When you’re ready to opt for palisade fencing, here are a few elements to consider first

Irrespective of what you build in Cape Town, if it involves anything metal or untreated steel, you’re going to be facing the effects of the destructive salty coastal air, which means that you’re going to be looking at erosion, which means money for maintenance and repairs.

If what you want is a great, long lasting return on investment, you’ll need to be very careful with your choice where it comes to the quality of palisade fencing you’ll settle on.

We know that investing in palisade fencing is a big decision to make financially; however, when you invest in the right fencing, you’ll be paying once off for fencing that will last far into the foreseeable future!

Here’s a look at some of the coastal weather elements your palisade fencing or rigid mesh fence will be facing in the Western Cape:

Water damage

If you’re building along the coast anywhere, your fence will be facing the air that comes off the sea bearing its concentrated load of salt, which will eat into anything not properly treated to protect it from this salt-laden air.

Salt erosion from ions in salty air

Ultimately, the ions in salt being brought on land by the Cape coastal air get together to form a formidable mixture of chemical reactions that cause purchase places for rust and lead to corrosion on any metal materials.

The Black South Easter/Cape Doctor Wind

Our infamous and rather well-know black southeaster that batters the coast around Cape Town for a few months every year is the perfect vehicle that brings all these negative elements of erosion on land, creating the perfect recipe for corrosion.

The brutal northerly winter winds that cause untold damage during Cape winter storms are just as damaging to untreated steel.

Sand erosion

As your fence stands up to sand battering at it season after seaon, brought by the generous South Easter wind, it’ll chip away anywhere it can given half a chance, which could lead you on an expensive and wearying cycle of maintenance and repair, and, in worst case scenarios, having to replace your fence.

Naturally, this only applies if you haven’t done your homework with regard to what the best security fencing will be to protect both your property and your investment!

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