marks the fundamental core of any contractor you choose to protect your family, property and assets.

We know that crime rates aren’t going to go down. Unemployment rates in South Africa keep escalating, resulting in even greater desperation to survive.

The sheer violence that has become an overwhelming factor in crime statistics has increased the need for exceptional security barriers that’ll keep families safe and criminals out.

The team at Topfence has, with an unwavering commitment to excellence, earned a reputation as the #1 fencing solutions company, based on the superb quality of workmanship that goes into the manufacture and installation of palisade fencing designed to last.

This is the wholly dedicated role that this awesome team has played in keeping a multitude of properties well-protected since 2008, which adds up to more than enough years’ worth of experience to bring to the table for your security.

No company can stick around this long unless they deliver the best in all they do!

The proof is definitely in the pudding when it comes to choosing Topfence as your fencing contractor in Cape Town!

When you’ve gone to the trouble of getting a quote and accepting it, at the very least you deserve rely on your fencing contractor to keep the lines of communication open, so that service delivery and reliability is the norm rather than the exception.

Then there’s a great list of freebies you can expect from the team at Topfence, before you even sign on the dotted line, and more even after the signing.

To start with, when you contact Topfence for a quotation, you won’t have to wait around twiddling your thumbs for a response!

The response is immediate and planned to coincide with your timing to meet on site, so that meticulous measurements can be taken by a Topfence representative, free of charge.

This will give you your first inkling of what it’ll be like to deal with friendly but consummate professionals.

Once the measurements are done, you’ll once again experience the dedication with which Topfence responds, so that you’ll have your free quotation sooner than you’d expect!

Should you accept the Topfence quotation, you’ll be heading for another freebie, in that the team will assist you in the planning and design stages of your fence.

From there, the measurements and designs are shared with the teams at the Topfence manufacturing plant, so that your unique palisade fence will be manufactured, piece by piece, to perfectly match your expectations.

If working with a full-service fencing contractor is right up your alley, then Topfence is definitely for you!  From drawing board to installation, you’ll have only one awesome team involved in your project, which is more than most can offer!