About Topfence

Topfence was established in 2008, to offer affordable yet durable palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing barriers for homes and businesses. Today we are the market leaders in the perimeter fencing industry in the Cape Town region. We offer our customers the highest quality fencing at a highly competitive price, leaving customers feeling safe whilst at the same time happy to be doing business with a company like Topfence.

What we offer

Crime levels continue to rise resulting in a significant demand for better measures to safeguard premises’ and properties from intruders. Sophisticated alarm systems are of limited use for prevention of breaching the perimeter because they only activate once a perimeter breach has occurred.

Topfence, Cape Town’s #1 palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing manufacturer and installer since 2008 offers a unique, well priced steel palisade fencing and rigid mesh solution which is not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing. All raw materials used by Topfence are locally sourced from the Western Cape. We use only the latest technology available, enabling us to manufacture high quality products at competitive prices.


Our expert consultants will conduct full site surveys and do all measurements free of charge. Our manufacturing plant will design and manufacture each fence ordered individually to size and only our certified Topfence installers are permitted to install our unique fencing system.


Security is a serious issue, so why not put your trust in a fencing company that takes your families and your security as seriously as you do. We’re in the business of fencing for a reason, let us show you why with one of Topfence’s many great fencing solutions.