Keep these 4 points in mind when you hire a fencing contractor in Cape Town

There are more than enough fencing contractors to choose from in Cape Town, which begs the question; how will you know that the fencing contractor you hire is right for you and will secure your home the way you want it done?

Here are 4 points to keep in mind when you hire a fencing contractor in Cape Town:

Quality doesn’t have to cost the earth

Deciding to install a palisade fence isn’t a cheap decision to make, and, under the current economic outlook, despite the fact that price is important, it’s still not a good idea to make your decision based on price alone.

You don’t want to risk sacrificing quality for one of those cheap deals that sound too good to be true, because that’ll cost you a fortune over time, due to constant maintenance and repairs, just to save a few pennies on the initial investment, after all, do you really want to put a price tag on the safety of your family?

You may pay a bit more for tough fencing of high quality, such as that which is designed, manufactured and installed by Topfence, but you’ll be saving on maintenance and paying for fencing that’ll withstand the harsh coastal climate for many years into the future!

Request recommendations

A truly reputable fencing contractor in Cape Town should be more than willing and able to give you references so that you can contact customers your potential contractor has dealt with previously, just to make absolutely sure you’ve covered all your bases in terms of their reliability.

What you can also do is to check Facebook page to see if there are any complaints there, and you can also try Hello Peter for the same.

The 3 quote system

In general, before you tackle any remodelling or building project, you’ll need to make sure you get together at least three quotes, which will enable you to make an informed decision.

Typically you won’t have to pay for a consultant to survey your property and give you a quote. Once you have all the quotes, compare not only pricing but services offered, as well as checking out the small print. You’ll want to go for the contractor that offers you the best value for money, not the cheapest quote.

If you’re planning to hire a top fencing contractor like Topfence, you can ask them all the questions you need answered, and they’ll respond with pleasure to them all!!

Choose an experienced fencing contractor

A well-respected, experienced contractor will have built solid, long-term relationships with suppliers of materials they use in their fencing manufacture, which will enable them to get better prices on materials than someone else might.

This means that you’ll pay less than you would with a less experienced contractor, besides which, when it comes to safety, you’ll want the best to make sure you’ll have superior security measures in place around the perimeter of your property.

If you’re looking for the #1 fencing contractor in Cape Town to secure your home or business, look no further.

Topfence has been designing, manufacturing and installing quality galvanised steel palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing for 10 years in the Western Cape, and, if you’d like more information on how they are able to offer you the toughest crime barrier around, give the friendly team at Topfence today.

You’ll definitely be getting the best fencing for less from this gem of a company!