What type of security fencing will protect your business best?

As a business owner there’s no doubt that no matter what you’re protecting, you’re going to look at installing the most effective security barrier to do the job, and to do it well.

It’s going to take more than having a security guard on post day and night to protect your interests. There are just too many areas that can be used as a way to enter your property, especially if the area that he has to cover is quite extensive.

As the technological aspects of security increase, criminals continue to adapt, using sophisticated methods designed to override security systems on private and commercial properties with frightening ease.

Your investment into the production of products that you’re protecting at your premises makes it worth doing a thorough investigation into the most effective security barrier to repel anyone intent on stealing the product of your hard work!

Every business is unique of course. For some it’ll be the protection of materials used to manufacture products, whether in-house or as exports to clients who use the materials in the production of their own products.

Theft of your materials leads to more than just the loss of these materials.

The knock-on effect is that your ability to meet supply and demand will take a downward spiral. This is a situation that will force your customers to look elsewhere for these materials while you seal up the breach in your security barrier.

No matter how loyal your customers are, they cannot hold things up on their end until you’re able to replace materials or components that have been stolen.

Perimeter security in the form of either palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing is an absolute necessity if you need to have strict control over who is allowed onto your property.

For many business owners, especially those involved in research and development of new products, heightened security is a no-brainer!  The secrets that go into this type of research and development leaves a business open to corporate espionage, without the proper access controls in place.

The admission to your property of just one person not meant to be there could lead to losses no one can afford in today’s highly competitive industrial and commercial sphere. In fact, the theft of secrets about manufacturing processes is a very lucrative industry for the unscrupulous.

Let’s look at two fencing options available today from Topfence in Cape Town that’ll mean your business is protected by tough, durable security barriers:

Palisade fencing

Standing tall, with no foot-holds, palisade fencing has earned its place as a top security barrier, particularly for commercial businesses intent on adding elegance and style to the perimeter security around their buildings.

This is also a very popular type of fencing solution for business complexes, especially those that incorporate round-the-clock security guards and entrance barriers, which is an excellent approach to multi-layered forms of protection.

The design of the tops of palisade fencing, along with the variety of colours available for this fencing, means that each can be as unique as is desired.

Topfence has proven over and over again that perimeter security no longer needs to look drab or to resemble a prison!

Rigid mesh fencing

Rigid mesh fencing is a style often chosen to protect industrial premises, schools, parks, hospitals, private homes and more, which can look as attractive as palisade fencing does and be equally effective!

The choice is yours!

Whether you’re looking for a standard type of perimeter fencing solution, or are after something a little more out of the box, the team at Topfence is more than willing to share many years’ worth of experience in the industry as a way to make sure you have the best security barrier in Cape Town!

Contact the professionals at Topfence today for a free, no obligation quote to get you started on protecting all that you hold valuable in your business!