Who says security has to be an eyesore

Since first opening its doors in 2008, Topfence has been debunking the myth that perimeter security has to be unattractive to be effective.

The stylishness and attractiveness of Topfence palisade fencing by no means detracts from the fact that this unique system is durable, under all weather conditions, particularly those around the coast in the Western Cape.

This company was born out of a mission to provide the highest level of perimeter security to clients, to offer maximum protection for families and properties, whether residential, commercial or industrial, and nothing has changed in the ensuing years.

Knowing exactly what was required during the process of manufacturing exceptional palisade fencing in Cape Town took in-depth research, so that the product Topfence ended up supplying would be a statement in excellence.

Once the best materials were sourced and settled on by this team, they went about setting up a company that offered a one-stop service to clients, leaving out middlemen to cut down costs and to retain exceptional quality.

Any Topfence client will tell you that it’s an absolute pleasure dealing with this down to earth team of experts who’ll take you from measurement to installation in a streamlined process, without delays and hitches.

When Topfence says your fence will be ready for installation on a specific date, you can bank on it!

But back to the attractiveness of Topfence palisade fencing.

The galvanised steel quality of this unique system starts the process, after which your choice in design and colour takes precedence on its way to the Topfence manufacturing plant.

The guys are only too happy to assist with the plans for your fence, and they’re always ready to offer expert advice with regard to important design issues that ensure the effectiveness of your security.

This is just one of the free services offered by this team passionate about the security of their clients.

By the time you get to the planning stage, you’ll already have had a representative taking measurements on site, advising you on the best options for the site, and then getting a speedy no-obligation quote to you.

Not only will you be investing in a unique palisade fencing system designed specifically for the coast, you’ll also have a fence that is manufactured individually to size, giving you a fence that is entirely as you wish it to be.

As far as installing your stylish fence is concerned, you can rest assured that Topfence doesn’t allow any jack-of-all trades to install your fence. Only a Topfence installer is qualified and permitted to do the installation.

This is so that the workmanship that has come to be expected of Topfence is carried through, from beginning to end, with no compromise.

There’s no doubt that first impressions last, so if you want a home that has awesome curb appeal, you’ll get one shot to impress, whether you’re looking to grab the attention of buyers, or the in-laws!

When you’re ready to invest in the toughest, most attractive security around your home or business, get on the buzzer and chat to the guys at Topfence about beautifying and protecting your home, outside in.