Can Clearview Fencing Be Cut?

If you’re planning on using fencing of any kind to secure the property around your business to maximum effect, you’ll no doubt have come across Clearview fencing, in which case you’re probably wondering; can Clearview fencing be cut?

This is a very good question at a time when its necessary to pay attention to the crime barrier around your property. Criminals will take any opportunity they can to get onto a property that isn’t well-protected, and since fencing is your first line of defense, you need to pay extra attention here.

Fencing isn’t cheap in general, and if you’re going to invest in something like Clearview fencing, you want to know that it’ll be an investment that’ll give you excellent returns for many years to come, without having to spend a fortune on maintenance.

Can Clearview fencing be cut?

Whether you decide to go with Topfence Clearview fencing or palisade fencing, you can be absolutely certain that you’ll be making an investment that really counts in the long run.

This team has been around since 2008, experience that has made them a market leader in the fencing industry in Cape Town, based on the sheer quality of their products, service excellence and workmanship.

Considering this foundation of excellence, if you decide to go with Clearview fencing from Topfence, you can rely on their use of state of the art technology to create an innovative arrangement of wires to make up your impenetrable Clearview fence.

This innovation, which includes very small apertures in the fence, means that cutting a Clearview fence with any conventional tool is virtually impossible. Trying to gain access to your property any other way would take too much time, which is seldom something criminals have to spare.

These very small apertures in the fence make it impossible for anyone to gain a foothold in the fence either, which means it can’t be climbed at all. If you decide to add spikes at the top of the fence you’ve created a crime barrier around your facility, building or warehouse that cannot be breached.

In addition to these fantastic qualities of Clearview fencing, this fence will be dug very deep, which means that no opportunistic criminal will be able to dig under it to wriggle through.

Clearview fencing maximises CCTV surveillance

Clearview fencing offers just that, a clear line of sight that allows you to monitor what is going on outside your property, giving you time to prepare for any possible intrusions at your business. 

Clearview fencing makes it difficult for intruders to hide, and this clear line of sight optimises the use of CCTV surveillance, offering you a well-secured perimeter barrier.

Stylish, secure & maintenance-free!

Clearview fencing offers the kind of protection you’d expect from a wall, with so many more benefits, in terms of adding style to your property and durable security designed to last for many years.

This is one of the most cost effective fencing solutions for businesses wanting to replace walls and old fences to beef up their perimeter security, and you have the benefit of a completely maintenance-free fence!

Contact the friendly team of experts at Topfence today to find out more about their Clearview fencing, manufactured by using a unique method of plastic coating that’ll give you a fence that’ll stand in prime condition for 25 years!

Choose Topfence Clearview fencing as the number one perimeter security option when it comes to protecting your property in style!