Clearview Fencing Cape Town

Nothing beats Clearview fencing if you live in Cape Town and want your facility well-protected in the long run. This is a cost effective investment that’ll last you up to and beyond 25 years, without spending a cent on maintenance, and if you’re looking for top quality Clearview fencing Cape Town, you really should start at Topfence.

Topfence Clearview fencing in Cape Town has been designed to withstand the local weather, such as brutal winter storms and hot summers. This is fencing designed by locals who have been involved in the fencing industry since 2008, for local business owners and homeowners.

Topfence Clearview range has been designed for various applications, which means this transparent fencing can look stunning around a security complex, residential properties, commercial properties and industrial properties.

Clearview fencing Cape Town

With crime rates escalating year on year, people are looking for the best in perimeter security, and the Topfence Clearview range has come out tops in recent years.

It’s easy to add extra security, such as electric fencing to Clearview fencing, and, this fencing has also been optimised for CCTV use, due to the transparency of the fence.

The innovative arrangement of the wires in the Topfence Clearview fencing range, means that there’s no way for someone to get a foothold in the fence in order to climb it, and it’s very difficult to cut the wires either.

What makes Topfence Clearview Fencing nigh on impossible to tamper with, or to break through, is the inclusion of unique posts and fixing system, designed by the team at Topfence.

Topfence has earned a phenomenal reputation for service excellence, and if you’re looking for the very best in perimeter security, this is the premier team you can trust with the safety of your family and property.

Finding the best fencing solution to protect your property

Topfence Clearview fencing has been used to protect commercial properties, homes, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, security complexes, industrial complexes and more, proving that this cost effective, affordable fencing solution is at the top of the list for many property owners today.

Topfence also manufactures driveway gates and sliding gates, as well as their unique Palisade Fencing System, which means they’ll always have the right solution to suit your personal requirements.

Free services from Topfence

The friendly team of experts at Topfence really don’t mind helping you with prices on fencing where it comes to what it could cost per meter, and they’re also very open with their advice and guidance, when it comes to helping you make informed decisions about the Topfence Clearview range.

The rest of the free services are that the Topfence experts will survey and measure your site, and before you know it, you’ll have your obligation-free quote in your hands, ready to meet your budget.

You’ll also have the assistance of these professionals at the drawing board, when it comes to laying out the design of your fence, which can be very handy if you don’t have much experience with things like this.

Contact this awesome team of locals today to find out more about Topfence Clearview fencing in Cape Town today; you might just be in time to catch their limited 20% discount offer!