A fence isn’t just a fence; it’s your first line of defence against crime

The choice you make in fencing will mean the difference between tough perimeter security and that which is easy to climb, tamper with or cut, and, as your first line of defence, it’s essential that you choose fencing that will be impervious to all of this and stand the test of time.

One of the best choices you can make for security fencing in Cape Town, is to choose fencing that is specifically designed to withstand the coastal weather and salty air prevalent in the region, and for this you’ll find Topfence Palisade Fencing the ultimate in tough perimeter protection for your property.

With a reputation for exceptional quality and workmanship, Topfence has been protecting families, residential properties and commercial properties since as far back as 2008, building an enviable reputation for reliability and service excellence.

If you’d like to know exactly just how durable the attractive palisade fencing from Topfence is, ask for recommendations from clients that have already been protected by this durable fencing for many years already, you won’t be disappointed!

Choosing to install palisade fencing is a major financial decision and the team at Topfence can guarantee you an excellent return on investment for years to come on their palisade fencing.

The use of high quality SABS approved materials in the manufacture of Topfence Palisade Fencing makes this galvanised steel fencing tough enough to endure year after year, no matter the weather, without the need to keep patching and maintaining it.

The team at Topfence are uncompromising when it comes to giving their customers the best of everything, right from the meticulous on-site measurements a Topfence representative will take before heading back to prepare your quote, free of charge!

Topfence takes no shortcuts when it comes to providing customers with tamper-proof palisade fencing that is tailor-made to suit individual requirements. Whether you choose the modular installation or one that follows the contours of your property, by the time your fence has been installed, you’ll know you’ve invested in the best!

Each fence is individually manufactured to suit your design and site requirements, which means that you’re definitely not getting a DIY product, but rather one of the highest qualities.

The friendly, expert team at Topfence will be more than happy to offer you free assistance at the drawing board, to make sure your fence is manufactured exactly as you’d like it to be!

There’s nothing to beat the end-to-end service you can look forward to when you choose to work with Topfence. They’ll take you from the drawing board to manufacture and final installation without missing a beat, and they always deliver on time!

This team knows that the buck stops with them as market leaders in the fencing industry in Cape Town, and they back this up with warranties against defective materials and workmanship, warranties that are seldom necessary due to the quality of all that this team delivers.

Not only is this a unique palisade fencing system that’s affordable, it’s also exceptionally attractive and durable, making it the perfect extension to your property.

Contact Topfence to find out more about how they can make your investment in quality palisade fencing in Cape Town one that gives you returns well into the foreseeable future!