2 Essential components needed to provide high quality security fencing

With valuable assets to protect, either your home or at your business property, security fencing should be a non-negotiable choice for the toughest perimeter security available today.

In addition to this, quality security fencing offers a safer environment for your family at home, employees at work or for children at school, which makes choosing the right fencing crucial.

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in fencing as a top crime deterrent, whether palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing, you’ll be on the lookout for a reputable fencing company, and there are several things to consider before you settle on the team you’ll choose to work with.

Find out whether their products and workmanship come with warranties and guarantees, as well as whether their products are up to date with current trends, and finally to find out what they offer in terms of competitive pricing for quality.

A good fencing contractor in Cape town would use only the highest quality in materials and pay close attention to the installation methods they employ in order to provide customers with a lasting, durable fencing solution.

Where it comes to perimeter security, cutting corners isn’t an option, which means you may want to consider avoiding fencing contractors who offer what seems to be a cheap alternative but that will, in the long run, mean that you’ll be spending more and more on maintaining and repairing an inferior quality fence.

If you’re going to make your investment count, it may be wiser to pay a bit more for quality that will give you the results you want and be able to last well into the future.

Two qualities that are essential where it comes to choosing the right fencing contractor should be:

High quality components

While there are various fencing options available on the market today, the best choice you could possibly make for the security of your family and property is fencing manufactured using high quality galvanised steel components. This includes the palisade pales, ribs and even the nuts and bolts that make it tamper-proof, offering maximum security for any application. Topfence more than meets these high standards in every sense, using only SABS approved materials that are designed specifically to withstand the coastal air.

High quality installation

No matter how good the palisade fencing is that you’ve chosen may be, everything good about it becomes useless if the fencing isn’t installed with a commitment to quality workmanship.

It’s important that you make sure the company you use for your fencing is qualified to carry out the installation with the same level of care and quality as the manufacturing process of the product is.

When the team from Topfence does the manufacturing and installation of your fencing with their commitment to excellence, you won’t need to repair or replace your fencing for many years into the future!

Topfence palisade fencing contractors in Cape Town will be happy to guide you through the steps to get you to the point where you finally have the toughest palisade fencing in the Western Cape, and they’ll do it in a way that will more than meet your budget.

Give this friendly team a call today to get the ball rolling towards investing in unique tamper-proof palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing on the market today!