Why choose palisade fencing as a highly effective crime deterrent

Palisade fencing has become the top choice for homeowners and commercial property owners looking for the ultimate in perimeter security.

This is especially true in a climate that shows constant increases in crime levels, as well as a growth in the sophistication with which particularly violent gangs gain access to properties by watching the daily comings and goings of home owners.

There is far more organisation involved in the crimes committed today, specifically because security has become technologically sophisticated, which has led criminals to adjust their methods too.

Organised crime syndicates know exactly how to target homes that would yield high value for them, and often do so at the behest of masterminds who work behind the scenes, gathering information to feed to them.

Opportunistic crimes are also a major concern for home owners when security is not as tough as it should be with the high crime rate beating down doors.

In fact, criminals intent on gaining entry into a home have gone as far as battering their way right through a front door in order to gain access, which is a clear indication that perimeter security should be considered the best first line crime deterrent.

Deterrents such as palisade fencing, burglar bars, CCTV and alarms should take precedence in securing any home, especially one in which children need to be protected.

Let’s look at some of the reasons palisade fencing is considered the #1 crime deterrent:

  • Durability

If it’s Topfence palisade fencing you choose, you’ll have a durable fence that’ll see you safely through season after season over many years. This durability is achieved by using SABS approved materials in the manufacture of this unique fencing system, most of which is sourced in the Western Cape, which contributes to the great prices on offer at Topfence.

  • Unbeatable protection for your family & pets

Expensive assets and other moveable valuables are important to us. We’ve worked hard to earn them and we want to protect them, but they’re nothing in comparison with protecting your children.

Knowing that you’re children are as safe as humanly possible while you are out in the commercial world bringing in the butter is priceless.  If your pets are like your children too, palisade fencing will keep them all safely out in the sunshine, without fear.

  • Security in style

With the right design, and the team from Topfence behind you, the same fence that will be unattractive to criminals will look stylish and attractive around your property, giving it the type of curb appeal it deserves.

  • No footholds

Climbing a palisade fence is made virtually impossible due to the spiked toppings in various styles, leaving criminals no way of gaining enough of a foothold to climb.

  • CCTV friendly

No other form of perimeter security is as CCTV friendly as palisade fencing is as a result of direct visual access outside your property.

  • Tamperproof

Topfence palisade fencing is tamperproof. It simply cannot be cut, nor can the unique security nut fasteners be loosened.

  • Long term investment

Topfence palisade fencing is a long term investment that’ll keep paying for itself for many years, without losing any of its durability or attractiveness.  In fact, it’s about the best investment you could possibly make in terms of having a serious first line crime deterrent!

Let the friendly team of experts at Topfence introduce you to the unique system of palisade fencing they’ve developed and manufactured since 2008 before you make any decisions about fencing in Cape Town.

This is the type of decision that’ll have you patting yourself on your shoulder for making an excellent choice!