Invest in affordable stylish perimeter security, the Topfence way!

Palisade fencing or rigid mesh fencing, either way, if you make the choice you work with the team at Topfence you’ll get nothing but the best in quality from this market leader in the fencing industry in Cape Town!

One of the major reasons you simply can’t go wrong by choosing Topfence as your fencing contractors, is that they’ve been around the block many times since 2008, which means you get the same commitment to the safety and security provided to their customers throughout these many years already!

This is how Topfence produces stylish, affordable perimeter security designed specifically for Cape Town and surrounds:

Highly competitive prices for palisade fencing

Because the team at Topfence manufactures their own unique palisade fencing system and rigid mesh fencing locally, they’re able to make it possible to offer affordable palisade fencing of the highest quality.

This team uses local, SABS approved materials in order to deliver the most outstanding perimeter security fencing in Cape Town, fencing that more than goes the distance in the coastal weather.

Attractive yet durable palisade fencing

Topfence has made an art of turning perimeter security into a work of art, adding an attractive extension to any residential property or commercial property to add aesthetic value to security!

Choose a style and colour of fence that is tailor-made to be an extension of the accents on the exterior of your property and you’ll have the toughest, most attractive crime barrier around!

Curb appeal is essential if you ever plan to sell your property, and this is something you can be certain of when you choose Topfence Palisade Fencing. This is exceptional quality at affordable prices designed to keep your family and property safe and secure!

The toughest palisade fencing around

Fencing in Cape Town has to be made to withstand coastal conditions that prevail through winters and summers, both of which can be equally brutal, and, this is exactly what the team at Topfence has achieved with their unique palisade fencing system.

This fencing is manufactured using the latest technology to be the ultimate in perimeter fencing in the Western Cape, resulting in the fact that Topfence customers have been kept safe behind these palisade fences for many years, without having to spend money on regular maintenance each season!

Most important of all; Topfence Palisade Fencing is tamper-proof, designed to be the toughest fencing solution that can’t be climb, cut or hidden behind!

Unique components designed to last

If you’re planning to invest in palisade fencing from Topfence, you’ll get fencing that has a roll formed palisade pale, with a stiffened rib, to ensure you have the toughest palisade fencing on the market. Along with this roll formed palisade pale, unique sandwiched fixers and security shear nut fasteners make sure that this is tamper-proof fencing at its best!

Your fence won’t sag because Topfence has designed a unique bended horizontal section which eliminates the chances of sagging, which is a something cheaper, low quality fences will do after just one season.

Contact the friendly team at Topfence if you’d like to choose the toughest, most attractive and affordable palisade fencing to protect your family and property well into the foreseeable future!