Wireview Fencing

Wireview by topfence

Topfence is the only manufacturer of Wireview™ in the world. Designed to eliminate cutting or climbing, the Wireview™ range offers transparent views with the protection of a solid wall.

Combining elements of engineering, security and design, Wireview™ is the leading perimeter barrier for residential, estates, commercial and industrial facilities. The innovative arrangement of wires not only makes cutting or climbing difficult but further offers unobtrusive views which optimise CCTV surveillance.

The Wireview™ post system offers an unmatched panel to post fixing. The panel is sandwiched between the post and cover plate forming a uniform clamping system, making it near impossible to break through or tamper with. Extended posts are available to accommodate additional security features such as electric fencing, flat wrap razor, or BTC coil toppings.

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