Consider ever-escalating crime rates to choose the toughest security fencing in Cape Town as your protection

Overwhelming loss and the effects of trauma directly ascribed to criminals who want nothing more than to get onto your property, whether residential or commercial, to take what they want, irrespective of what their actions cause in terms of the long term effects of PTSD suffered by victims of crime.

It’s not just about losing valuables from your home or business, it’s about the fact that crime levels have risen to such a height that broad daylight robbery is now common, and, when someone is home at the time, violence is virtually a given.

Criminals don’t care who gets in their way, as long as they can gain access, get what they want and get out before security patrols are alerted or the police arrive.

If your property is completely open from the pavement to your front door, it is an invitation for criminals to do as they please, to the extent that they’ll simply batter down your doors or windows to get in, which is why the choice to install tamper-proof palisade fencing in Cape Town has become the number one choice as a first line of defence on your property.

Criminals know exactly how long it’ll take for your security company to respond to an alarm, and they make it their business to get in and get out before anyone can catch or identify them, especially if they’ve been able to scale a wall around your property.

Walls give them a sense of security to do exactly as they please without anyone outside of the property being any the wiser to their presence, which is precisely why many South Africans are breaking down their walls and choosing palisade fencing as the perfect crime barrier today.

The security of our families, homes and businesses are a number one priority in light of increased crime, and, while you’re deciding on the right security fencing for your property, here are a few frightening statistics from Stats SA crime statistics 2019/2020, which should add urgency to your decision to take defensive action.

In this article you’ll find that housebreaking is still the number one crime in South Africa!

Highest unemployment rate 2020

The unemployment rate in South Africa has hit an all-time high on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving over 30% of South Africans unemployed, and, with the lockdown restrictions imposed in 2020, unable to find even casual work to put food on the table!

Can high tech security measures protect your property?

On the heels of massive unemployment and rising crime rates, the question is; can high tech security measures really protect you, your family and your property?

The answer is frightening in its simplicity; the more sophisticated security measures become the more sophisticated criminals and crime syndicates become in their determination to continue their crimes unabated.

Does your high boundary wall really protect you?

The answer is no! Walls can be scaled and give criminals the cover to do what they please once over your wall. Not even CCTV cameras can help once criminals know where the blind spots are in your system, and make use of them.

If you really want CCTV to work effectively, palisade fencing is the answer!

Because your CCTV cameras will have a clear line of site outside and inside your property, you’ll be choosing the finest perimeter fencing possible to work in tandem with all other security measures you already have in place.

Criminals view palisade fencing as too much hard work and it makes a perfect crime barrier that sends them off to find softer targets. They want it to be easy to gain entry to your property and palisade fencing doesn’t offer them this.

Contact the team at Topfence today about what their unique palisade fencing system can do to offer you the toughest perimeter fencing in Cape Town, designed locally for local weather conditions to stand strong many years after installation!