Break down walls that provide criminals with a place to hide & invest in palisade fencing!

There’s no disputing the fact that crime rates continue to soar every year in South Africa, and, in a fear-driven landscape such as this, homeowners have often resorted to trying to fortify their properties with high walls.

However, it is these very walls that have had the completely opposite effect. Instead of keeping criminals out, these walls have become the biggest threat posed to the safety of residents themselves.

Brazen, life-threatening home invasions and violent crimes run by syndicates have continued unabated, despite high walls, which give criminals, undeterred by high walls, the opportunity and time to act unseen behind these walls, which is when the most serious crimes occur, out of sight of anyone else.

With the changing climate of safety and security, many people see little point to breaking down these walls, despite the fact that studies by experts in the safety and security industry agree that high walls have become counter-productive as crime deterrents.

Many homeowners who have gone to the trouble to carry out their own research into which form of perimeter security would offer the greatest degree of protection, have discovered that the increased visibility offered by palisade fencing is an investment that is a far more viable alternative to solid barriers like walls.

While the importance of security technology such as beams, passives or CCTV in optimising security cannot be ignored or downplayed, an emphasis on natural surveillance from within the home, as well as from the outside looking in, has become a vital way of changing how we view the strength of our perimeter safety.

Palisade fencing is also especially helpful to security patrols and neighbourhood watches. No security employee is permitted, by law, to climb a wall, no matter how sure they are that there is something wrong and that it’s not a faulty alarm system going off.

On the other hand, with palisade fencing as your perimeter security, security patrols are able to, in more cases than not, to prevent criminal activity because they are able to view the property from the perimeter.

Topfence has been protecting customers in and around Cape Town since 2008, providing their brand of affordable palisade fencing and rigid mesh fencing to residential and business properties, designing and manufacturing an exceptionally durable standard of palisade fencing. In fact, this fencing is of such superb quality that it stands the test of time season after season in the salty air of the Western Cape coastal region.

It is through the exclusive use of galvanised steel components in the manufacture of Topfence palisade fencing that makes it specifically suited to the ravages of the coastal air.  State of the art technology and the use of SABS approved materials rounds off what can only be considered as the highest quality of palisade fencing in Cape Town!

Tear down those walls that keep criminals safe and let the friendly, helpful Topfence team introduce you to palisade fencing that will look attractive to you, but very unattractive to criminals!