Hire The Best Fencing Solutions Company For The Job

Before we get to the reasons you need to put more effort into finding the right fencing Solutions Company in Cape Town than to toss a coin, let’s look at the question of quality and what your options are.

Here are two ways in which you could get your fencing done;

Choosing according to price

If there’s one thing you can rely on when it comes to choosing cheap fencing, which will inevitably come with less than professional workmanship, it’s that you’ll be paying more and more as time goes by.

A higher quality of fencing may cost you more initially, but you won’t be throwing any more money at it year after year as you work to keep it standing.

Cheap will cost you, as with anything else that comes with cheap! Maintenance costs on the wrong type of fencing, especially if you’re living near a coastal region, will simply cost more with each passing year.

It’s really worth looking at what maintenance costs will be before you sign on the dotted line.

DIY Fencing

Naturally, if you’ve decided on the DIY option for fencing you’ll already know something about the quality you should be looking for, as well as knowing what it’ll take to get the fencing installed correctly so that it can be an effective crime barrier.

But, and it’s a pretty big but, you won’t be covered by any warranties for defective workmanship or materials used in the manufacture of the fencing. You’ll be on your own if taking the DIY route.

Another point to bear in mind is that there’ll be little in the way of individuality where it comes to the design of your fence, it’ll be a stock-standard style and won’t fit the contours of your property.

Measure fencing contractors by the Topfence standard

Now we come to doing more than tossing a coin to find the best fencing contractor in Cape Town. There are many that’ll promise you the earth, install the fence in fits and starts, and then melt into the ether when you need them to fix the fence when things start going wrong.

At the opposite end to this is Topfence, market leader since 2008 in the Western Cape.  Not only can you trust this team to deliver service with a smile and quality without effort, they’ll also be around for as long as palisade fencing remains the number one choice for perimeter security, and since crime levels aren’t dropping, that’s even beyond the foreseeable future!

The Topfence standard boils down to these fundamental points – superior quality galvanised steel palisade fencing, manufactured using SABS approved material to offer customers a unique, tamperproof palisade fencing system designed with the Cape weather in mind!

These are just the fundamentals. Over and above these, this friendly team, considered a pleasure to work with, will take you from meticulous site measurements to the drawing board, on to manufacture and installation, without reneging on the agreed-upon time frame for completion of the project.

This is a team of true professionals, committed to keeping families and property safe for over ten years now, as any long term customer will tell you with pleasure, and this is the commitment you’ll get once you toss the coin out of the window and simply request a free quotation going with a call to Topfence!

P.S. – Speak to the team about the rest of the free steps along the way to the best possible palisade fencing to protect and beautify your property.