Clearview Fence Price List

Clearview fencing has become one of the most sought after security fences on the market today, and as cost-effective as it is, it is almost impossible to put together a Clearview Fence price list.

The main reason for this is that there are more than just a few factors that have an impact on the price of Clearview fencing, which we’ll have a look at a bit later.

There are quite a range of options when it comes to Clearview fencing in terms of finishes, such as the standard finish, galvanised or PVC finish.

However, when we’re talking about Topfence Clearview Fencing, you’re looking at a unique method of plastic coating used to protect this fencing.

This plastic coating offers you a maintenance free lifespan of 25 years plus, which simply couldn’t be better, in terms of getting a fantastic return on investment.

Clearview fence price list

Every fence is different, which means that the price for each fence is also different, determined by factors such as the length, height, level of security and any extras you may choose for added security.

More labour will be required for higher fences, and you’ll have to add more to your budget for the extra materials that’ll be required.

As far as the length of the fence goes, the team at Topfence will be more than happy to give you prices per meter for your Topfence Clearview range.

Innovation is all part of the design of Topfence Clearview fencing range, especially when it comes to their arrangement of wires, which are designed to make it difficult to cut or climb the fence.

This system of Clearview fencing is nigh on impossible to break through or to tamper with, due to the use of the Topfence unique posts and fixing system.

Added security

Topfence Clearview fencing range is perfect for extra security measures such as electric fencing, and is optimised for CCTV cameras with its transparency. 

Spikes can also be added as a further crime deterrent, however, these would all be extra costs over and above the fence itself

The team at Topfence is able to design unique Clearview systems that will suit a full range of applications, ranging from residential to commercial and industrial properties, in every size.

Pay for the protection of a solid wall but get so much more

Solid walls are fast going out of fashion, for many reasons. A determined intruder will find his way over any wall, and once over it, he has free range to do as he pleases, without anyone being able to see what he’s up to.

This is also how criminals get onto a property and wait for the owners to come home, making home invasion easy, as well as using the cover as a way to hijack vehicles.

What the Topfence Clearview range offers you is the protection of a solid wall, with the safety that it’s transparency offers. Aside from this, Clearview fencing is seriously cost effective, if you’re looking for a durable yet attractive perimeter barrier.

Contact the friendly team at Topfence to find out more about their Clearview fence price list; you’ll find that this is the most helpful team to deal with in Cape Town.