Wireview Fencing

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Designed to eliminate cutting or climbing, the Topfence Clearview range offers transparent views complimenting any facility. The unobtrusive view optimises CCTV surveillance as well as making it difficult for would be intruders to hide.

Anti-Cut, Anti-Climb, Wireview Fencing

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, durable and cost-effective the Topfence Clearview range offers the protection of a solid wall. Our unique posts and fixing system make it nearly impossible to break through or tamper with. The innovative arrangement of wires makes cutting or climbing difficult.

Topfence’s unique method of plastic coating offers a 25-year maintenance-free life in normal conditions. We have unique Clearview Fencing systems designed for different applications. Please speak to one of our consultants about your perimeter barrier needs.

Limited 20% discount

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Benefits of Wireview fencing