In just the blink of an eye a criminal can scale high walls around your property

Any criminal will choose a home that looks like a soft target over one that is more difficult to enter, and, believe it or not, we make it easier for them to gain access to our properties by putting up high walls. 

It really doesn’t matter how high the walls are around your perimeter, if a criminal believes that there are goods of high value on your property, he’ll find a way over!

Once over the wall, no one can see the intruder and he will have unobserved access to your home or business property for the duration of his criminal activities. 

Unfortunately, intruders are on the up and up when it comes to knowing exactly how long it takes for armed security or the police to react to an alarm going off, giving them enough time to clear the scene before the first responder arrives at the scene.

As far as home invasions go, a favourite ploy for criminals is to hide behind the walls of your property until you pull into your driveway and close the gates, using your arrival to gain easy access to your home.

This is a type of insurance they use to avoid alarms sounding. They get you to deactivate the alarm, which gives them the time to carry out a robbery without detection, until they are done.

Home invasions and break-ins have become increasingly violent in the Western Cape, which means we’ve had to become deadly serious about perimeter security, especially in an economy that’s on a continued downward spiral.

High unemployment rates have exploded with the arrival of COVID-19 , which has only served to increase the amount of thefts and break-ins occurring at residential properties and commercial properties. 

Schools are ensuring the safety of our children by choosing tamper-proof palisade fencing as perimeter security that is unassailable and impossible to hide behind.

All property owners, private or commercial, have joined the move towards the choice of palisade fencing instead of high walls, hoping to achieve maximum perimeter security that works perfectly in tandem with other forms of security devices available on the market today and CCTV.

It cannot be stressed enough that by the time an alarm goes off it’s already too late! It doesn’t matter how on the ball your security company is, they cannot by law, climb a wall to find out what may be happening on your property.

The finest option for perimeter security today is high quality galvanised steel palisade fencing, which makes it easier for security patrols to pick up on any suspicious activity on your property and stop criminals in their tracks.

It’s also important to choose palisade fencing that’s designed to your specifications that is able to handle the weather conditions around the Western Cape coastal region, fencing that’ll last for years to come and that won’t need maintenance to remain standing strong!

Let the team at Topfence give you an introduction to their unique, affordable palisade fencing manufactured right here in Cape Town by giving this team of professionals a call today for a free quotation.

They’ll make sure you’ll have the toughest, most aesthetically pleasing perimeter security in Cape Town, start to finish!