4 Basic security measures that will assist to protect your home in South Africa

While statistics can’t be relied on 100%, they are always a good indication of what’s really happening in terms of the increase in crime, and, if the 250 355 cases of residential robbery and home invasions as reported by the SAPD in 2019/2020 are anything to go by, you’d be looking at almost 700 cases of residential robbery a day!

Of these, nearly 10% take place in broad daylight and when the occupants are at home. This is where the danger lies most of all with the cold-blooded brutality that has become commonplace today, with over 50 people losing their lives to this brutality, oft times for very little reason at all.

All that’s left for us to do as homeowners is to put security measures in place that become a tough enough crime barrier to put off even the most determined criminal from entering our properties.

Here are 4 of the most common security measures we can put in place to avoid becoming victims of home invasions and robbery:

Unobstructed automated driveway gates or garages

The reason for making sure that your automated driveway gates have unobstructed views onto your property is to limit the chances of hijackers having anywhere to hide while they wait for you to enter the property.

It’s essential to remain very alert when driving onto your property, because robbers will wait until you’ve closed the gate and then get you to take them through your home to get what they want, and, again, this is where violence is often the result.

Peripheral security alarms

We can’t afford to live without some form of peripheral alarm that is directly linked either to the police or to your armed response company. Please note that if you have a high wall, neither the police or armed response company is allowed to climb the wall to stop any crime in progress.

Palisade fencing for tough perimeter security

Palisade fencing is the number one choice as the best perimeter security possible. In the first place it’s the best crime barrier you could invest in because it makes your property a hard target for criminals who would rather look for easier pickings elsewhere.

In the second place, it’s almost impossible to climb, cut or hide behind, which means that even if a criminal is idiotic enough to attempt climbing it, he will not have anywhere to hide once an alarm is triggered and your armed response company arrives.

This is the toughest form of perimeter security that can keep you from falling victim to a home invasion.

Add a sting to your palisade fencing with electric fencing

While no one can claim that any security measure is perfect, there can be no doubt that if you take all of the above measures and add the final touch of electric fencing to top off your palisade fencing, you are going to have a property that will significantly reduce the likelihood of your home being targeted by criminals.

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